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Families covered: Anley of Jersey, Aikman of Cairny, Aikman of Loreburn, Aikman of Ross, Aleyn of Forneham

Edward Anley of Jersey
m. (02.07.1749) Susanna Bowden of St. Peter Port
1. Peter Bonamy Anley (b 27.02.1758, 6th son)
  BLG1952 identifies Peter's wife as "Nichole". This appears to be ...
  m. Mary Nicolle (dau of Philip Nicolle)
  A. Philip Nicole Anley (b 30.10.1795, d 02.10.1846, Captain) had issue
  m. (07.1821) Harrie Allez of Guernsey
  B.+ other issue
2. Ferdinand Anley (b 09.01.1763, d 07.02.1799)
  m. (22.07.1787) Mary Elizabeth Dumaresq (dau of John Dumaresq)
  A. William Dumaresq Anley (b 30.07.1792, d 07.02.1880, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (25.01.1823) Mary Ann Row (d 22.07.1852, dau of John Row)
  m2. (sp) ??
  B.+ other issue - Ferdinand Wright (b 30.08.1788, d unm 07.1837), Chares (b 04.07.1797, d 21.11.1797), Eliza (b 21.12.1789), Mary (b 13.06.1791, d 26.11.1796), Jane (b 24.08.1793, d 30.08.1794), Charlotte (b 17.02.1796, d unm 06.04.1893), Frederica (b 1799)
3.+ other issue - Edward (b 24.05.1750), John Bevis (b 13.11.1751), David (b 15.11.1754, bur 10.08.1755), James D'Auvergne (b 27.09.1756, bur 10.10.1756), James D'Auvergne (b 28.07.1759), Susanna (b 15.06.1753), Ann Skinner (b 25.08.1760), Charlotte (b 02.12.1761), Elizabeth d'Auvergne (b 07.09.1766), Jane Pallot (b 01.01.1768)



John Aikman of Loreburn, Forfarshire (a 1542, 1567)
1. George Aikman of Loreburn (d c1626, Bailie of Aberbrothock)
A. John Aikman of Cairny, Forfarshire (d 1664)
  m1. (11.1640) Margaret Hamilton (sister of Thomas Hamilton of Preston)
  i. William Aikman of Cairny
  m1. Mary Hepburn (dsps, sister of Sir William Hepburn of Blackcastle)
a. child (d birth)
  m2. Margaret Clerk (sister of Sir John Clerk of Pennycuik, Bart)
  b. William Aikman of Cairny (portrait painter)
  m. Marian Lawson ("of the family of Cairnmure")
  (1) Margaret Aikman
  m. Hugh Forbes (brother of Arthur of Pittencrief & General John)
(2) Henrietta Aikman
  m. William Carruthers (d 1787, "brother of Holmains")
  (3)+ other issue (vp)
  c.+ other issue - Margaret (d unm), others (dvp)
  ii. Thomas Aikman of Brambleton & Ross, Lanarkshire
  m1. Isabel Lermont (dau of Richard Lermont of Whitelawhouse)
  a.+ "several sons and daughters, who all died without succession"
  m2. Margaret Winram (dau of Lt. Colonel John Winram of Libberton)
b. John Aikman of Brambleton
  c. William Aikman of Leghorn then Rosse, Lanarkshire
  iBLG1952 ('Robertson-Aikman of the Ross') reports that the line of Tomas, father of this William, failed and "the property reverted to the grandson of William, the painter, John Forbes, b. 1737, who assumed the name Aikman".
  d. George Aikman (d unm)
  e. Francis Aikman had issue
  m. Jean Hamilton (dau/heir of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch by Margaret Keith)
  iii. Anne Aikman
  m2. Eupham Auchterlony ("daughter of the Provost of Arbroath")
  iv.+ other issue - John in Leghorn (dspm), others (d young)
2. Margaret Aikman
  m. John Philip ("eldest son of the parson of Arbroath")



John Allyn
m. Constance Godding (dau/heir of William Godding of Icklington)
1. Thomas Aleyn of Forneham, Suffolk
  m. Elizabeth Maye (dau of Thomas Maye of Bury)
  A. Thomas Aleyn of Forneham
  m. Anne Steward (dau of Nicholas Steward of the Isle of Elye)
  i. John Aleyn of Bampton, Devon (a 1620, 5th son)
  m. Frances Bowhier (dau of John Bowhier of Bampton)
  a. Mary Aleyn
  m. Arthur Culme of Tiverton (b c1600, d 10.07.1679)
  b.+ other issue - Elinor (b c1617, a 1620), Frances, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Henry, Francis, Julian(a), Susan, Elizabeth
  B. John Aleyn
  C. Rose Aleyn
  m. Francis Coope of Cambridge

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(2) For Aikman (uploaded 23.12.17) : Anderson's 'Baronage of Scotland' ('Aikman of Cairny, Rosse, and Brambleton')
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