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Families covered: Woodford of Ashby Folvile, Woodford of Brentingby (Brantingly), Woodford of Brightwell, Woodford of Burnham, Woodford of Sproxton

This family is said to have come into England with the Conqueror.
Sir John de Woodforde, 1st of Brentingby, Leicesteshire (b 1226, d 1333!) called William by Visitation
m. Alice (dau/heir of Sir Walter Preste or Preston of Melton Mowbray & Burton Lazars)
1. Walter de Woodforde (dsp)
2. Sir William de Woodforde (a 1357, serjeant-at-law)
  m. Janetta or Joan Brabazon (dau/heir of Sir John Brabazon of Eastwell & Sproxton)
  A. Sir John de Woodford of Brentingby & Sproxton (a 1369, d 1401)
  m. Maud or Mabella de Folvile (dau/heir of Geoffrey de Folvile or Folville of Ashby Folvile & Newbolt Folvile)
  i. Sir Robert Woodforde of Ashby Folvile & Sproxton (d 1457-8)
  Sir Robert, "one of the warriors of Agincourt", was knighted by King Henry V "on the friday, in the fest of Saint Cryspyn, and Crispynyam, erly in the mornyng". Both Commoners (Woodford) & Visitation identify Sir Robert's wife Isabel as dau of Sir John Nevill of Rolleston (Commoners also mentioning that she was his heiress) whilst Commoners (vol IV, Whatton) gives her father's name as Sir William. As the Nevill records do not mention a John of Rolleston at this time, we provisionally follow the latter.
  m. Isabel Nevill (dau of Sir William (?) Nevill of Rolleston)
a. Thomas Woodford of Sproxton (dvp)
  m. Alice Berkeley (dau of Sir Laurence Berkeley of Wymondham)
  (1) John Woodford of Sproxton (dsp)
  m. _ Sherrard
  (2) Walter Woodford of Newbolt Folvile (dsp)
(3) Humphrey Woodford of Brentingby (ds)
  (4) Sir Ralph (not Robert) Woodford of Ashby Folvile, Sheriff of Leicester
  Commoners identifies Ralph's wife Elizabeth as (daughter of Sir William Villiers of Brokesbie and) grand-aunt of George, Duke of Buckingham. The dates show that she must have been of an earlier generation than that.
  m. Elizabeth Villiers (dau of William Villiers of Brokesbie)
  (A) William Woodford of Wyford & Brantingly (dvp)
  m. Ann Norwich (dau of Simon Norwich of Brampton)
  (i) Margaret Woodford (d 1507)
  m1.(sp?) John Turvill (son/heir of John of Newhall)
  m2. Thomas Morton (d 1513-4, nephew of John, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  Ashby passed through their daughter (or grand-daughter) into the Smith family.
  (B) Matthew Woodford (dsp 1529-30)
  m. Lucy Brokesby (dau of William Brokesby of Leicestershire)
  (C) John Woodford
  m1/2. Mary Jerningham (dau of John Jerningham of Suffolk)
  (i) John Woodford
  m. Mary Bossome
  (a) Edward Woodford (dsp)
  (b) Robert Woodford
  ((1)) William Woodford (a 1604)
(c) Thomas Woodford of Muston, Leicestershire (b c1524, a 1604)
  m. Ann Lauson
  (d) Elizabeth Woodford (b c1514, a 1604)
  m. _ Fox of Assorby
  (ii)+ other issue - Stephen (dsp), William, 2 daughters
m2/1. Milliscent Markham (dau of Thomas Markham)
  (D) Sir Robert Woodforde of Brightwell in Burnham, Buckinghamshire
  m. (1489) Alice Gate (dau/heir of Thomas Gate or Atgate of Burnham)
  (i) Thomas Woodforde of Brightwell in Burnham
  m. Elizabeth Blount (dau of Richard Blount of Iver)
  (a) James Woodforde of Brightwell in Burnham
  m. Catharine Rede (dau/heir of Thomas Rede or Read of Borresdale, brother of Sir William)
  ((1)) Robert Woodforde
  m. Ursula Colt of Rickmansworth
  ((A)) Elizabeth Woodforde probably the Elizabeth (d 1624) who married ...
  m1. (sp) Thomas Gerard, 1st Lord of Gerard's Bromley (d 01.1617/8)
  m2. Patrick Ruthven, 'Lord Ruthven' (d 24.05.1652)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (dsp), James, William, Mary, Catherine
  ((2)) Jane Woodforde
  m. John Brinkhurst
  ((3)) Anne Woodforde
  m. _ Boothe
  ((4)) Mabel Woodforde
m. John or Edward Walter of Buckinghamshire
  ((5)) Ursula Woodforde
  m1. _ Booth
  m2. John Duffield
  ((6))+ other issue - Anthony (d young), Edward (dsp in Ireland), Elizabeth (d infant)
  (b) Gamaliel Woodforde (5th son)
m1. Johanna Lodge (dau of Sir Thomas Lodge)
  ((1))+ issue (dsp?) - Thomas (b 13.01.1578), William
  m2. (Joyce) Fulke
  ((3)) Fulcronia Woodforde (dsp)
  ((4)) Anna Woodforde
  m. Anthony Warre
  (c) Robert Woodforde
  m. Johanna Preston of Radnorshire (heiress)
  (d) Anna Woodforde
  m. Francis Dayrell (son of Paul of Lillingston Dayrell)
  (e) Elizabeth Woodforde
  m1. George Weldon (base son of Thomas Weldon of Cookham)
  m2. George Hynde (sergeant plummer)
  m3. John Fisher of Buntingly
  m4. Robert Moulton
  (f) Ursula Woodforde
  m. Walter Light of Radway
  (g) Sibill Woodforde
  m. John Ayliff of Southamptonshire (yeoman)
(h) Dorothy (or Alicia) Woodforde
  m. John, Bishop of St. Davids
  (i) Cicely Woodforde
  m. _ Weston of Netherop (yeoman)
  (j) Susan Woodforde
  m. Thomas Darrell of Wickham
  (k) Jane Woodforde
  m. Thomas Woodward of Lee
  (l) Katherine Woodforde probably of this generation
  m. George Woodward of Upton
  (ii) Mary Woodford
  m. John Ede of Sussex
(iii) Margaret Woodford
  m. Edward Grantham of Hedsore
  (iv)+ other issue - Edward, Eustace, Christopher, Elizabeth (nun)
  (E) Thomas Woodford (dsp)
  (F) Joan Woodford
  m. (Robert) Nevill of Ragnell
  (5) John Woodford of Garthorpe (dsp)
  b. Sir Robert Woodford of Ashby Folvile possibly of this generation
  Not least because we think there are too many generations here, we are concerned that this connection, provided by Commoners (vol 4, 'Whatton of Leicestershire', p227) may have confused the generations. Commoners (Whatton) identifies John's wife as Margaret, dau of Thomas Woodford son of Sir Robert of Ashby Folville son of Sir Robert (of Agincourt fame) by Isabel, dau of Sir William Neville of Rolleston.
  (1) Thomas Woodford
  (A) Margaret Woodford
  m. John Whatton of Long Whatton
c. Mabel Woodforde
  m. Simon Hareby
  d. Elizabeth Woodforde
  m. Robert Hill of Houndhill
  e.+ other issue - John of Sproxton, Walter of Newbold Folvile, Humphry of Wysonby, Ralph of Knipton, John of Garthorpe (2nd John), Beatric, Margaret, Alice
  ii. Joan Woodforde
  m1. _ Goldsmith of Goldsmith Grange
  m2. Sir Robert (not Laurence) Berkeley (d 1458)
  iii. Agnes Woodforde
  m. Sir Thomas Chetwood @@ see here @@
  iv. Elizabeth Woodforde
  m. Lawrence Sherard of Stapleford (a 1440)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Woodforde of Ansford House', p760+), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Woodford of Brightwell in Burnham') with a little input/support (for early generations) from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2 part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Woodford of Brentingtby', p376)
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