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Families covered: Nicolle of Longueville (Jersey)

'Armorials' reports that "It is not known from which branch of the various English families of Nicholl or Nicoll the Jersey branch descends, although the ancient arms assimilate somewhat closely to those of Nicholl, of Walden, co. Essex, whose pedigree commences with John Nichole, 31 Edward I." This family's arms are described as "Vert, three escallops, or" whilst the "Ancient arms of Nicholl, of Essex", are described as "Argent, a pheon sable, on a canton, a bird of the field, beaked, or".
John Nicoll, later of Longueville in Jersey (a 1494, Master Warder of Mont Orgueil Castle, Bailly of Jersey)
1. Hosea Nicolle of Longueville (3rd son)
  A. John Nicolle 'of Longueville' (Attorney General of Jersey)
  i. Hostes Nicolle (a 1653, Bailly of Jersey)
  m. Elizabeth Perrin (dau of Edmund Perrin of Rosel)
  a. Hugh Nicolle
  ii. Thomas Nicolle
  a. John Nicolle
  b. Elias Nicolle
  (1) John Nicolle
  (A) John Nicolle
  (B) Elias Nicolle
(i) Edmund Nicolle in England
  (a) Edmund Nicolle
  (ii) Elias Nicolle
  m. Jane Le Geyt
(a) Philip Nicolle 'of S. Clement'
  m. Elizabeth Lempriere (dau of Captain James Lempriere)
  ((1)) Philip Nicolle
  m. Jane Dumaresq ## see here ##
  ((A)) Mary Dumaresq Nicolle
  m. P(eter) B(onamy) Anley (b 1758)
  ((B)) Jane Nicolle
  m. Thomas Bandinel ## see here ##
  ((C))+ other issue (dsp) - Philip (Lt. Colonel), James
  ((2))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Jane
  (b)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Jane
  (iii) John Nicolle
  m. Anne Le Breton
  (a) Elias Nicolle
  m. Elizabeth Janvrin
(b) Ann Nicolle
  m. John D'Auvergne
  (vi) Elizabeth Nicolle
  m. Daniel Janvrin
  iii. Collette Nicolle
  m1. Clement Messervy
  m2. Benjamin La Cloche
  iv. M. Nicolle
  m. Thomas Herault
  a. John Herault (a 1615, Bailly of Jersey)
2.+ other issue - Henry in England, Peter in England

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Nicolle of Longueville', p28+)
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