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Families covered: Pulteney (Poulteney or Poultney) of Misterton, Pulteney of Pulteney

Adam de Clipston (either Northamptonshire or Nottinghamshire) (a 1221) presumed father of ...
1. Adam de Weston (Sussex), later of Pulteney (Leicestershire)
  m. Maud (possibly dau of John de Napton)
  A. Sir John de Pulteney, Lord Mayor of London (d 1349-50)
  m. Margaret (m2. Sir Nicholas Lovain)
  i. Sir William de Pulteney, Misterton, etc. (b c1341, d 20.01.1366-7)
  m. Margaret (possibly dau of Sir Nicholas Lovain)
  B. Robert de Pulteney
Collins notes that some sources indicate that the following Robert was nephew of the Lord Mayor, son of the undermentioned William Owen by Ellen Pulteney. However, Collins believed that it was more likely that he has son of a brother of the Mayor, probably Robert.
  i. Robert de Pulteney of Misterton (b c1349-50)
  m. Cicily Poutrel (dau/coheir of Richard Poutrel of Wifoe)
a. Sir John Pulteney
  (1) Thomas Pulteney (dsp)
  (2) Sir John Pulteney of Misterton, etc. (a 1409)
  (A) John Pulteney of Misterton (d 06.04.1469-70)
  m. Margaret Walsh (dau of Thomas Walsh of Onlip)
(i) Sir Thomas Pulteney of Misterton, Sheriff of Leicestershire & Warwickshire (b c1441, d 07.05.1507)
  Collins does not name Sir Thomas's wife but she is identified in various web sites as ...
  m. Rose Lucy (dau of Sir William Lucy of Charlecote by Eleanor Grey)
  Some web sites show an intermediary generation between these 2 Sir Thomases, a John who dvp 1492.
  (a) Sir Thomas Pulteney of Misterton - continued below
  m. Anne Shirley (dau of Ralph Shirley of Stanton Herold)
  (b)+ other issue - William, John, Margaret
  (ii) Elizabeth Pulteney possibly of this generation, shown by some web sites 2 generations later
  m. Thomas Andrew of Charwelton
  (B) Margaret Pulteney
  m. William Purefoy of Drayton (d 1465-6)
  (C) Agnes Pulteney possibly of this generation
  m. William Ashby, younger of Loseby (dvp 1427)
  We believe that the wife of this William could not have been 3 generations later, as suggested by Collins (see below) and various web sites (some of which name her Elizabeth). Provisionally, we show her here even though Visitation (Leicestershire) identifies her father as Sir Thomas rather than Sir John.
  C. Ellen Pulteney
  m. William Owen of Pulteney
  i. Thomas Owen
  D. Sarah Pulteney
  m. ??
  i.+ issue (dsp) - William, Henry
  E. Joan Pulteney
  m. John Spygurnell
  i.+ issue (dsp) - Thomas, Hugh



Sir Thomas Pulteney of Misterton - continued above
m. Anne Shirley (dau of Ralph Shirley of Stanton Herold by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Thomas Walsh of Great Whiteacre)
1. Sir Francis Pulteney, Sheriff of Leicestershire & Warwickshire (d 1549-50)
  m. Margaret Vaux (dau of Nicholas, Lord Vaux)
  A. Michael Pulteney of Pulteney & Misterton (dsp 22.05.1567)
  m. Catherine Farmer (dau of Sir John Farmer, m2. Sir Henry Darcy)
B. Gabriel Pulteney of Misterton (d 31.08.1599)
  m. Dorothy Spencer (dau/coheir of Thomas Spencer of Badby, widow of George Cope)
  i. Sir John Pulteney of Pulteney, Misterton, etc. (d 03.03.1615)
  m. Margery (or Mary) Fortescue (b c1579, d 19.03.1613, dau of Sir John Fortescue)
  a. John Pulteney of Pulteney, Misterton, etc. (bpt 17.05.1610, dsp 15.05.1637)
  m. Margaret Denton (dau of Sir Thomas Denton of Hillersden)
  b. Magdalen Pulteney
  m. (1627) Sir Thomas Aston, 1st Bart of Aston (d 24.05.1645)
c. Alice Pulteney (b c1606, d 27.06.1676)
  m. Sir John Brownlow, Bart of Belton (b 1590, dsp 23.11.1679)
  d. Jane Pulteney
  m. Sir Clippesby Crewe of Crewe Hall (b 1599, d 1648)
  e. Mary Pulteney (d unm 18.01.1672)
  ii. Catherine Pulteney
  m. Edward Raleigh
iii. Dorothy Pulteney
  m. (1604) John Danvers of Culworth
  iv. Susan Pulteney
  v. Mary Pulteney who married ...
  m. Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby (d 1625)
  C.+ other issue - Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ellyn
2. Richard Pulteney named Thomas by various web sites
  A. Richard Pulteney possibly the Richard 'of Misserton' who married ...
  m. Jane Leveson (dau of Thomas Leveson, m2. John Leonard of Witteborne) wife of Richard, presumed mother of ...
i. William Pulteney
The following Sir William is the first mentioned by both BE1883, which describes him as "of very ancient descent", and TCP (Bath). The fact that BE1883 does not show earlier generations is possibly either an indication that there was some uncertainty as to Sir William's ancestry or an implication that there was a complication with the descent which meant that, for an earldom which lasted just one generation, it was thought 'not worth' spelling out the details.
  a. Sir William Pulteney (d after 04.1685, before 09.10.1691)
  m. Grace Corbet (d 08.11.1702, dau of Sir John Corbet of Stoke, Bart)
  (1) William Pulteney of Misterton (d 1715, Colonel)
  m1. Mary Floyd
  (A) William Pulteney of Misterton, Earl of Bath (b 04.1684, dsps 08.07.1764, Secretary of War)
  m. (27.12.1714) Anna Maria Gumley (b 1693-4, d 14.09.1758, dau/coheir of John Gumley of Iselworth by Susan, dau of Samuel White of London)
(i)+ issue (dvpsp) - William (dvp 12.02.1763, Lt. Col., 'Viscount Pulteney'), Anna Maria (b 22.08.1727, d unm 09.03.1741/2)
  (B) Henry ('Harry') Pulteney, later of Misterton (dsp 1765, General)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Corbet (d 1708), Thomas
  m2. Arabella Berkeley (dau of George, Earl of Berkeley)
(E)+ other issue - daughter (d infant), Arabella (d young), Elizabeth (d unm 1747)
  (2) John Pulteney (d 1715)
  Collins identifies John's wife just as Lucy. It appears that she was ...
  m. Lucy Colwell (dau of Thomas Colwell of London)
(A) Daniel Pulteney (d 1731)
  m. (14.12.1717) ?? Tichburn (dau/coheir of Benjamin Tichburn, brother of Lord Henry)
  (i) Frances Pulteney (d 01.06.1782)
  m. (10.11.1760) Sir William Johnstone, later Johnstone-Pulteney, 5th Bart of Westerhall (b 19.10.1729, d 30.05.1805)
  Their daughter was created Countess of Bath.
  (ii)+ other issue - Charlotte (d unm 09.08.1744), daugher
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Henry in Ireland, Thomas
  (3) Catharine Pulteney
  m. (15.05.1694) Sir John Heron of Chipchase, Bart
  (4) Anne Pulteney (b 25.11.1663, d 20.02.1745/6)
  m1. (10/11.1694) Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Cleveland (b 06.1662, d 09.09.1730)
  Collins reports that Anne m2. William Southcote of Weybridge but TCP (Bath) reports that she m2 ...
  m2. (c05.08.1733) Philip Southcote of Chertsey (d before 10.1758)
  (5)+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Thomas
b. Nicholas Pulteney (dsp)
  m. Dorothy Henn (dau of Hugh Henn of Rooksnest, m2. Sir Goddard Nelthorp of Grey's Inn)
  B. William Pulteney of Birmingham (dsp after 28.03.1654)
  C. Jane Pulteney
  m. _ Croxhall
3. Elizabeth Pulteney
  m. Sir William Feilding (d 1547)
4. Agnes Pulteney
  Collins shows Agnes as married to William Ashby but the dates suggest that this cannot be the William, younger of Loseby, who dvp 1427. We show his wife above. It is, of course, possible that there was an Agnes of this generation who married a different William Ashby but such other William has not yet been identified on Ashby01.
5. Rosia Pulteney
  m. Sir George Sherard of Stapleford (a 1566)
Not mentioned by Collins but reported as of this generation by various web sites were the following Margaret & Dorothy. We have also seen Dorothy reported in some sites as of the next generation (daughter rather than sister of Francis).
6. Margaret Pulteney
7. Dorothy Pulteney
  m. Thomas Hodges

Main source(s): Collins's 'Peerage of England'(1756 edition, vol III, Pulteney, Earl of Bath) with support for generations from Sir William forwards from BE1883 (Pulteney of Bath), TCP (Bath)
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