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Families covered: Manwood of Sandwich, Mawdley of Nunney, Musters of Colwick, Miller (Riggs-Miller) of Ballycasey, Money (Kyrle-Money) of Homme House, Money of Pitsford, Morice (alias Poyntz) of Chipping Ongar

Robert Manwood of Sussex
m1/2. Margaret Martin (dau of John Martin (judge) by Ann, dau/heir of John Boteler)
m2/1. Elizabeth Archer (dau of John Archer of Sandwich)
1. Roger Manwood 'of Sandwich' (a 1514)
  m1. _ Stapleton
  A. Thomas Manwood of Sandwich, Kent (bur 1538)
  m. Katharine Gallaway (dau of John Gallaway of Clay)
  i. John Manwood of Sandwich
  m1. ?? (widow of _ Jones of Sandwich)
  a. Robert Manwood of Sandwich (3rd son)
  m. Margaret Hales (dau/heir of William Hales of Reculver)
  (1) John Manwood (dsp)
  (2) Roger Manwood
  m. Mercy Cantalope (dau of William Cantalope)
  (A) Peter Manwood
  (3) Katherine Manwood
  m. William Master (son of Jacob)
  b.+ issue - Thomas, John (dsp), John, Philip (dsp), Katherine (dsp)
  m2. (sp) ?? (widow of _ Arras of Feversham)
  m3. Katherine Brough
  g. Katherine Manwood
  m. John Smythe of Norburne
  h. Susan Manwood
  m. Bartholomew Paramore of Worth
i. Dorothy Manwood
  m. Francis Iden of Sandwich
  j.+ other issue - Peter, Joshua, Anne
  ii. Sir Roger Manwood (b 1525-6, d 14.12.1592, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, 3rd son)
m1. Dorothea Theobald (d 1575, dau of John Theobald)
  a. Sir Peter Manwood of St. Stephen's 'of Sandwich', 'Sheriff of Kent (a 1602)
  m. Frances Hart (dau of Sir George Hart of Lillingston/Lullingston)
  (1) Roger Manwood
  m. Maria Darcy (dau/coheir of Thomas Darcy of Chiche)
  (2) Sir John Manwood (d 1653)
m1. (1627) Levina Ogle (dau of Sir John Ogle)
  m2. Cornelia Mesnuam (d 1651)
  (3) Elizabeth Manwood (bur 24.04.1632)
  m. Sir Thomas Walsingham
  (4) Dorothea Manwood
  m. Sir William Barnes of Wolwiche
  (5)+ other issue - Jerome, Thomas (d 22.09.1613), Bowes (d unm 1618), Charles, Edward, Frances (d 1651)
  b. Margaret Manwood
  m. Sir John Leveson of Horne
  c. Anna Manwood
  m. Sir Percival Hart of Lillingston
  d. Dorothy Manwood
  m. Robert Honeywood
  e.+ other issue (d young) - John, Thomas
  m2. Elizabeth Copinger (dau of John Copinger of Buxhall)
  iii. Thomas Manwood, Mayor of Sandwich (d 1569)
m. Juliana Guilbart (d 1566)
  a.+ issue - John (b 1550, d young), John (b 1551)
  i.v +other issue - Roger (d young?), Elizabeth (dsp)
  B. John Manwood, Mayor of Sandwich (d 1584)
  m1. (1545) Alice Jones
  m2. (1557) Agnes Arris (d 1559, widow)
  C. Jane Manwood
  m. Nicholas Peke of Sandwich (son of John (sb Thomas?) of Wye)
  m2. Elizabeth Nethersole (dau of John Nethersole of Nethersole)
2. Robert Manwood (monk at Battle)



Richard Mawdley of Nunney, Somerset
1. John Mawdley of Nunney
  A. Roger Mawdley of Nunney
  i. Richard Mawdley of Nunney
  m. Anne Thynne (dau of William Thynne of Erith)
  a. Roger Mawdley of Nunney (a 1623)
  m. Margery (Brik?) (relict of Sir Walter Hungerford of Farlowe)
  (1) Anne Mawdley who married ...
  m. John Samborne of Timsbury (b 1601, bur 30.01.1636)
  (2)+ other issue - Margerie (b c1608), Francis/es (b c1610)



Sir John Musters of Hornsey (Middlesex), later of Colwick (Nottinghamshire) (d 28.07.1689)
m1. Anne Maynard (dau of Sir John Maynard)
1. John Musters (b 1648, dvp 1685)
  m. Millicent Mundy (d c1749, dau/coheir of Adrian Mundy of Quorndon, m2. Rev. ?? Fuller of Hatfield)
  A. Mundy Musters of Colwick (d 16.06.1750)
  m. (06.1707) Elizabeth Sherwin (dau/coheir of Richard Sherwin of Nottingham)
  i. Mundy Musters of Colwick, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b c1715, d 15.01.1770)
  m. _ Grey (dau of John Grey of Newton Linford)
  a. John Musters of Colwick, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 07.02.1753, d 25.02.1827)
  m. (07.1775) Sophia Catherine Heywood (d 09.1819, dau/coheir of James Modyford Heywood of Maristow)
(1) John Musters, later Chaworth, later Colwick, of Colwick (b 1777, d 08.09.1849) had issue
  m. (17.08.1805) Mary Anne Chaworth (d 02.1832, dau/heir of George Chaworth of Annesley)
  (2) daughter
  m. (08.09.1798) Thomas Wright Vaughan of West Molesey
  B. Anne Musters who married ...
  m. (07.1701) Sir Thomas Twisden, 3rd Bart of Bradbourne (b 10.11.1668, d 12.09.1728)
2. Mary Musters (d 03.09.1719)
  m1. (23.07.1672) Sir Richard Spenser, Bart of Offley
  m2. (25.04.1691) Sir Ralph Radcliffe of Hitchin Priory
m2. Sarah Biddulph (dau of Anthony Biddulph of Staffordshire)
3. Charles Musters of Ugley, Essex (b 1655, dsp 18.12.1719)
  m. (20.02.1689) Mary Wentworth (dau/heir of John Wentworth of Somerleyton Hall)
m3. Jane Basset (b c1624, d 17.09.1691, dau of Sir Francis Basset of Tehidy)
4. Francis Musters (b 01.05.1664, dvp 16.04.1680)



John Miller of Ballycasey, co. Clare (Major)
1. John Miller of Drumlin, co. Clare (dvp 1736)
  m. Anne Browne (dau of Thomas Browne of New Grove by Elizabeth, dau of William Smith)
  A. William Miller of Ballycasey (d(sp?) 24.07.1762)
  B. Sir John Miller, later Riggs-Miller, of Ballycasey, 1st Bart (d 28.05.1798, MP)
  m1. (08.1765) Anne Riggs (d 24.06.1781, dau/heir of Edward Riggs of the Middle Temple by Margaret, dau of Capt. Southwell Pigott of Capard)
  i. Sir John Edward Augustus Riggs-Miller of Ballycasey, 2nd Bart (b 1770, dspl 02.08.1825)
  m. (13.10.1801) Ellen Beauchamp (bpt 27.03.1778, d 05.09.1860, dau/coheir of John Beauchamp of Pengreep & Trevince by Frances, dau oif Philip Enouf of Falmouth)
  p. _ Manvers?
  m2. (09.09.1795, sp) Jane (Seel) (d before 10.10.1826, widow of Sir Thomas Davenport)



Francis Money of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
m. (01.10.1723) Elizabeth Washbourne (d 02.03.1726, dau of William Washbourne of Lychenford by Hester, dau of Sir John Ernley by Vincentia, dau of Sir John Kyrle, 3nd Bart of Much Marcle)
1. James Money of Pitsford, Northamptonshire (bpt 25.09.1724, d 14.06.1785, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Eugenia Stoughton (d 06.1788, dau/coheir of George Stoughton of St. John's in Warwick)
  A. William Money of Homme House (Herefordshire), Whetham (Wiltshire) & Pitsford (b 23.02.1748, d 06.11.1808)
  m. Mary Webster (b 1743-4, d 20.06.1813, dau of William Webster of Stockton-on-Tees by Mary, dau of Rowland Burdon of Stockton)
  i. Sir James Money, later Kyrle-Money of Much Marcle, Bart (b 15.08.1775, dsp 26.06.1843)
  m. (27.12.1811) Ann Caroline Taylor (d 1875, dau of Robert Taylor of London)
  ii. William Money, later Kyrle-Money, of Homme House, Whetham House & Pitsford (b 13.10.1776, d 18.01.1848, rector of Yatesbury) had issue
  m. (16.07.1805) Emma Down (dau of Richard Down of Halliwick Manor House by Rose, dau/heir of Henry Neale of London)
  iii. George Money in Calcutta had issue
  m. (21.01.1817) Pulcherie (b c1778, d 1851, dau of Henrie, Marquis de Bourbel)
  iv. Kyrle Ernle Money (vicar of Much Marcle) had issue
  m. (16.01.1806) Mary Thomasina Ffrench (dau of Dominick Ffrench)
  v. Rowland Money (d 21.06.1860, Vice Admiral, RN) had issue
  m. (13.09.1805) Maria Money (dau of William Money of Walthamstow)
  vi. Eugenia Money (b 1774-5, d 09.09.1865)
  m. (08.06.1797) William Taylor Money of Walthamstow
  vii. Susannah Money (d 1857)
  m. (17.07.1800) Robert Chatfield (vicar of Chatteris)
  viii.+ other issue - John (d unm 06.08.1825), Hester (d 1854), Mary (d young), Dorothea (d unm), Alice (d unm 27.10.802), Vincentia (d unm 01.04.1816)



John Morice of Roydon, Essex
m. _ Buckbearde (heir)
1. William Morice of Chipping Ongar, Essex
m. Ann Isaake of Kent
  A. James Morice of Chipping Ongar
  m. Elizabeth Medley (dau of George Medley)
  i. John Morice of Chipping Ongar, alias Poyntz of Ockenden (b c1569)
  m. Katherine Poyntz (dau/heir of Gabriell Poynz of North Okenden)
  a. Sir John Morice alias Poyntz of Chipping Ongar (d 1617)
  b. Elizabeth Morice or Poyntz mentioned in Visitation (Essex, 1558, Poyntz)
m. William Duncombe (son of Sir Edward of Badleston)
  ii. Ann Morice
  Visitation (Morice) shows Ann as wife of John Forde of Horseley but the Harleian editor has added a note saying "This Ann is saide in Turner's descent to be the wife of Edward Turner of Great Parndon". Noting that Visitation (Essex, 1558, Foorde) identifies John Foorde's wife as Audrey, we show Ann as married (only) to ...
  m. Edward Turnor of Parendon Magna
  iii. Audrey Morice not mentioned by Vistiation, see note just above
  m. John Foorde of Horsley or Horkesley
iv.+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth
  B. Thomas Morice of Chipping Ongar
  The following comes from Visitation (Essex, 1634, Morice).
  m. Margaret Lynd (dau of Oliver Lynd of Coventry)
  i. Thomas Morice of Woodford
  m. Anne Bayle (dau of Ralph Bayle of London)
  a.+ issue - Ralph, William, Lionell, Anne, Elizabeth
  C. Margaret Morice
  m. George Tuke of Essex
2. Ann Morice
  m. _ Brooke of Somerset
3. Margaret Morice
  m. _ Cockes of Lincoln
4.+ other issue - Rauffe, Henry, Oliver, Phillip

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