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Families covered: Middleton of Balbegno, Middleton of Kilhill, Middleton of Middleton, Middleton of Netherseat
[This page was originally launched as Middleton1 but was renamed during an exercise on various Middleton families on 13.11.08.]

TSP started its article on this family as follows: "Middleton is one of those surnames derived from a place, and it is also one which, at an early date, appears in many localities both in England and Scotland. The Middletons treated of in this article descend from a family settled in the Mearns or Kincardinshire, and assumed the style of Middleton 'de eodem', or of that ilk. They are said to have obtained their lands in the time of David I" (who r. 1124-1153). TSP starts with ...
Humphrey de Middleton (a 1238) possibly father of ...
1. ?? Middleton possibly father of ...
  A. Humphrey Middleton of that ilk (a 1296)
  i. ?? Middleton
  a. Unsure of number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? Middleton
  (A) William Middleton (a 1425)
  (i) Gilbert Middleton of that ilk (a 1460) - continued below



Gilbert Middleton of that ilk (a 1460) - continued above
1. Laurence Middleton of that ilk (d before 15.06.1493)
  m. _ (possibly Nicola) Straton (dau of Straton of Lauriston)
  A. Gilbert Middleton of that ilk, Sheriff of Forfar (d before 28.03.1533)
  m1. Marjorie Wishart (d before 06.1493, dau of John Wishart of Pittarrow)
  m2. Agnes Lauder (of family of the Bass)
i. Alexander Middleton (d c03.1533)
  m. Isabel Grahame
  ii. John Middleton of Middleton, Netherseat and Kilhill (d 07.1588)
  m1. Isabella Falconer (d before 15.03.1557/8, dau of David Falconer of Halkerton)
  a. John Middleton of Netherseat and Kilhill (d c1603)
  m1. Elizabeth Ramsay (dau of David Ramsay of Balmain)
(1) John Middleton of Kilhill (a 28.06.1618)
  m. (mcrt 18.04.1599, div) Euphemia Mortimer (dau of John Mortimer of Flemington)
  (2) Robert Middleton of Caldhame
  TSP identifies Robert's wife (by 1608) as Katherine Strachan (bur 03.02.1674), shown by some as here. However, TCP (Middelton [Scotland]) identifies her as ...
  m. Helen Strachan (dau of John Strachan)
  (A) John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton (b c1608, d 1673, Lt. General)
  m1. (mcrt 07.1639) Grizel Durham (d 09.1666, dau of Sir James Durham of Pitkerrow)
(i) Charles Middleton, 2nd Earl of Middleton (b 1650, d 28.07.1719)
  Charles supported King James VII/II and was outlawed by Parliament and his title was forfeited.
  m. (1670) Catherine Brudenell (b 1648, d 11.03.1743, dau of Robert Brudenell, 2nd Earl of Cardigan)
  (a) John Middleton, Lord Clermont (b 07.11.1683, d unm 03.11.1746)
  (b) Charles Middleton (b 04.12.1688, d 03.08.1738)
(c) Katherine Middleton (b 10.08.1685, d 10.06.1763)
  m1. (1705/6) Sir John Gifford, Bart of Burnstall (d 08.10.1707)
  m2. (after 25.11.1709) Michael Rothe (b 29.09.1661, d 02.05.1741, Lt. Gen. for France)
  (d) Elizabeth Middleton (b 25.06.1690, d after 1773)
  m. (25.11.1709) Edward Drummond, '6th Duke of Perth' (de jure 9th Earl) (b 1690, dsp 06.02.1760)
  (ii) Grizel Middleton (d 03.1666)
  m. (12.06.1662) William Douglas, 8th Earl of Morton (dsps 1681)
  (iii) Helen Middleton (d 05.1708)
  m. (23.08.1662) Patrick Lyon, 3rd Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (d 29.05.1643, d 15.05.1695)
  (iv)+ other issue - daughter (bur 08.06.1669), daughter (bur 11.1669)
  m2. (16.12.1667) Martha Carey (dau of Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth)
  (vi) John Middleton
  (vii) Elizabeth Middleton (bur 19.01.1748)
  m. (20.07.1693) William Spelman of Wickmer (d 1713)
  (B) Alexander Middleton (b c1610, bur 07.12.1686, minister)
  m. (17.01.1643) Margaret Gordon (dau of Thomas Gordon of Kethok's Mill)
  (i) George Middleton (b 14.02.1645, d 26.03.1726, in St. Andrew's)
  m. (15.02.1671) Janet Gordon (bpt 28.03.1652, bur 17.01.1753)
  (a) Alexander Middleton (bpt 08.05.1676, d 26.10.1751, in Aberdeen)
  m. (17.09.1705) Elspet Burnet (b c1683, bur 21.12.1767)
  ((1)) George Middleton (bpt 22.08.1706)
  ((2)) John Middleton (bpt 21.03.1708, d 26.08.1792)
  m. (31.07.1731) Mary Allister
  ((A)) Alexander Middleton (b 08.08.1735, d before 07.1756)
  ((B)) John Middleton (bpt 27.03.1739, to Barbados)
  m. (16.10.1765) Hester Hazelwood
  ((i))+ 2 sons - John, Richard
  ((C)) daughter
  ((3)) Alexander Middleton (bpt 03.09.1709, d 21.08.1750, to America)
  m. Ann Todd
  ((A))+ 5 daughters
  (b) John Middleton (b 27.09.1678, bur 24.03.1739, Brigadier, MP, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Cuninghame (bur 04.1734, dau of William Cuninghame of Enterkin)
  ((1)) George Middleton (bpt 11.07.1714, bur 11.08.1772) had issue
  m. (09.1736) Diana Grey (dau of Earl of Stamford)
  ((2))+ other issue - John (bpt 14.03.1713, d 1714), 5 daughters
(c) Patrick Middleton (b 08.03.1680, d 1771, to Poland)
  m. (29.07.1706) Susannah Moer
  ((1)) Patrick Middleton (b 12.11.1712, Major General for Poland)
  m. (06.07.1775) Janet de Seher
  ((2))+ 14 children
  (d) Robert Middleton (bpt 16.02.1693)
  m. Helen Dundas (dau of Charles Dundas)
((1)) George Middleton of Lethamdolls and Mosshall (d 20.02.1794)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson (d 06.1788, dau of George Wilson of Stottencleugh)
  ((A)) Robert Gambier Middleton (b 11.1774, d 09.06.1832, Rear Admiral) had issue
  m. (11.12.1802) Susanna Maira Leake (dau of John Martin Leake of Thorpe Hall)
  ((2)) Charles Middleton, 1st Bart, 1st Lord Barham (b 14.10.1726, 17.06.1813)
  m. (11.12.1761) Margaret Gambier (sister of James, Lord Gambier)
  ((A)) Diana Middleton, Baroness Barham (d 12.04.1823)
  m. (30.12.1780) Sir Gerard Noel Edwards, later Noel, 2nd Bart (b 17.07.1759, d 25.02.1838)
((3)) Helen Middleton (b 1735, d 1806) probably of this generation
  m. Archibald Wight (b 1725, d 1762, Captain)
  ((4))+ other issue - Robert, 4 daughters
  (e)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 10.12.1681), George (bpt 15.06.1683), William (bpt 10.06.1687)
  (ii) John Middleton (bpt 09.08.1646, bur 16.02.1704-5, vicar of Burnham-on-Crouch) had issue
  m1. Lydia Hewetson (d 10.11.1680, dau of Rev. Nathaniel Hewetson)
  m2. Mary
  (iii) Alexander Middleton (bpt 03.04.1653, bur 31.03.1715, minister) had issue
  m. (27.05.1689) Phoebe Hammond (bur 14.07.1713, dau of Anthony Hammond of St. Alban's Court)
  (iv)+ other issue - William (bpt 16.11.1647, d before 1658), Alexander (bpt 01.04.1649, d before 03.04.1653), Thomas (bpt 31.08.1651, a 1675)
  (C) Sir James Middleton
partner unknown
  (i) Francis Middleton (b c1652)
  (B) Andrew Middleton of Pitgarvie, afterwards of Balbegno (d 07.1699)
  m1. (mcrt 03.01.1671) Elizabeth Ramsay (dau of Sir David Ramsay of Balmain)
  (i) Elizabeth Middleton
  m. (mcrt 28.04.1698) Charles Gordon of Achanachie
m2. (mcrt 09.11.1678) Anna Forbes (dau of Thomas Forbes of Waterton)
  (ii) Robert Middleton of Balbegno
  m. Anne Ogilvy (dau of George Ogilvy of Lunan
  (iii)+ other issue - Charles (d 07.1699), Andrew (d 07.1706)
  (D) daughter
  m. Robert Ogilvie (minister of Methlick)
  (E)+ other issue - Gilbert, Robert, Francis, George, William (Colonel)
  (3) Margaret Middleton
  m. (mcrt 23.05.1598) Robert Strachan in Kinkell (of Monboddo family)
  (4)+ other issue - James (a 1595), Alexander (a 1613), Patrick (a 1595), Elizabeth (a 1595)
  m2. (mcrt 23.12.1595) Katherine Mortimer (probably dau of John Mortimer of Craigievar)
(8) Francis Middleton (a 10.1629)
  b. Marjorie Middleton (d 10.1608)
  m. (before 1561) Gilbert Bisset of Pitmuckston
  m2. (15.03.1557/8) Katherine Strachan (dau of Strachan of Thornton)
  c. Alexander Middleton of Berrihill had issue
  m. (mcrt 02.09.1598) Margaret Robertson (dau of John Robertson of Monquaith)
  d.+ other issue - John ,George
  partner unknown
  f. John Middleton
  iii. Henry (?) Middleton of Clerkhill had issue
  iv.+ other issue - 4 sons
  B. Violet Middleton (d before 26.10.1505)
  m. George Leslie of that ilk
  C.+ other issue - David, Walter, Alexander

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