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Families covered: Early Earls of Ross
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This page was produced using TSP. It was reviewed on 09.10.17 using 'Rossiana' which starts with Malcolm, identifying him as 1st Earl of Ross and showing him (in the chart pedigree) as father of Ferquhard, 2nd Earl. However, TSP confirms that there was a Malcolm, Earl of Ross (shown here), but is clear that he was not Ferquhard's father. The ancestry we show for Ferquhard is as suggested by Alexander Mackenzie. The numberings of the Earls shown below follow TSP and are 1 less than those shown in Rossiana.
Ferquhard (Macintagart or MacTaggart), 1st Earl of Ross (d c1251)
1. William O'Beolan, 2nd Earl of Ross (d 05.1274)
  m. Jean Comyn (dau of William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan)
  A. William O'Beolan, 3rd Earl of Ross (d 28.01.1322-3)§D
  m(1). Eupheme (possibly dau of Sir David Graham of Loveth)
According to TSP (Montrose), William's first wife was daughter of Sir David Graham. It is known that he married a Eupheme but it is not known which wife she was. It is also not known which wife was mother of ...
  i. Hugh O'Beolan, 4th Earl of Ross (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  Mackenzie, who adds O'Beolan to the family's name, shows all of Hugh's children as by his 1st wife. We follow the other sources.
  m1. (1308) Maud/Matilda Bruce (dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
  a. William O'Beolan, 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye (d 09.02.1371-2)
  m. Mary MacDonald (dau of Angus Og MacDonald, Lord of the Isles)
  (1) William of Ross (dvpsp 1357)
  (2) Euphemia, Countess of Ross --
m1. (by 13.09.1365) Walter Leslie, Earl of Ross (d 27.02.1381-2) --
  m2. Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan (d 1394, "The Wolf of Badenoch")
  (3) Joanna (Janet) of Ross (d before 1400) --
  m. (1375) Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie and Durris, 1st of Philorth, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d by 1411) --
  (4) Margaret of Ross possibly of this generation, she may not have existed
  Said by some to have been wife of Sir David FitzWalter de Hamilton, 2nd of Cadzow (d 1374).
  b. John Ross (dsp unm 27.05.1364)
c. Marjory Ross --
  m. (before 1328) Malise, 8th Earl of Strathearn, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (d before 1350/7) --
  m2. (before 24.11.1329) Margaret Graham (dau of Sir David Graham of Kincardine)
  d. Hugh Ross of Rarichies, 1st of Balnagown (d by 10.1374)
  m. Margaret de Barclay
  e. Euphemia Ross --
  m1. John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray (dsp Durham 17.10.1346)
  m2. Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots (b 02.03.1316, d 19.04.1390) --
  f. Janet Ross --
  m1. _ Monymusk of that ilk
  m2. (mcrt 24.11.1375) Sir Alexander Moray of Ogilvy, 2nd of Abercairny (d 1410) --
  Possibly also of this generation, but (if so) by which wife (or mistress) is not known, was ...
  g. daughter
  m. George Munro, 7th of Foulis (d Halidon Hill 07.1333)
ii. Sir John Ross (dsp)
  m. Margaret Comyn, Countess of Buchan (dau of Sir Alexander Comyn) Rossiana suggests she was dau/coheir of John, Earl of Buchan
  iii. Sir Walter Ross (dsp Bannockburn 23.06.1314)
  iv. Isabella Ross (a 1317) wrongly shown by Mackenzie as sife of Edward, brother of King Robert the BRuce
  v. Dorothea Ross shown by Mackenzie a generation earlier
  m. Torquil McLeod of Lewis
  vi. Lillias Ross
  m. William de Urchard (b c1275, d c1348)
  TSP & Rossiana show Lillias as a daughter rather than sister of Earl Hugh, TSP saying that she "is said to be married to William Urquhart, Sheriff of Cromartie, but no corroborative evidence has been found." We are following BLG1999 ('Urquhart of Urquhart') in showing her as daughter of Earl William as the dates make this seem more likely.
2. Malcolm of Ross
3. Euphemia of Ross --
  m. Walter de Moravia, lord of Duffus (a 1224-62) --
4. Cristina of Ross
m. Olaus, '5th' King of Man and the Isles (d 1237)

Main source(s):
(1) TSP (vol 7, p330+, 'The Ancient Earls of Ross'), 'History of the Mackenzies' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1894, p33+)
(2) 'Rossiana' ('Papers and Documents Relating to the History and Genealogy of the Ancient and Noble House of ROSS of Ross-shire, Scotland, and its Descent from the Ancient Earls of Ross, together with the Descent of the Ancient and Historic Family of READ from Rede of Troughend, Reade of Barton Court, Berks, and Read of Delaware. Also some account of the RELATED FAMILIES of Meredith, Cadwalader, Carpenter, Pumpelly, Drake, Carron d'Allondans, Foras and Ward, and the New England and Mayflower Families of Allerton, Bradford, Cook, Cushman, Freeman, Marshall, Warren and Waterman together with articles on Ancient Freemasonry, the Knights of the Amaranth and Knights of Albion' aka 'Descendants of the Earls of Ross in Scotland') by Major Harmon Pumpelly Read (1908, p2+) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 07.10.17) for drawing our attention to that book which may be found at electricscotland.com (here)
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