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Families covered: Goodere of Burhope, Goodere of Collingham, Goodere (Godier) of Hadley, Goodere of Hatfield, Goodere of Polesworth

Richard (or Henry) Goodere or Goodier of Hadley, Middlesex
m. _ Thornbury
1. John Goodere or Goodier of Hadley
  m. _ West (dau of Lord Delawere)
A. Thomas Goodere of Hadley
  m. Jane Lewknor (dau of Thomas Lewknor of Trotton, Sussex)
  i. John Goodere of Hadley (a 1441?)
  m. Alice Brent (dau/heir of _ Brent)
  a. John Goodere of Hadley
  Visitation (Hertfordshire) shows John married to to a dau of Richard Gladman, mother of Thomas and Henry, but Visitation (Nottinghamshire) show his wife and their mother as ...
  m. Alice Frowick (dau of Thomas Frowick of The Fold)
(1) Thomas Goodere or Goodier of Hadley
  m. Jane Hault (dau of Sir Thomas Hault or Hawte, m2. Robert Wroth)
  (A) Sir Francis Goodere or Goodier of Polesworth, Warwickshire
  m. Ursula Rowlett (sister/heir of Sir Ralph Rowlett of St. Albans)
(i) Sir Henry Goodere or Godier of Polesworth or Polsworth
  Reported on a web site as Sheriff of Warwickshire (b 1534, d 1595).
  m. Frances Lowther (dau of Hugh Lowther)
  (a) Anne Goodere or Godier
  m1/2. Sir Henry Rainsford
  This is possibly the Anne who (also) married ...
  m2/1. John Kingston (MD)
  ((1)) Theodosia Kingston (d 02.11.1692, coheir)
  m. (1659) Humphrey Holden of Erdington
  (b) Frances Goodere or Godier
  m. Sir Henry Godier @@ below
  (c) Lucy Goodere (d 09.07.1652) possibly of this generation
  m. (by 12.02.1620) Sir Francis Nethersole of Nethersole House (bpt 1587, dsp 08.1659)
  (ii) Thomas Godier or Goodere of Collingham, Nottinghamshire
  m. _ Saunders (dau of Sir Thomas Saunders or Sanders)
  (a) Henry Goodere of Collingham
  m. Margaret Daberne (dau of Robert Daberne of Surrey)
  ((1)) Susanna Goodere
  (b) Margaret Goodere
  m. Samwell Shepard of Collingham
  (c) Dorothy Goodere
  m1. Thomas Evans of London
  m2. Thomas Pert of London
(d) Anne Goodere
  m. William Forster
  (iii) William Godier
  m. _ Wren (dau of John Wren of Kent)
  (a) Sir Henry Godier ('of Bagginton' ?)
  m. Frances Godier @@ above
  ((1)) John Godier
Visitation ends here. It is wholly presumptuous that Sir Henry inherited/obtained Polesworth through his wife/cousin and was father of ...
  ((2)) Elizabeth Godier or Goodyer
  m. Samuel Rooper of Heanor (d 01.09.1658)
  (b) Frances Godier
  m. Francis Waynman (a 1572, 1619)
  (iv) Anne Godier
m. William Forster of Warwickshire
  (B) Anne Goodere
  m. John Cockes or Cock of Broxborne, Hertfordshire
  (2) Henry Goodere of London (Alderman)
  m. Jane Greene
  (A) William Goodere of Newgate Street in Hadley
  m. Anne Cooke (d 12.1602, dau of Edward Cooke of London by Jone, sister of Sir William Stamford of London)
  (i) Henry Goodere of Hatfield, Hertfordshire (b c1552)
  m. Audrey Rombold (dau/heir of John Rombold of Hatfield)
  (a) Francis Goodere of Hatfield (a 1631)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Goodere of Hatfield).
  m. Catherin Onslow (dau of George Onslow of Walton Grange)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1634) - Henry (b c1629), Jane
  (b) Anne Goodere
  m. Thomas Rooke of Kent
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas of Hatfield, Ursula, Lucy, Judith
  (ii) Anne Goodere
m. Thomas Walkeden or Walkden of the Inner Temple
  (iii)+ other issue - William (b c1556, dsp), Scisselley (d 05.121607)
  (B) Anne Goodere
  Visitation (Warwickshire) shows Anne married to _ Cooke of Kent and being mother of Edmund Cooke who married a _ Nichols of London. [## see here ##] Maddison shows ...
  m. Henry Cooke of London and Lysing, Esex
  (i) Mary Cooke (sole heir)
  m. William Cracher of Saffornwalden
  (3) William Goodere or Godier of Egeworth or Edgworth, Middlesex
  Shown by Visitation (Warwickshire) as of this generation but by Maddison as a generation earlier. We follow Maddison and show him below.
  b. Richard Goodere of St. Albans
  m. _ Delahay
  (1) Alban Goodere (dsp)
  c. William Goodere of Edgeworth, Middlesex see note just above
  Visitation (Hertfordshire) shows William's wife as Ann Bostok but Maddison & Visitation (Warwickshire) name her ...
  m. _ Levenger
(1) Nicholas Goodere of Edgeworth
  m. Julia(n) Erlington or Elderington of Essex (or Sussex)
  (A) Henry Goodere of Edgeworth (b c1545)
  m. Constance Haley
  (i) Eleanor Goodere
  m. William Catchmade of Bigaward
  (ii) Scisley Goodere
  m. Nathaniell Martin (son of Sir Richard, Alderman of London)
  (B) Jane Goodere
  m. John Borrett or Barret of London
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1553), Catherine, Margaret, Mary



We do not know what connection (if any) there was between the following family and the above family. They are shown on the same page for convenience only.
Thomas Goodere of Leyntall Stocks, Herefordshire
1. Francis Goodere of Hereford
  A. John Goodere of Burhope, Herefordshire
  m. Anne Morgan (dau of John Morgan of Kent)
i. Sir Edward Goodere, 1st Bart of Burhope (d 20.03.1730)
  m. Eleanor Dinely (dau/heir of Sir Edward Dinely of Charleton by Frances, dau of Lewis Watson, Lord Rockingham)
  a. Sir John Dinely Goodere, later Dinely of Charleton, 2nd Bart of Burhope
  m. Mary Lawford of Stapleton (heir, m2. William Rayner of London)
  (1) son (dvp unm)
  b. Sir Samuel Goodere, 3rd Bart of Burhope (d 15.04.1741-2, fratricide)
  m. Elizabeth Watts of Monmouthshire
  (1) Sir Edward Dineley Goodere, 4th Bart of Burhope (d unm 03.1761)
  (2) Sir John Dineley Goodere, 5th Bart of Burhope (d unm)
  (3) Anne Goodere (not dsp)
m. John Williams of Monmouthshire
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth, Mary
  c. Eleanor Goodere
  m1. Samuel Foote of Truro
  (1)+ issue - Edward, John (assumed the surname Dineley), Samuel (dramatist), Eleanor
  BEB1841 mentions only Eleanor's marriage to Samuel Foote. It seems that she also married ...
  m2. William Wyborne of Hull Place
  (5) James Wyborne of Hull Place
  m. Rebecca Bargrave (dau of Robert Bargrave of Eastry)
  (A) Rebecca Anne Wyborne
  m. (31.08.1801) Christopher Wilson (b 1780, d 1811, Major)
  ii. Jeremy Goodere (d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Goodere
  m. Charles Somerset of Canon Pion (son of Lord John)

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