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Families covered: Tirrell of Beeches, Tirrell of Columbine Hill, Tyrrell (Tirrell) of Gipping

William Tirrell of Gipping, Suffolk
m. Margaret Darcy (dau of Robert Darcy of Malden)
1. Sir James Tirrell or Tyrrell of Gipping (d 17.05.1502, Captain of Guisnes)
Sir James is reported to have been one of those who assassinated the Princes in the Tower (King Edward V and his brother Richard) in 1483.
  m. Anne Arundell (dau of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Cornewall)
  A. Sir Thomas Tyrrell of Gipping (d c07.1551)
  m1. Margaret (dau of Christopher, Lord Willoughby - sb Sir Christopher of Parham?)
  i. Sir John Tyrrell of Gipping (d by 1574)
  m. Elizabeth Mundy (dau of Sir John Mundy or Mundey, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. Sir John Tyrrell of Gipping (dsp 1590/1 or 1601)
  m1. (22.10.1556) Anne Sulliard (d 23.02.1558, dau of Sir John Sulliard of Wetherdon)
m2. (24.06.1565) Mary Drury (dau of Sir William Drury of Hawstead, widow of Sir Richard Corbett of Assington)
  b. Thomas Tyrrell of Wetherden & Gipping
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of Sir John Grey or Gray of Gosfield, Essex)
  (1) Thomas Tyrrell of Gipping (a 1614)
  m. Ann Rivett (dau of William Rivett of Stowmarket)
(A) Thomas Tyrrell 'of Gipping' (b c1596, a 1664)
  m1. Margaret or Dionis Yelverton (dau of Sir William Yelverton of Rougham)
  m2. Mary Lea of Buckinghamshire
  (i) Thomas Tyrrell (a 1664, dsp?)
  (ii) Edmund Tyrrell (a 1664) possibly the Edmund of Gipping who was father of ...
  (a) Cecilia Tyrell
  m. Thomas Blosse of Belstead (d 23.05.1722)
  (iii) Dorothy Tyrrell presumed of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Robert Tyrrell of Gipping (a 1664) @@ just below
  (B) Suzanna Tyrrell (b c1611) probably the Susan (d 1674) who married ...
  m. (before 1640) George Pretyman of Bacton
  (C)+ other issue (a 1614) - William (b c1598), John (b c1601), Francis (b c1603), Edmond (b c1605), Robert (b c1610), Anne (b c1594), Mary (b c1596), Dorothy (b c1597)
(2) James Tyrrell of Gipping (5th son)
  (A) Robert Tyrrell of Gipping (a 1664)
  m. Dorothy Tyrrell (dau of Thomas Tyrrell of Gipping) @@ just above
  The following comes from MGH (NS4 vol 11 1906), Part 1 (March 1904), p20) which starts with the undermentioned Charles. N.B. It is little more than speculation that Robert & Dorothy were his grandparents.
  (i) ?? Tyrrell presumed intervening generation
  (a) Charles Tyrrell of Gipping & Thurston (cleric)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) Charles Tyrrell of Gipping & Plashwood in Haughley, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 02.01.1872, MP) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Ray (bpt 14.10.1779, d 22.08.1826, dau/heir of Richard Ray of Haughley)
  (3) Mary Tyrrell
  m. Thomas Kebell of Kinghall (sb. Rivett of Ringshall?)
  (4) Frances Tyrrell
  m. Thomas Hastinges of Hindringham
(5) Judeth Tyrrell
  m. George Pagrave of Whinborough
  (6) daughter
  m. Thomas Mundey of Kent
  (7)+ other issue - John, George, Vincent, Charles
  c. Sir Edward or Edmond Tyrrell (d by 1587)
  m. (1571) Prudence Frende (dau of Mathew Frende or Fresnse of Dickellboroughe (Dickleburgh))
(1) Elizabeth Tyrrell
  d. Margaret Tyrrell
  m1. ??
  m2. Edward English
  e. Alice Tyrrell probably the Alice (d 1580) who married ...
  m. George Brooke of Aspall
  f.+ other issue - Charles, George, James, Vincent, Ann, Joanne
  Visitation (1558) shows Margaret, Anne/Agnes & Alice as of both this generation and one earlier.
  ii. Amy Tyrrell
  m1. _ Knight
  m2. _ Knighton
  iii. Anne Tyrrell (bur 14.05.1576)
  m. Sir John Clere or Cleere of Ormesby
  iv. Margaret Tyrrell also shown by Visitation as a generation later
  m. Robert Petters of Westminster
  v. Agnes Tyrrell also shown by Visitation (as Anne) as a generation later
  m. John Hoord of Devonshire
  vi. Katherine Tyrrell
  m. George Kebell
  vii. Alice Tyrrell also shown by Visitation as a generation later
  m. George Brooke of Aspall
viii.+ other issue - George, Vincent
  m2. Joan
  B. James Tirrell of Columbine Hall, Suffolk
  m. Anne Hotoste (dau of Sir John Hotoste of Colombine Hall)
  i. John Tirrell of Columbine Hall
  Visitation ends with this generation. It is a speculative presumption to show John as father of ...
  a. Thomas Tyrrell of Collumbyne Hall
  (1) Anne Tyrrell (d 08.1623, heir)
  m. Thomas Welby of Moulton (b 1562, bur 1623)
  ii. Margery Tirrell probably of this generation
  m. Richard Garneys of Boyland Hall (b 1531-2, dsp 03.01.1586)
  iii+. other issue - James, Thomas
  C. Anne Tirrell
  m. Sir Richard Wentworth of Nettlestead
2. Elianor Tirrell
  m. Edmond Knevett
3. Dorothy Tirrell probably the Dorothy who married ...
  m. (sp) John Boteler of Woodhall (d 05.1514)
4.+ other issue - Sir Thomas, Edward, John, John, Anne, Margaret, Alice, Margery, Elizabeth, Mary



William Tirrell of Beeches, Essex
m1. Anne Fitzsimondes (dau of Robert Fitzsimondes or FitzSymonds)
1. Thomas Tirrell of Beeches
  m. Katherine Walden (dau of John Walden) ## see here ##
  A. Edward Tirrell of Beeches
  m1. Elizabeth Cromer (dau of William Cromer in Kent)
  i. Alice Tirrell
  m1. Thomas Lathom of Rosall
  m2. William Cade of Rumford (Romford)
ii. Mary Tirrell
  m. Peter Haymond (Hamond?) of Kent
  m2. Alice Covell (m2. George Foster, m3. Henry Gouldinge)
  iii. Edmond Tirrell of Beeches (a 1608)
  a. Mary Tirrell
  m. Sir Francis Fitche
  B. William Tirrell
2. Mary Tirrell
  m(1/2). Thomas Huntington
This may have been the Mary who (also) married ...
  m(2/1). Peter Heyman of Herenge, Kent
m2. Phillipa Thorenbury (dau of John Thorenbury or Thornebery)
3. Jasper Tirrell
  m. Anne Goringe or Goodinge of Suffolk
  A. Edmund Tirrell
  m. Suzanna Cooke (dau of _ Cooke of Geddihall)
  i. Mary Tirrell
  m. John Church
  ii. Margaret Tirrell
  m. John Daniell of Suffolk
  iii. Thomazin Tirrell
  m1. William Tirrell
  m2. _ Plater of Suffolk
  iv. Suzanna Tirrell
  m. Charles Cuttler
4. daughter

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Essex, 1558, Tirrell/Tyrrell), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561+1664-8, Tyrrell of Gipping)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Essex, 1558, Tirrell/Tyrrell)
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