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Families covered: Morton of Cirencester, Morton of Croydon, Morton of Lechlade, Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew, Morton of Morton, Morton of Whitehorse

BEB1841 reported that this family "derived its surname from Morton, (anciently written Marton), a hamlet, in the parish of Harworth, in the confines of Nottinghamshire, at the utmost boundary thereof, near to Boutrey Town, in Yorkshire".
William de Morton
1. Peter de Morton succeeded by ...
  A. Nicholas de Morton
  m. Agnes
  i. Roger de Morton or Marton
  a. Thomas de Marton or Morton (Secretary to King Edward III who r. 1327-1377) the first mentioned by FMG
  (1) Sir Robert de Morton of Bautre, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire (a 1362)
  (A) Charles Morton of Morton
  Charles is omitted by FMG but mentioned by BEB1841 & Visitation (Herefordshire). He is the first mentioned by Visitation (Surrey) & CTG.
  (i) Robert Morton of Morton, Nottinghamshire
  (a) Charles Morton of Morton
  ((1)) Robert Morton of Morton
((A)) Robert Morton of Morton
  m. Cicely Knyveton (dau of Nicholas Knyveton of Mircaston)
  ((i)) Nicholas Morton of Morton
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth of Elmsall)
((a)) Charles Morton of Bawtrey
  m. Maud Dalison (dau of William Dalison of Lincolnshire)
  ((b))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Alice
  ((B)) William Morton of Bosworth, Leicestershire
  (ii) William Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew, Dorset
  (a) Richard Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew
((1)) John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal, Lord Chancellor of England (b c1410, d 09.1500)
  ((2)) William Morton - continued below
  BEB1841, which shows William as 4th son and Thomas as the 2nd, shows the undermentioned Robert & Thomas as son of his brother Sir Rowland but we follow FMG & Visitation (Surrey) in showing William as their father.
  ((3)) Richard Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew
  m. Elizabeth or Edith Turbervile (dau of Richard Turbervile of Bere Regis)
  ((4)) Thomas Morton (archdeacon of Ely)
  ((5)) Sir Rowland Morton of Thwining, Gloucestershire
  m1. Elizabeth Penbrige (dau of Walter Penbrige of Mansell)
  m2. Sibill Monyington (dau/heir of (Richard) Monyngton of Massington)
  (b) William Morton of Cern, Dorset



William Morton - continued above
1. Robert Morton, Bishop of Worcester (d 04.1497)
2. Thomas Morton of Lechlade, Cirencester & Ashby-Folville, Gloucestershire (d 25.12.1516)
  BEB1841 identifies Thomas's grandson Sir Anthony as father of Elizabeth and an unnamed daughter (m. Ralph Johnson). FMG shows Sir Anthony as son of Thomas of Milburn St. Andrew but adds a note that he "shd. stand as son of Sir Robt.". Visitation (Surrey) shows that Thomas m1. Dorothy Twiniho (by whom he was father of Elizabeth & Margaret), m2. Margaret Woodfford. The following follows CTG.
  m1. Dorothy Twynyhoe (dau/heir of John Twynyhoe of Cirencester & Bristol)
  A. Sir Robert Morton of Lechlade, Cirencester & Whitehorse (in Croydon) (dvp 1514)
  m. Jane Warham (dau/coheir of Nicholas Warham of Malsanger)
  i. William Morton of Lechlade & Cirencester
  ii. Dorothy Morton (b c1500, a 1514, d young)
  iii. Elizabeth Morton (b c1503)
  m. Sir George West (son of William, Lord de la War)
  iv. Margaret Morton
m. Ralph (or Robert) Johnson of London
  a. Margaret Johnson
  m. John Many of Biddenden
  m2. Margaret Woodford (d 1507, dau/heir of William Woodford of Ashby Folvile
  Commoners (vol IV, Woodforde of Ansford House) reports that it was Thomas & Margaret's daughter/heir who married Francis Smith and took Ashby Folvile (etc.) into the Smith family. However, Visitation (Surrey), supported by Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Carrington alias Smith' & 'Brabazon & Woodford'), inserts an additional generation as shown below.
  B. John Morton of Whitehorse in Croydon & Ashby-Folville (b c1500, d 1522)
  m. Helen Roper (d 05.1563, dau of John Roper of Eltham, m2. Sir DEdward Montague (Lord Chief Justice), m3. Sor John Digby)
i. Margaret (or Mary or Jane) Morton (b c1523, heir)
  m. Francis Smith of Ashby Folville (d 03.09.1606)
  C. William Morton of Dickling (Deckling), Kent
  m. Margaret Kirton (dau of John Kirton of Thorpe Mandeville)
  i. William Morton of Whitehorse in Croydon (dvp)
  m. (13.06.1557) Hellen Shirley (dau of Thomas Shirley or Sherley of Croydon)
  a. William Morton of Croydon (bur 20.12.1629)
m1. Jane Kirton (bur2 12.05.1612, dau of Thomas Kirton of Thorpe Maundeville)
  (1) William Morton of Croydon (b c1589, a 1623, dvpsp)
  (2) Thomas Morton of Whitehorse in Croydon (b c1596, bur 19.10.1675)
  The following is supported by CTG (vol 4, 1837, p397), which corrected CTG (vol 3), and (partly) by Visitation (Surrey, 1662, 'Morton').
  m. Frances Poulton (bur 26.02.1676, dau of Francis Poulton of Twittenham)
  (A) Thomas Morton of Whitehorse (bpt 23.05.1639, bur 18.11.1678)
  m. Anne Boys (a 1678, dau of John Boys of Nutfield)
  (i) Anne Morton (bpt 13.09.1664, d 11.02.1735)
  m. (10.05.1688) Robert Callant of Great Allhallows
  (ii) Elizabeth Morton (b 02.12.1667, d 15.02.1701-2)
  m. Herbert Price of Hereford
  (iii)+ other issue - Frances (bpt 10.06.1663, bur 05.05.1665), Mary (bur 07.10.1697), Hannah (a 1678), Susannah (a 1678)
  (B) Frances Morton
  m. (10.11.1650) (Sir) Hugh Middleton of Gloucestershire, Bart (?)) (dspm 1675)
  (C) Elizabeth Morton (b 02.12.1667, d 15.02.1701-2)
  m. (18.08.1654) John Butler of Dorset
  (D)+ other issue - Susannah (bpt 11.03.1633, bur 09.09.1634), Susannah (bpt 28.09.1637)
  m2. Anne Boys (dau of John Boys of Nutfield)
  (3) Mary Morton
  m. Thomas Man of London (haberdasher)
  (4) Jane Morton
  m. Francis Man of London (merchant)
  (5)+ other issue - Elizabeth (a 1625), Dorothy (dvp)
  m2. Mary Savage (dau of _ Savage of Kinton, widow of ??)
  b. daughter
  m. Nicholas Marsh
  D.+ other issue - Agnes, Cicely, Hellen

Main source(s): FMG (vol I, 'Morton'), BEB1841 ('Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew'), CTG (vol 3, 1836, Pedigree of Morton of Whitehorse', p170+) with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Morton')
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