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Families covered: Parry of Dulas (Dewlas), Parry of Newcourt in Bacton, Parry of Poston

John (Sion) Gwillim of Poston, Herefordshire
1. Henry ap John (Harry ap Sion) of Poston
  m. Eva (dau of Ievan ap Rees)
  A. John ap Harry of Poston
  m. Elizabeth Watterton (dau/heir of Sir Hugh Watterton)
  i. Hugh (dsp?)
  ii. Richard 'ap Harry' of Poston (b 01.04.1409)
  m. Ann Hakluett (dau of Walter Hakluett)
a. Thomas Parry of Poston
  m. Margaret Delahay (dau/heir of Thomas Delahay by dau/heir of Sir John Toner)
  (1) Thomas Parry of Poston (d 22.12.1522)
  m. Agnes Bodenham (dau of Roger Bodenham of Rotheras)
  (A) Richard Parry of Poston
  m. Elizabeth Mathew (dau of Christopher Mathew of Landaff)
(i) George Parry of Poston (b c1512)
  m. Isabell Vaughan (dau of James Vaughan of Hergest)
  (a) James Parry of Poston
  m. Joane (d 06.03.1617, dau of John ap Morgan of Brecknock son of Euan (Jevan) Games son of Morgan son of Sir David Game)
  ((1)) John Parry of Poston
  m. Mary Leighton (dau of William Leighton of Plash)
  ((A)) James Parry of Poston (a 1634)
  m. Winifrid Clough (dau of Robert Clough of Minsterleigh)
  ((i)) Theodore Parry (b c1631, a 1634)
  ((B)) Joane Parry
  m. Francis Buckley of Northamptonshire
  ((C)) Mary Parry
  m. Thomas Williams of Talyllyn
  ((2)) Gregory Parry (d Amiens)
  ((3)) Blanche Parry of Llandeualog, Brecknockshire (d before 06.02.1636/7)
  Blanche was named after his famous relative, Queen Elizabeth's Chief Gentlewoman who is shown below.
  m. Ann Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Blackmore)
  ((A))+ issue - George, Gregory, William, Joane, Jane, Elizabeth of Llandfaelog (d before 22.12.1630), Margaret
  ((4)) Richard Parry of Courtgilbert (d before 16.09.1620)
  m. Cicell Turberville (dau of Jenkin Turberville of Pen-llin, son of Christopher)
  The following comes from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Parry of Wilmiston', p57+).
  (b) Roger Apparey (rector of Hinton in Southamptonshire, youngest son)
  m. Mary Crosley (dau of Henry Crosley of Woodstock)
  ((1)) George Appary of Willmiston, Herefordshire (a 1634)
  m. Margaret Batt (dau of Robert Batt of Okwell in Burston)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1634) - John (b c1620), William, Roger, Edward, Elizabeth, Margaret
  ((2)) Frances Apparey or Parrey or Parry
  m. Thomas Good of Salisbury (grocer)
  ((3)) Katherine Apparey or Parrey or Parry
  m. John Lamphere of Winchester
  ((4)) Mary Apparey or Parrey or Parry
  m. Daniel Euan of Wickham (rector)
  ((5)) Jane Apparey or Parrey or Parry
  m. Samuell West of Gomershall
  ((6)) Elizabeth Parry
m1. James Williams of Oxford
  ((A))+ issue - Roger, John, Elizabeth, Mary
  m2. Thomas Lawrance in Berkshire
  ((E))+ other issue - Edward, Catherine
  ((7))+ other issue - William, Rebecca,
(c)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Hugh, John ("Clarke of the Greene cloth")
  iii. Joan possibly of this generation
  m. John Scudamore of Kentchurch
  B. Griffith (Gruffudd) ap Harry
  m. Mawd (dau/heir of Gwilym of Tregunter (William of Gunterston) by dau of William de Barri (Barr) son of Gerald)
i. Harri Ddu ap Gruffudd of Newcourt, Bacton, Herefordshire (a 1435, 1477, Steward of Dore Abbey)
  m1. Alson (possibly dau of Eustace Whitney of Whitney by dau of Sir Thomas Oldcastle)
  a. Miles ap Harri of Newcourt (d 1488, Steward of Dore Abbey)
  m. Jane/Joan Stradling (dau of Sir Harri Stradling of St. Donat's Castle by Elizabeth, sister of Sir William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke)
  (1) Henry (or Harry or Harri) ap Miles, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 17.09.1522, Steward of Dore Abbey)
m. Alys Milborne (dau of Simon Milborne or Milbourne (by Jane Baskervile), sister of Lady Troy)
  (A) Milo ap Harry 'of Newcourt' (b 1498, d 12.01.1543/4)
  m. Eleanor Scudamore
  (i) Henry Mile 'of Newcourt'
  (ii) Joan (Parry)
  m. Watkin (Walter) Vaughan of Bredwardine & Moccas (a 1584)
  (iii) Elizabeth (Parry)
  m. Rowland Vaughan of Porthamel (d 1566, MP)
  (B) Symond (Simon) (d 1573)
  (i) Maud
  m. _ Berrowe
  (C) Elizabeth
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Tregunter
  (D) Blanche Parry (b 1507-8, d 12.02.1589/90, Chief Gentlewoman to Queen Elizabeth I)
  More information on Blanche Parry may be found on www.blancheparry.co.uk.
  (E) Margaret
  m. Howell Watkyn of Penbeddel
  (F) Jane
  m. Thomas Vaughan
(G) Anna
  m. Thomas Berrington
  (H) Sybil shown as of this generation by Richardson but by Siddons (on Whitney family) as a generation earlier
  m. James Whitney of Clifford
  (2) Watkin Parry ('Walter ap Harri') of Bacton
Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Gernons) provides the line from Harri Ddu ap Gruffudd (identified as 'Henry Griffithe') to Alis, wife of Nicholas Gernons.
  m(3). Elizabeth Dauncey (dau of Thomas Dauncey)
  (A) Alis (heir)
  m. Nicholas Gernons of Gernon (d 1608??)
  (3) Jane or Margaret Parry probably of this generation
  m. John Daunsey (brother of Elizabeth)
  (4) Sibell (Parry) possibly of this generation, see Sybil in generation later (just above)
  m. James Whitney of Clifford
  (5)+ 10 other sons + 5 other daughters
  b. John Parrie
  (1) John Parry
  (A) John Parry of Dulas (Dewlas)
  The last of this line mentioned by Richardson. There seems to be too many generations for this to be the first generation mentioned by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Parry of Arxton and Dulas', p127) so we assume that this was the second John of Dewlas mentioned by that Visitation which provides the following.
  m1. Margery Davies
  (i) Rowland Parry of Dulas & Morehampton
  m. Blanch Parry (dau/heir of John Parry of Morehampton)
  (a) Stephen Parry of Arkeston, Herefordshire (a 1634)
  m1. Jone Vaughan (dau of Rowland Vaughan of Newcourt)
((1))+ issue - Blanche, Anne
  m2. Joane Webb (dau of Benedick Webb of Kingeswood)
  ((3)) John Parry (b c1617, a 1634)
  (b) Robert Parry of Dulas
  m. Anne Child (dau of William Child of Shrawley)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1634) - Myles (b c1629), John, Thomas, Katherin, Helena, Jane
  (ii)+ other issue - Myles, John (had issue), Lewes, William, Symon, Hugh, George
  m2. Anne Vaughan (dau of William Vaughan of Trimsaran, sister of Thomas of Penbre)
  (2) Stephen Parry of Morehampton (d 1555)
  (A) Olive Parry
  m. Walter (William?) Sisilt (Cecil) of Alt-yr-Ynys (cousin of Lord Burghley)
  m2. Joan de la Hay
  C.+ other issue - John, Rees

Main source(s): 'Mistress Blanche, Queen Elizabeth's Confidante' by Ruth Elizabeth Richardson (2007, ISBN 978-1904396-86-4), Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Parry of Poston', p178+) with input as reported above
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