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Families covered: Port of Etwall, Port of Ilam

(1) The early family of de Port of Basing, progenitors of various St. John families, is shown on StJohn02. If a connection is ever found between that family and the one(s) shown below then part of that page may be moved into this page.
(2) The connection between the families of Etwall & Ilam which is shown below is as provided by Grazebrook in a note to the Visitation.
Henry Port of Chester
1. Henry Port of Chester
  m. Anne Barrow (dau of Roger (Thomas?) Barrow of Flowkersbrooke)
A. Sir John Port 'of Etwall' (justice of Chester)
  m(1). Jane Fitzherbert (dau of John Fitzherbert of Etwall, widow of John Pole of Radborne)
  i. Sir John Port of Etwall (Derbyshire) & Cubley (judge)
  m1. Elizabeth Giffard (dau of Sir Thomas Giffard of Chillington)
  The following comes from Visitation (Grazebrook 1865, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Giffard of Chillington).
  a. Margaret Port
  m. Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford (d 03.08.1596)
  b. Dorothy Port (d 02.09.1607)
  m. (07.1557) George Hastings, 4th Earl of Huntingdon (d 31.12.1604)
  c. Elizabeth Port
  m. Sir Thomas Gerard of Kingsley and Bryn (d 09.1601)
Except for William, the following comes from 'The Historical and Topographical description of Repton in the County of Derby' by Robert Bigsby, 1854 (available in Google Books, with thanks to a contributor (DS, 25.01.08) for bringing this to our attention).
  d.+ other issue (dvp young) - Walter, Thomas
  m2. (sp) Dorothy Fitzherbert (dau of Sir Anthony Fitzherbert of Norbury, widow of Sir Ralph Longford of Longford)
  ii. William Port of Ilam, Staffordshire shown in MGH (NS2, vol 2 (1888), 'Eaton Pedigree', p54+) as father of ...
  a. Anne Port
  m. Robert Eaton of Barrow Lane
  b.+ other issue
  iii. Ellen Port
  m1. Edmund Pierrepont of Holme
  m2. John Babington
iiv. Barbara Port
  m. John Francys of Foremark
  v. Maria (or Elizabeth) Port
  m. George Findern of Findern
2. Richard Port
  The main body of the Visitation starts with ...
  A. Richard Port of Thorpe, Derbyshire
  B. John Port of Ilam, Staffordshire
  m. Elizabeth (probably not Dorothy) Meverell (dau of George Meverell of Throwley)
  i. John Port of Ilam
  m. Jane Fitzherbert (dau of Robert Fitzherbert of Tissington by Elizabeth Cotes)
a. Robert Port of Ilam (a 1614, d 05.1648)
  m. Anne Salt (dau of _ Salt of Yoxhall)
  (1) John Port of Ilam (b c1592, d 02.1651)
  m. Constance Hurt (dau of Roger Hurt of Casterne, m2. Ralph son of Humphrey Okeover of Okeover)
  (A) John Port of Ilam (b 1642-3)
Visitation ends with this John. The extension provided in 1680-1700 by Gregory King merely reports that John was unmarried in 1680. However, as this John's mother remarried after the death of his father, it must have been this John who married ...
  m. Mary FitzHerbert (d 23.05.1676, dau of William FitzHerbert of Tissington)
  Probably of the next generation, though it is a presumption that John was his father (and it is not known whether or not Mary was his mother), was ...
  (i) Rowland Port of Ilam
  m1/2. ??
  (a) Catherine Port, heiress of Ilam (d by 1725) probably of this generation
m2/1. Anne Bowyer (bpt 15.12.1687, dsp 26.07.1754, dau of Sir William Bowyer, 4th Bart of Knipersley, widow of Sir John Bellot, Bart)
  The following is speculative. We have seen it reported that the above-mentioned Catherine devised Ilam to her kinsman, Rowe Newell. it is a presumption that Rowe was her cousin. Ilam is known to have passed out of the Newell family into the Sparrow family through, Frances, sister/heir of George. It is a presumption that George was brother/heir of Rowe.
  (ii) daughter
  m. ?? Newell
  (a) Rowe Newell, later of Ilam
(b) George Newell, later Port of Ilam
  (c) Frances Newell
  m. Burslem Sparrow of Wolverhampton (b 1702, d 1769)
  Ancestor of later Ports of Ilam.
  (2) Dorothy Port
  m. Thomas Draper of Culland
  (3) Alice (or Anne) Port
  m. Thomas Jodrell of Leeke (b 1592, d 24.12.1667)
  (4) Jane Port
  m. Edward Ipsley of Somerset
  (A)+ issue - Francis, Anne
  (5)+ other issue - Philip, George, Henry, Ralph, Penelope (d unm)
  b. Francis Port (3rd son?)
  m. Isabell
  (1)+ issue - Francis, Bartholomew
  c. Jane Port
  m1. William Cotton
  m2. Ralfe Eyre
  d.+ other issue - John, Anne, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Visitation (Grazebrook 1865, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Port of Ilam) with additions as noted above
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