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Families covered: Middlemore of Birmingham, Middlemore of Enfield, Middlemore of Lusby, Middlemore of Hawkesley (Hawkeslowe), Middlemore of Walsall

Nicholas Middlemore of Hawkeslowe, King's Norton, Worcestershire
m. Agnes Hawkeslowe (dau of Thomas Hawkeslowe of Hawkeslowe)
1. John Middlemore of Hawkeslowe
  m. _ Jennings alias Eye
A. Thomas Middlemore of Hawkeslowe
  m. Eleanor Throckmorton (dau of Thomas Throckmorton of Coughton)
  i. William Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1549)
  m1. Margery Gatacre (dau of Robert Gatacre of Gatacre)
a. John Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1597)
  m. Amphilis Goodwin (dau of John Goodwin of Over Wichington or Wichendon)
  (1) William Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1634)
  m1. Mary Badger (dau of John Badger)
  (A) John Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1643)
  m. Bridget Betham (dau of Thomas Betham of Rowington)
  (i) William Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1663) - continued below
  m. Susanna Middlemore (dau of George Middlemore of Haselwell)
(ii) Henry Middlemore of Alvechurch (5th son)
  (a) David Middlemore
  m. Ann Partridge
  (b) Mary Middlemore
  m. _ Davies
  (c)+ other issue - John, George, Joane
  (iii)+ other issue - John of Northfield (d 1705), Richard, Thomas, Robert, Edward, Stephen, George, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Bridget
  (B) Mary Middlemore
  m. Richard Brabrook or Braybrooke of Berkshire
  m2. Margaret Middlemore (dau of Robert Middlemore of Edgbaston)
  (C)+ other issue - William of Ipsley (d 1643), Thomas, Richard of London
  (2) George Middlemore
  m. Joan Baskerville
  (3) Robert Middlemore
  m. Frances Smyth
  (A) William Middlemore (d 1641 in Drogheda)
  m. Elizabeth
  (4) John Middlemore of Bream and/or Newland (d before 27.02.1610-1)
  m. Mary
  (5) Thomas Middlemore of Rotherfield, Sussex
  (A)+ issue - Thomas of Worth (dsp), Henry, Robert
  (6) Catherine Middlemore
  m. Roger Wade
  (7) Jane Middlemore
  m. Holland Badger
  (8) Mary Middlemore
  b. Henry Middlemore of Enfield (d 1582, Groom of the Chamber) the first mentioned by Maddison
  m. Elizabeth Fowkes (bur 16.12.1563, dau of Robert Fowkes, m2. Sir Vincent Curtis of Thornton Curtis)
  (1) Robert Middlemore of Enfield (b c1580, a 03.1629)
  m. (c10.1601) Dorothy Fulstow (d 29.05.1610, dau of Richard Fulstow, sister of Peregrine of Keal)
(A) Edward Middlemore of Barton-on-Humber (b c1604, d 1656)
  m. Mary Booth (bpt 19.07.1607, dau of George Booth of Killingholme)
  (i) Henry Middlemore of Lusby (bpt 24.03.1630-1, bur 04.11.1667)
  m. Elizabeth Penyston (dau of Anthony Penyston, m2. Thomas Booth of East Rasen)
  (a) Henry Middlemore of Lusby and the Inner Temple (b c1663, d 1687)
  m. Anne Saville (bpt 16.09.1668, a 1716, dau of William Saville of Newton, m2. Cecil Cooper of Thurgarton)
((1)) Alice Middlemore (bpt 28.08.1688)
  m. (04.09.1707) Sampson Parkyns (dvp 17.04.1713, son of Sir Thomas, Bart of Bunny Park)
  (b) Mary Middlemore
  m. John Archer
  (c)+ other issue - George, Anthony
(ii) George Middlemore (bpt 02.1632-3, Captain)
  m1. (14.02.1666-7) Frances Bilcliffe (bur 08.03.1668-9, dau of Joseph Bilcliffe of Normanby)
  (a) Frances Middlemore (bpt 27.09.1667)
  m. (29.11.1688) John Bishop
  (b) Dorothy Middlemore (bpt 07.03.1668-9, bur 02.04.1700)
  m. John Bryan of Bolingbroke (bpt 02.02.1664-5, bur 13.04.1725)
  m2. Anne (bur 11.06.1685, widow of Norton Bryan of Bolingbroke)
  (iii) Elizabeth Middlemore
  Elizabeth is shown as bpt 25.07.1640, d 1717 but this was possibly the Elizabeth (bur 08.11.1658) who married ...
  m. Norton Bryan of Bolingbroke (bpt 29.07.1634, d c03.1672/3)
  (iv)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 06.03.1627-8, bur 30.05.1629), Robert (bpt/bur 1629), Edward (bpt 02.03.1631-2), Philip (bpt 22.02.1637-8), William (bpt/bur 1639), Dorothy (bpt 1633), Mary (bpt 01.01.1652-3)
  (B) Mary Middlemore
  (C) Elizabeth Middlemore (b c1602, bur 02.07.1687)
  m. (c04.1627) John Sandes of Thornton Curtis (b 1592-3)
  (2) Mary Middlemore
  (3) Elizabeth Middlemore
  m. Sir Edward Zouch
c. Eleanor Middlemore
  m. Thomas Copley of Bredon
  d. Mary Middlemore
  m. Clement Swallow of Shottery
  e. Jane Middlemore
  m. Thomas Dingley
  f.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Robert
  m2. Dorothy
  ii. Margery (Margaret) Middlemore
  m. Edward Underhill ## see here ##
  iii. Mary Middlemore
  m. William Gower
  iv. daughter
  m. _ Tracy



William Middlemore of Hawkeslowe (d 1663) - continued above
m. Susanna Middlemore (dau of George Middlemore of Haselwell, m2. John Savage)
1. John Middlemore of Hawkeslowe aka Hawkesley (dsp 1681)
  m. Ann Taylor (dau of Ralph Taylor of Foxbury)
2. William Middlemore of Hawkesley (dsp 1712)
  m. Elizabeth Middlemore (dau of Robert Middlemore of Haselwell, widow of Walter Grey)
3. George Middlemore of Hawkesley (d 1728)
  m. Ann Culceth (dau of Thomas Culceth of Wappenbury)
  A. John Middlemore of Hawkesley (d 1735)
  m. Sarah Lea (m2. William Pharow)
  i. Richard Middlemore of Hawkesley (d 1804)
  m. Martha Palmer
  a. John Middlemore
  b. Richard Middlemore of Hawkesley (d 1831)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Mary Middlemore (dsp)
  m. Samuel Hoitt
  (2)+ other issue - Anne (d 1873), Martha (d 1876)
  c. William Middlemore of Westheath (d 1834)
  m. Charlotte
  (1) Anne Middlemore
  m. Thomas Hand
  (2) Charlotte Middlemore
  m. J.B. Taylor
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, Richard
  d. Robert Middlemore of Walsall (d 1827)
  m. Frances
  (1) Richard Middlemore of Walsall (d 1840)
  m. Mary Blakemore
  (2) William Middlemore of Walsall (d 1884)
  m. Eliza Roper
  (3) Joseph Middlemore
  (4) Peter Middlemore of Liverpool (d 1884) had issue
  m. Deborah Cockins
  (5) Anne Letitia Middlemore
  m. John Fairfield
(6) Elizabeth Middlemore
  m. Thomas Kirkpatrick
  (7) Mary Middlemore
  m1. James Douglas
  m2. Andrew Canning
  (8) Fanny Middlemore
  m. Robert Douglas
  e. Sarah Middlemore
  m. Joseph Taberner
  f. Anne Middlemore
  m. John Cottrell
  g. Mary Middlemore
  m. (1777) John Middlemore of Stratford-on-Avon @@ just below
  ii. Anne Middlemore
  m. Benjamin Penn
  B. Robert Middlemore of Birmingham (d 1766, 5th/6th son)
  m. Barbara Amerongen of Birmingham
i. George Middlemore of Walsall
  m. Sarah Meakin
  a. John Middlemore of Stratford-on-Avon (bpt 1752)
  m. (1777) Mary Middlemore (dau of Richard Middlemore of Hawkesley) @@ just above
  (1) Richard Middlemore of Birmingham & the Davids, Northfield (b 1778, d 1841) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Mucklow (dau of James Mucklow)
  (2)+ other issue - John (dsp 1846), William, Elizabeth
  ii. Richard Middlemore of Walsall (d 1803)
  m. Elizabeth Worsey
  a. Elizabeth Middlemore
  m. Robert Garner
  b. Maria Middlemore
  m. William Mold
  c.+ other issue - William (dsp 1792), Maria
  iii. Elizabeth Middlemore
  m. William Lewin
  iv. Mary Middlemore
  m. R. Hawkesford
  v.+ other issue
  C.+ other issue - William, Thomas, George, Joseph, Richard of Pauntley Court, Maria, Elizabeth
4.+ other issue - Mary, Susannah, Margaret

Main source(s):
(1) www.middlemore.com (see Main Source on Middlemore01)
(2) BP1934 (Middlemore), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, Middlemore), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Middlemore of Lusby) which refers to the privately-printed "The Family of Middlemore" which appears to be the source used by www.middlemore.com.
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