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Families covered: Maitland of Rankeillour

Frederick Lewis Maitland of Rankeillour (b 19.06.1730, d 16.12.1786)
m. (27.08.1767) Margaret Louisa Dick (d 04.1825, dau of James Dick of Colluthie)
Margaret was heiress of 3 families - the Makgills of Rankeillour, the Crichtons (formerly of Frendraught), and the Heriots of Ramornie. Each of these inheritances led to one or more of her descendants taking on one or more of those families' names.
1. Charles Maitland, later Maitland-Makgill of Rankeillour (b 26.12.1769, d 1820)
m. (26.08.1794) Mary Johnston (d 11.06.1824, dau of David Johnston of Lathrisk & Bavelaw)
  A. Frederick Maitland (dsp 1821)
  B. David Maitland, later Maitland-Makgill-Crichton of Rankeillour (b 04.03.1801, d 11.07.1851) had issue
  m1. (07.08.1827) Eleanor Julian Hog (d 01.1833, dau of Thomas Hog of Newliston)
  m2. (02.12.1834) Esther Coventry (b c1800, d 19.10.1892, dau of Andrew Coventry of Shanwell)
  C. James Maitland of Weston (b 1806, dsp 28.10.1874)
  m1. Emma Willing (dau of Major Willing)
  m2. (08.1840) Frances Harriet Short (d 01.1874, dau of Richard Samuel Short)
  D. Charles Maitland (b 31.05.1807, d unm)
  E. Lewis Maitland of Lindores (b 12.04.1812, d 25.02.1876) had issue
  m1. (12.12.1841) Henrietta Louisa Newbolt (d 01.1868, dau of Sir John Henry Newbolt)
m2. (24.03.1869) Mary Allan (d 10.02.1911, dau of Archibald F. Allan)
  F. Henry Maitland of Balmungo (b 13.04.1813, dsp 10.1902)
  m. (15.02.1838) Anna Stirling (d 24.09.1901, dau of John Stirling of Muiravonside)
  G. Mary Maitland
  m. George Govan (d 1865)
  H. Margaret Louisa Maitland
  m. (1827) Frederick Lewis Roy of Nenthorn (d 15.02.1868)
  I. Elizabeth Maitland (b 17.01.1800, d 06.09.1869) --
  m. (15.12.1840) Alexander Meldrum, 3rd of Kincaple (b 03.05.1800; d 09.02.1866) --
J. Georgiana Maitland
2. James Makgill Maitland, later Maitland-Heriot of Ramornie (b 11.09.1774, d 26.04.1848) had issue
  m. (31.12.1813) Margaret Dalgleish (d 28.01.1869, dau of William Dalgleish of Scotscraig)
3. Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland of Lindores (b 1776, dsp 30.11.1839, Rear Admiral)
  Sir Frederick obtained some fame when, as Captain of the Bellerophon, he accepted the surrender of Napoleon after Waterloo.
  m. (04.1804) Catherine Conner (d 06.03.1865, dau of Daniel Conner of Bally Bricken)
4. Mary Turner Maitland (d 1851)
  m. (05.04.1793) Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn of Wedderburn, de jure 7th Earl of Dundee (d 30.12.1841)
5. Elizabeth Maitland (d unm)
6. Isabella Maitland
  m. (1794) William Roy of Nenthorn (d 1825)
p. Mary Arnot
7.+ issue in Jamaica

Main source(s): BP1934 (Lauderdale), Stirnet's BG family records
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