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Families covered: Munro of Foulis (Fowlis)

Donald, the founder of this family, was reputedly a son of Ocaan, Prince of Farmonach in the County of Derry in Ireland. He is reported to have moved to Scotland in 1025 to help King Malcolm (II) fight invading Danes. He obtained lands, later erected into the barony of Foulis, as reward for his services. Douglas, who reports that he was alive temp "Macbeath the usurper" (1040-1055), suggests that the name Munro was originally Bunro "from the residence of his ancestors on the water of Ro".
Donald A Bruno (d 1039)
1. George de Munro (d 1101)
  A. Hugh Munro, 1st of Foulis (d 1126)
  i. Robert Munro, 2nd of Foulis (d 1164)
  Douglas suggests that Robert was married to a daughter of Angus Macdonald of Islay. The Maclaren information suggests that it was a daughter of Robert who married Angus MacDonald.
  a. Donald Munro, 3rd of Foulis (d 1192)
  (1) Robert Munro, 4th of Foulis (d 1239)
  Mackenzie suggests that Robert married "a daughter of the Earl of Sutherland". Douglas suggests that she was ...
  m. ?? (dau of Hugh Friskene, Earl of Sutherland)
(A) George Munro, 5th of Foulis (d 1282 or c1269)
  Mackenzie reports that George "is the first of the family of whom there exists and authentic historic record" and notes that the earlier generations "cannot now be proved".
  (i) Robert Munro, 6th of Foulis (d 1323)
(a) George Munro, younger of Foulis (dvp Bannockburn 1314) not mentioned in BP1934
  m. ?? de Moravia (dau of Kenneth, 4th Earl of Sutherland)
  ((1)) George Munro, 7th of Foulis (d Halidon Hill 22.07.1333)
  George's wife may have been confused with one of those of his son. The Maclaren information suggests that she was a dau of the laird of Balnagowan which is supported by Douglas (as dau of Hugh of Rarichies). Provisionally, we follow Mackenzie (p11) in identifying her as ...
  m. ?? Ross (dau of Hugh, Earl of Ross)
((A)) Robert Munro, 8th of Foulis (d 1369)
  The Maclaren information suggests that Robert's sons were by a dau of laird of Corstorphine with Jean Ross being his 2nd wife. Douglas mentions only Robert's marriage to Jean Ross, identifying her as mother of his sons. Provisionally, we follow Mackenzie (p12) his marriages as follows.
  m1. Jean Ross (dau of Hugh Ross of Balnagowan (and Rarichies)) cousin
  ((i)) Hugh Munro, 9th of Foulis (d 1425)
m1. Isabel Keith (dau of John Keith, 1st of Inverugie)
  ((a)) George Munro, 10th of Foulis (d 1452)
  BP1934 does not identify George's wives. The Maclaren information suggests that George m1. an unnamed dau of Alexander MacCulloch of Plaids (mother of John, Hugh & William) and m2. Isobel Ross (mother of George & Mackay's wife). Provisionally we (now) follow Mackenzie, supported by Douglas, who shows the marriages the other way around.
m1. Isobel Ross (dau of ?? Ross of Balnagowan)
  (((1))) George Munro (d 1452)
  (((2))) (Elizabeth?) Munro see ## below
  m. Neil Mackay of Strathnaver
  m2. Christian MacCulloch (dau of John MacCulloch of Plaids)
  (((3))) John Munro, 11th of Foulis (b c1437, d 1490)
m. Margaret or Finvola Calder (dau of Sir William Calder of Calder)
  (((4))) Hugh Munro of Coul (a 1458, 1492)
  m1. Eve McLean (of Ewen Maclean, 'Shiels Tarlichs')
  m2. Jane Cattanach (dau of Dugal Cattanach of Craignish)
  m3. _ Marschall ("a daughter of Keith Marschall's")
  (((5))) William Munro (d unm)
  Douglas suggests that Robert's 2nd wife was a daughter of John (Murray), 6th Earl of Sutherland ("omitted in the Pedigree"). Mackenzie (partly supported by Maclaren's information) identifies her as ...
  m2. Margaret Sutherland (dau of Nicholas Sutherland, son of Kenneth, 4th Earl of Sutherland, by Mary le Chayne)
((b)) John Munro or Monro, 1st of Milntown (d c1475, tutor of Fowlis)
  ((c)) Janet Munro possibly dau by Jean Ross
  m. Malcolm Og Mackintosh
  ((d)) Elizabeth Munro
  ## Mackenzie shows Elizabeth, who m. Neil, Chief of the Mackays, as of this generation. We follow Maclaren's information in showing her a generation later as that appears to be better supported by the Mackay records. Note that neither Maclaren nor the Mackay records give her first name.
  m2. Grace Forrester (dau of Sir Adam Forrester of Corstorphine)
  ((ii)) Thomas Munro (d before 10.1437)
  m. "the heiress of Duncrub"
  ((a)) Robert Munro possibly not son of Thomas but son of Thomas's dau/heiress
  ((iii)) John Munro
  (b) John Munro
  (2) David Munro identified by Douglas as the ancestor of the Maclays of Tarridale, Mackenzie suggests the Mackays of Tarradale
  (3) Allan Mnuro identified by Douglas & Mackenzie as the ancestor of the Macallans of Ferren-Donald or Ferindonald
  b. Anna Munro
  m. Angus MacDonald of Yla (Islay)

Main source(s):
(1) information kindly provided by Hamish Maclaren (see http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=maclaren&id=I27199 which quotes sources, in particular 'The Munro Tree' ("A Genealogy and Chronology of the Munro's of Foulis and other Families of the Clan", a manuscript compiled in 1734, edited with Introduction and Notes by R.W Munro, printed for subscribers, Edinburgh 1978) with some support from BP1934 ('Munro of Foulis')
[This was the main source used for the page when it was created on 18.11.03. The page was reviewed on 18.09.17 when we did not recheck the above with that 'Maclaren information' but instead checked it against ...
(2) 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p6+), Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' ('Munro of Foulis', p79+)
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