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Families covered: Massingberd of Braytoft, Massingberd of Croft, Massingberd of Gunby, Massingberd of Ormsby

Thomas Massingberd of Saltfleetby, later of Braytoft (d 11.09.1621)
m. Frances Fitzwilliams (bur 03.05.1607, dau of Sir George Fitzwilliams of Mablethorpe)
1. Thomas Massingberd of Braytoft Hall and Gunby (bpt 30.08.1562, d 05.11.1636)
  m. Frances Halton (bur 23.12.1638, dau of Robert Halton of Clee by Joan, dau of John Draner of Hoxton)
  A. Sir Henry Massingberd of Braytoft Hall and Gunby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire then Bedfordshire, 1st Bart (bpt 28.08.1609, bur 18.09.1680, 2nd son)
  m1. (13.12.1632) Elizabeth Lister (dau of William Lister or Lyster of Rippendale and Colby)
  i. Frances Massingberd (bpt 26.06.1634, d 24.05.1719)
  m1. George Saunderson of South Thoresby (bur 06.12.1680)
  m2. John Bond of Revesby
  m3. Timothy Hildyard (a 1719)
  ii. Elizabeth Massingberd (bpt 01.10.1640, bur 15.09.1682)
  m. (02.06.1662) Sir Nicholas Stoughton, Bart of Stoughton (d 30.06.1686)
iii.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 17.12.1635, bur 03.02.1636-7), Henry (bpt 27.12.1636, bur 02.06.1638), Thomas (bpt 15.05.1638, bur 06.02.1654-5), William (bpt 14.04.1639, bur 29.04.1640), Henry (bpt 30.11.1641, dvp unm 1666), John (b 1643, bur 1671), Margaret (bpt 1642, bur 10.12.1643)
  m2. Anne Evans (bur 15.01.1671-2, dau of William Evans of London)
  x. Sir William Massingberd, 2nd Bart of Braytoft Hall and Gunby, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (b 23.01.1649-50, d 1719)
  m. (11.07.1673) Elizabeth Wynne (bur 30.07.1714, dau of Richard Wynne of London)
  a. Sir William Massingberd, 3rd Bart of Braytoft Hall and Gunby (bpt 25.09.1677, d unm 01.12.1723)
  b. Elizabeth Massingberd (bpt 01.09.1676, d 1737-8)
  m. Thomas Meux of London
Their son inherited Gunby and took the name Massingberd.
  c.+ other issue - Henry (bur 08.07.1682), Henry (bpt 05.08.1682, d unm), Elizabeth (bpt 22.12.1674, bur 07.08.1675), Barbara, Anne (bpt 22.07.1683), Arbaella (bpt 11.09.1684, bur 09.10.1710), Margaret (bpt 23.02.1685-6, bur 27.09.1686), Margaret (bpt 20.05.1687, bur 06.07.1713), Philadeplhia (bpt 13.11.1688, bur 05.06.1690), Mary (bpt 30.05.1690, bur 05.06.1690)
  xi.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 28.02.1656-7, bur 15.01.1671-2), Margaret (b c1653)
  m3. (27.11.1679) Elizabeth Rayner (dau of Timothy Rayner of Leeds)
  xiii. Henry Massingberd (bpt 08.11.1680, bur 20.11.1680)
  B. Sir Draner (Drayner) Massingberd of South Ormsby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 11.12.1615, d 11.05.1689)
  m1. (mcrt 26.05.1651) Elizabeth Burrell (dsp 05.12.1677, dau of Abraham Burrell of Medloe)
  m2. (mcrt 25.11.1678) Anne Mildmay (dau of Henry Mildmay of Graces)
i. Burrell Massingberd of Ormsby and Medloe, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire (b 23.04.1683, d 01.1728)
  m. Philippa Mundy (dau of Francis Mundy of Markeaton Hall and Osbaston)
  a. William Burrell Massingberd of Ormsby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 18.08.1802)
  m. Anne Dobson (dau of William Dobson of York by Elizabeth, dau of Christopher Tancred by Catherine Armytage)
  (1) Charles Burrell Massingberd of Ormsby & Braziers, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b 1749, d 11.1835)
  m1. (12.1774) Anne Blackall (dau of William Blackall of Braziers)
(A) Harriet Massingberd of Ormsby (d 22.04.1854)
  m. (26.06.1806) Charles Godfrey Mundy of Burton Hall, Sheriff (d 23.04.1838)
  Their son inherited Ormsby and took the name Massingberd-Mundy.
  m2. Marie Jeanne Rapigeon (dau of Capt. _ Rapigeon of Versailles)
  (2) Anne Massingberd
  m. Rev. William Maxwell of Falkland (d 1818)
  (3) Eliza Massingberd
  m. (1795) Rev. Francis Massingberd (d 11.04.1817) @@ just below
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - William (d 05.05.1823, rector of Ormsby), Philippa (d 07.1831), Frances (d 05.1832)
  b. Francis Burrell Massingberd of St. Michael's, Cornhill (b 1720, d 06.05.1795)
  m. (14.01.1750) Maria Fanshawe (dau of Thomas Fanshawe of Parsloes)
  (1) Francis Massingberd (d 11.04.1817, rector of Washingborough, prebendary of Lincoln)
  m. (1795) Eliza Massingberd (dau of William Burrell Massingberd of Ormsby) @@ just above
  (A) Francis Charles Massingberd (b 03.12.1800, d 05.12.1872, rector of Ormsby, chancellor of Lincoln) had issue
  m. (15.01.1839) Fanny Baring (d 02.04.1891, dau of William Baring, son of Sir Francis, 1st Bart)
  (B)+ other issue - Eliza (d unm), Harriet
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (Massingberd of South Ormsby).
ii. Elizabeth Massingberd
  m. (27.07.1697) Edward Hyrne of St. Leonard's
  iii.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 17.10.1686, d unm), Amy (bpt 11.04.1682, bur 10.01.1683-4), Frances (bur 19.02.1688-9), Anne
  C. Frances Massingberd (bpt 17.02.1596-7)
  m1. (05.01.1618-9) John Day of Sausthorpe (d 21.04.1631)
  m2. (11.07.1633) Thomas Pitcher of Trumpington
  D. Elizabeth Massingberd (bpt 23.03.1598-9)
  m. (05.01.1618-9) John Booth
  E. Susanna Massingberd (bpt 26.10.1606)
  m1. (04.01.1625-6) Richard Cater of Welton (d 10.07.1631)
  m2. (05.10.1635) Richard Gedney (son of John of Swaby)
  F. Alice Massingberd (bpt 18.09.1610)
  m. Thomas Day of Sausthorpe or Sausethorpe
  G. Margaret Massingberd (bpt 28.11.1613)
  m. (27.01.1630-1) Leonard Purley of Farlesthorpe
  H.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 29.06.1608, d infant), Magdalen (b 07.10.1595, d 1602-3), Susanna (bpt 22.02.1597-8, bur 03.1599), Anne (bpt 21.12.1602, bur 03.12.1620), Joan (bpt 06.11.1603, bur 23.07.1604), Mary (bpt 21.08.1611, bur 10.02.1614-5)
2. Henry Massingberd (bpt 01.02.1566-7, d before 27.07.1616, 3rd son)
  m. (05.07.1592) Alice Busshey
  A. Nathaniel Massingberd of Croft, later of Thorpe (bpt 25.01.1595-6)
  m. (c06.1620) Elizabeth Waddingham (b c1604, dau of John Waddingham of Addlethorpe)
  i. John Massingberd of Croft
  m1. (14.06.1648) Anne Langley
  a.+ issue (d young) - Nathaniel (bpt 12.04.1649, bur 08.07.1655), Francis (bpt 05.07.1650, bur 11.04.1651), John (bpt 06.11.1653, bur 20.05.1654), Elizabeth (bpt 04.03.1651-2, bur 28.09.1655)
  m2. Elizabeth Gelson (possibly dau of Skipwith Gelson)
  e.+ other issue (dsp) - Skipwith (bpt 16.02.1659-60, bur 06.05.1660), John (bpt 15.09.1661, bur 16.10.1661), Thomas (bpt 10.08.1662, bur 11.08.1662), Anne, Lionel, Henry, John, William
  ii. Elizabeth Massingberd
  m. _ Thew
iii. Mary Massingberd
  m1. John Cater
  m2. (c1641) John Jolly of Candelsby
  B. Alice Massingberd (bpt 30.04.1593)
  m. (c07.1619) Francis Langley of Ingoldmells
  C.+ other issue - David (bpt 01.03.1596-7), John (bpt 06.08.1598), Grace (bpt 30.04.1593, bur 05.11.1594), Elizabeth (bpt 29.09.1594, bur 06.10.1594), Bridget (bpt 01.03.1596-7), Katharine (bpt 24.06.1600)
3. Frances Massingberd (bpt 08.01.1563-4)
  m. Francis Cave of Ingersby
4. Mary Massingberd (bpt 11.06.1568)
  m. (12.10.1597) Edward Pigot
5. Susanna Massingberd (bpt 20.09.1574)
  m. (20.01.1594-5) Robert Hastings of Bilsby
6. Bridget Massingberd (bpt 28.09.1577)
  m. (20.10.1612) William Thory of Winthorpe
7. Anne Massingberd (bpt 19.05.1580)
  m1. (21.07.1603) William Lowndes
  m2. (12.02.1609-10) Robert Stephenson
8.+ other issue - John (bpt 07.04.1565, bur 16.08.1596), Eleanor (bpt 07.09.1582), Frances (bpt 10.02.1585-6, bur 29.04.1592), Alice (bur 04.03.1592-3), Elizabeth (bur 16.07.1593)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Massingberd of Burgh, Bratoft and Gunby) with support from BLG1952 (Montgomery-Massingberd of Gunby), BEB1841 (Massingberd of Braytoft Hall) and input from BLG1952 (Massingberd-Mundy of Ormsby)
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