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Families covered: Nethersole of Dover, Nethersole of London, Nethersole of Nethersole, Nethersole of Wimlingswold (Wymingswould, Wimingswold, Winghamwould or Womenswould)
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(1) Visitation (1619), supported by Berry, identifies the arms of this family as "Per pale gules and azure three griffins segreant or". Berry suggests that the undermentioned Richard, whom we show as elder son of William, d c1216. Visitation (1619) may be interpreted (more accurately?) as suggesting that his family had been at Nethersole since that date. BHO indicates that this family descended from Richard de Wolwiche who was enfoeffed "in certain lands lying in Nethesole" by William, son of Thomas de Nethersole, about 1244.
(2) HoP ("Robert Nethersole of Dover") mentions that Robert (MP, by 1482-c1556) was 2nd son of a William of Nethersole. It also reports that Robert "appears to have been baptized Richard but to have renamed himself Robert" and that he "is known to have had at least one son, another Robert, who was chamberlain of Dover in 1547".
(3) Visitation (1619) starts wth Richard father of Vincent (2nd son) father of John father of John (a 1619?) father of Sir Francis (1587-1659). We surmise that the first Richard probably lived in the 16th century.
(4) BHO reports that John Nethersole of Nethersole divided his estate betwen 3 sons (John of Barham, Stephen of Wimlingswold & William of Canterbury) who all dspm and divided the estate again among their daughters. As William's eldest daughter Elizabeth is reported to have m. Jacob Sharpe of Canterbury who d 1774 having purchased the other shares in the estate in 1771-2 (excluding the part on which 'Nethersole House' was built), we surmise that the first John was probably born in the late 17th century and died in the early 18th century.
(5) The above leaves various uncertainties as to how the above families were connected. We speculate that they were connected as follows.
William Nethersole of Nethersole (in Wymingswould, Kent)
1. ?? Nethersole possibly John (father of Elizabeth), possibly father (or grandfather, uncle or great-uncle) of ...
  A. ?? Nethersole
  i. ?? Nethersole
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Nethersole
  (1) ?? Nethersole
  (A) John Nethersole of Nethersole
  (i) John Nethersole of Barham (dspm)
  (ii) Stephen Nethersole of Wimlingswold (dspm)
  (ii) William Nethersole of Canterbury
(a) Elizabeth Nethersole
  m. Jacob Sharpe of Canterbury & Nethersole (d 1774)
  ((1)) Jacob Sharpe of Barham & Nethersole (3rd son)
  (b)+ 2 daughters
  B. Richard Nethersole of Nethersole the first mentioned by Visitation (1619)
  i. Richard Nethersole of Nethersole
m. Silvester Lad (dau of Thomas Lad of Barham)
  a. daughter
  m. Sampson Philipot of Upton Court in Siberdwould
  ii. Vincent Nethersole of Winghamwould (Wimlingswold or Womenswould)
  m. Jane Redwood of Stodmarsh
  a. John Nethersole of Nethersole House in Winghamwould
John is identified in BHO as "a younger son of this family".
  m. Peregrina Wilsford (dau of Francis Wilsford)
  (1) John Nethersole of Nethersole House (bpt 1583)
  Mentioned in HoP ("Sir Francis Nethersole") was ...
  (A) Francis Nethersole of Nethersole House (d(spm) c1652)
  (2) Sir Francis Nethersole of Nethersole House (bpt 26.02.1587, dsp 08.1659, MP, Ambassador)
  m. (by 12.02.1620) Lucy Goodere (d 09.07.1652, dau/coheir of Sir Henry Goodere of Polesworth)
  (3) Anne Nethersole (b 1592)
  m. Thomas Marsh of Acris 'of Brandred' (b c1580, d 1634/1644)
  (4) Sara Nethersole
m. Philip Chits of London
  (5)+ other issue - William, Rebecka
  b.+ other issue - John, Alexander, Christopher, William
The following Vincent is the first of 3 generations mentioned in Visitation (Sir George Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663-1668, 'Nethersole') which reports "For the earlier part of this pedigree see Visitation of 1619" but does not provide a connection that we can see in that Visitation. We speculate that one of these younger sons (or their nephew William, above) was father of ...
  (1) Vincent Nethersole 'of Nethersole House' of Wimingswould
  m. Elizabeth Denne (dau of Vincent Denne)
  (A) William Nethersole of Wimingswould
  m. Margaret Everard (dau of Valentine Everard of Canterbury)
  (i) Vincent Nethersole 'of Nethersole House' of Canterbury (a 1663)
m. Elizabeth Denne (dau of Thomas Denne of Canterbury)
  Because of the otherwise over-close marriages between cousins, we speculate that the undermentioned Stepben was nephew rather than son of Vincent. However, he could have been of another branch of the family altogether.
  (ii) ?? Nethersole
  (a) Stephen Nethersole of Nethersole
  m. Mary Denne (dau of Vincent Denne of Canterbury)
  iii.+ other issue - Francis, Edward
  C. Elizabeth Nethersole possibly of this generation
  m. Roger Manwood 'of Sandwich' (a 1514)
2. Richard (aka Robert) Nethersole, Mayor of Dover (b by 1482, d c1556, MP)
  A. Robert Nethersole (a 1547, Chamberlain of Dover)



Probably connected to the above family, given its base in Kent, was ...
William Nethersole of Charing, Kent (d before 1761)
m. (24.10.1722) Frances Peirce (d c01.1762, dau of Thomas Pierce of Hansletts)
1. William Nethersole of London (bpt 31.08.1730, a 1783, wax & tallow chandler, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Magdalen Portal (b 1728, dau of Rev. Pierre Guillaume Portal)
  A. William Pierce Nethersole (b c1756, d 06.12.1843, rector of Clophill, vicar of Pulloxhill)
  m1. (07.06.1781) Anna Boote
  m2. Sophia (b c1776, a 1843)
  B. William Nethersole of London, later of Worth (bpt 15.09.1767, bur 01.03.1843, 3rd son)
  m. (27.10.1796) Harriet Dickenson
  i. William Dickenson Nethersole of London (b 26.11.1799, d before 05.05.1842) had issue
  m. Frances Carpenter (a 1806, d 07.05.1883, m2. Howard Staunton)
  ii. Henry Nethersole (a 1842)
  m. (before 1842) Mary
iii. Louisa Nethersole (a 1803, 1851)
  iv. Harriet Nethersole (b 05.11.1803, a 1842)
  m. (before 1842) George Cates of Willesden
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 05.05.1761, d young?), Thomas (bpt 26.01.1770, d before 1783?), Elizabeth (bpt 09.03.1758, a 1783), Frances (bpt 01.10.1759, d before 1783?), Mary Magdalen (bpt 10.07.1765, a 1783)
2. Richard Nethersole (d before 29.12.1774, grocer)
  m. (29.11.1768) Sarah Hart (a 1774)
  A.+ issue - Richard (b 04.09.1769, d by 1783?), Sarah (a 1783), Frances (b 16.04.1774, d by 1783?), Maria (b 26.05.1775, a 1783)
3. Frances Nethersole (d 05.1772)
  m. Andrew Portal (a 1759, vicar of St. Helen's, Abingdon)
4. Elizabeth Nethersole (bpt 29.08.1723, d 1758)
  m. (21.08.1748) Abraham Portal of London (bpt 1726, d before 13.01.1809)
5. Susanna Nethersole (d before 1813?)
  m. (07.04.1767) John Edkins of Hamstead (d before 25.06.1823)
  A.+ issue (a 1783) - Thomas (a 1823, grocer), Elizabeth (a 1843?)
6.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 14.07.1725, d c02.1787, grocer), William (bpt 20.01.1728, d infant?)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Nethersole'), CountyGen (Berry, Kent, 1830, p104), BHO (Kent, vol 9 (1800), 'Parishes: Wimlingswold') with input as reported above
(2) For lower section : a schedule, with sources-identified, kindly provided to us by a regular contributor (CV, 01.01.2020)
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