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Families covered: Mundy of Markeaton, Mundy of Osbaston, Mundy of Shipley Hall

BLG1886 (Mundy of Markeaton) reports that Sir John, Lord Mayor of London, was descended fromRichard Munday (by Maryon, dau of Sir John de Lalande), son of John Mundy (by Isabel, dau ofRobinget Eyre of Hope), living temp King Edward I (1272-1307). BLG1952 starts with the Lord Mayor's father ...
William Mundy, Mayor of High Wycombe (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
1. Sir John Mundy of Checkendon, Markeaton, Mackworth and Allestree, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 27.08.1537)
  m(2). Juliana Brown (dau of William Brown, Lord Mayor of London)
  A. Vincent Mundy of Markeaton (d 1571)
  m. Juliana Gadbury
i. Edward Mundy of Markeaton (d 1607)
  m. Jane Burnell (dau of William Burnell of Winkbourne)
  a. Francis Mundy of Markeaton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (a 1617)
  m. Katherine Smyth (dau of William Smyth of Quarndon)
  (1) John Mundy of Markeaton (b 1600, d 20.03.1681)
  m. Anne Coke (dau of Sir Francis Coke of Trusley)
(A) William Mundy of Markeaton (2nd son)
  m. Francis Coke (dau of Capt. Gilbert Coke, son of Sir Francis of Trusley)
  (i) Francis Mundy of Markeaton and Osbaston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d after 20.04.1720)
  m. (c1689) Phillippa Wrightson (dau of Michael Wrightson of Osbaston)
(a) Francis Mundy of Markeaton and Osbaston, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 1720)
  m. (1713) Anne Noel (dau of Sir John Noel, 4th Bart of Kirkby Mallory)
  ((1)) Wrightson Mundy of Markeaton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1715, d 18.06.1762)
  m. Anne Burdett (d 08.01.1759, granddau of Sir Robert Burdett, 3rd Bart)
((A)) Francis Noel Clarke Mundy of Markeaton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1739, d 23.10.1815)
  m1. Elizabeth Ayrton (dsp 10.10.1768)
  m2. (1770) Elizabeth Burdett (d 02.08.1807, dau of Sir Robert Burdett, 4th Bart of Bramcote)
  ((i)) Francis Mundy of Markeaton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 29.08.1771, d 06.05.1837) had issue
m. (16.12.1800) Sarah Leaper-Newton (d 1836, dau of John Leaper-Newton of Mickleover)
  ((ii)) Charles Godfrey Mundy, Sheriff (d 23.04.1838) had issue
  m. (26.06.1806) Harriet Massingberd of Orsmby (d 22.04.1854/64, dau of Charles Burrel Massingberd of Ormsby)
  Their son inherited Ormsby and took the name Massingberd-Mundy.
  ((B)) Anne Mundy
  m. Henry Ware (rector of Baltrothery)
((C)) Mary Mundy probably of this generation
  m. Nicholas Heath, later Nicholas
  ((D)) daughter
  ((E)) Elizabeth Mundy (youngest dau)
  m. (28.09.1799) Robert Shirley, 7th Earl Ferrers (b 21.09.1756, d 02.05.1827)
  ((2))+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  (b) Philippa Mundy probably of this generation
  m. Burrell Massingberd of Ormsby and Medloe (b 23.04.1683, d 01.1728)
  (ii) Anne Mundy (bur 25.03.1732)
  m. Samuel Pole of Radbourne, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 22.12.1651, d 10.02.1731)
  (B) Gilbert Mundy 'of Alestre'
  m1. Mary Stenson (d 1695, dau of William Stenson or Shenson of Normanton)
  (i) Robert Mundy (b 1675, d 1708, Colonel)
  m. Ellen Slack (d 1758, dau of John Slack of Wirksworth)
(a) Edward Mundy, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1706)
  m. Hester Miller (dau of Col. Humphrey Miller by Hester Leche, heiress of Shipley Hall)
  ((1)) Edward Miller Mundy of Shipley Hall (d 10.1822)
  m1. Frances Meynell (d 1783, dau of Godfrey Meynell of Yeldersley)
  ((A)) Edward Miller Mundy, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 1834) had issue
  m. (1802) Nelly Barton (d 1830, dau of F. Barton of Penwortham)
  ((B)) Godfrey Basil Meynell Mundy (General) had issue
m. (26.11.1801) Sarah Brydges Rodney (d 17.07.1871, dau of George Brydges Rodney, 1st Lord)
  ((C)) Sir George Mundy (Admiral, MP)
  ((D)) Frances Mundy (d 09.08.1797)
  m. (20.06.1795) Charles Fitzroy (b 14.07.1764, d 20.12.1829, General)
m2. (14.06.1788) Georgina Chadwick (d 29.06.1789, dau of Evelyn Chadwick of West Leake)
  ((E)) Georgiana Elizabeth Mundy (d 20.09.1822)
  m. (18.07.1807) Thomas Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle (b 30.01.1785, d 12.01.1851)
  m3. (1811) Catherine Coffin (dau of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin)
  ((F)) Sir Robert Mundy of Hollybank (b 12.10.1813, d 1892, Lt. Governor of Grenada then of British Honduras) had issue
m. (16.10.1841) Isabella Leyborne Popham (d 07.12.1906, dau of Gen. Edward William Leyborne Popham of Littlecote)
  ((2)) Hester Margaretta Mundy (d 30.12.1800, dau of Edward Mundy of Shipley)
  m. (03.06.1776) Sir Roger Newdigate, 5th Bart of Arbury and Harefield (b 20.05.1719, dsp 23.11.1806)
  m2. Sarah Beighton (d 1710, dau of Thomas Beighton of Wirksworth)
  It is a presumption, albeit seemingly a reasonable one as Allestree was next to Markeaton and appears to have been held by the later squires of Shipley Hall, that this was the Gilbert 'of Allestree' who was the father of the following Mary, though by which wife is unknown.
  (ii) Mary Mundy
  m. Thomas Molyneux of Preston (d 25.05.1727)
(C) Elizabeth Mundy (d 02.1680)
  m. Sir William Middleton, 1st Bart of Belsay Castle
  (D)+ other issue - Francis (dvpsp), Edward(d 1713, MP)
  (2) Edward Mundy of Virginia had issue
  (3) Adrian Mundy of Quarndon (d 23.04.1677)
(A) Millicent Mundy (d 1739)
  m1. John Musters of Colwick Hall (d 1685)
  m2. _ Fuller (rector of Hatfield)
  (4) Millicent Mundy (d 1662)
  m. (05.12.1625) Sir German Pole of Radbourne (bpt 1573, d 1634)
  (5) Jane Mundy
  m. Edward Pegge of Ashbourn
  (6)+ 2 sons
  b. Jane Mundy probably of this generation
m. Thomas Lewys or Lewis of Marre
  B. John Mundy or Munday of Rialton (youngest son)
  m. Joan Man
  C. Margaret or Mary Mundy
  m1. Nicholas Jennings (alderman of London)
  m2. Edmond Howard (lord deputy of Clays)
  m3. Henry Mannox
  D. Eleanor or Mildred Mundy
  m. John Harleston of South Ockenden
  E. Elizabeth Mundy
  m. Sir John Tyrrell of Gypping
  F. Jane or Anne Mundy
  m. Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt and Tiptree Priory
  G.+ other issue - Thomas (d before 16.02.1554, prior of Bodmin), Mildred

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Clark-Maxwell of Carruchan), BLG1886 (Mundy of Markeaton), BLG1952 (Mundy of Caldrees Manor)
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