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Families covered: Ross of Brealangwell, Ross of Easterfearn, Ross of Gladfield, Ross of Invercharron

William Ross of Ardgay & Invercharron (a 1528)
m. _ McKenzie (dau of Alexander McKenzie of Davochmaluak)
1. Alexander Ross of Invercharron (d 15.09.1619)
m1. Margaret Innes of Calrossie
  A. William Ross of Invercharron (d 13.10.1622)
  m. Katherine Munro (dau of Hugh Munro of Assynt)
  i. Walter Ross of Invercharron
  m1. (after 25.07.1614) Isabella Monro (dau of Andrew Monro of Milntown, widow of James Innes of Calrossie)
  a. Sir David Ross of Broadfoord (Knight of Malta)
  b. William Ross of Invercharron
m. Janet Innes (dau of Walter Innes of Inverbreaky)
  (1) Walter Ross of Invercharron (dsp)
  m. Margaret Gray (widow of George Murray of Calrossie)
  (2) William Ross of Invercharron (d before 02.1693)
  m. (mcrt 09.06.1677) Christian Ross (dau of Malcolm Ross of Kindeace, m2. John Ross of Gruinards)
  (A) William Ross of Invercharron (d before 1721)
m. Helen Ross (dau of Hugh Ross of Brealangwell) @@ below
  (i) David Ross of Invercharron (bur 02.09.1758)
  m. (before 1727) Isobel Ross (dau of Robert Ross of Achnacloich, m2. Robert Munro in Invercharron)
  (a) William Ross of Invercharron
  m. Ann Ross (dau of David Ross of Inverchasley)
  ((1)) Helen Ross
  m. David McCaw in Edinburgh
  ((2))+ other issue - David (dsp, Captain), Charles (a 1783, dsp), Elizabeth
  (b) Margaret Janet Ross
  m. John Munro of London
  (c)+ other issue - David (d unm in Baltimore), Hannah, Hughina
  (ii) George Ross
  (iii) Janet Ross
  m. Angus Sutherland
  (iv) Katherine Ross
  m. John McCulloch (Bailie of Tain)
  (B) Katharine Ross
  m. John McCulloch of Tain (Bailie, brother of James of Piltoun)
  (C) daughter
  (3) Hugh Ross of Brealangwell
m. Helen Dunbar (dau of David Dunbar of Dumphail)
  (A) Hugh Ross of Brealangwell
  m1. ??
  (i) Walter Ross of Greenyards
  m. (mcrt 19.02.1715) Helen Macleod (dau of Roderick Macleod of Cambuscurrie by Mary, dau of Hugh Monroe of Newmore)
  (a) daughter
m. (c1748) ??
  m2. Elizabeth Ross (dau of William Ross of Aldie by Sibilla McKenzie)
  (ii) William Ross (a 1725)
  (a) Christian Ross possibly fits here
  m. Andrew Ross of Shandwick (d 10.1733)
  (iii) Simon Ross of Gladfield
  m. Anne Munro (dau of William Munro of Achany)
  (a) Hugh Ross of Gladfield & Aldie (dsp)
  m. Katherine Baillie (dau of William Baillie of Knockbreak)
  (b) Elizabeth Ross
  m. (12.1780) John Davidson of Buchies
  (c) Isabella Ross (dsp)
  m. (12.1780) Robert McKay
  (d) Anne Ross
  m. George Mackie (rector of Tain Grammar School)
  (e) Margaret Ross
  m. George Munro
  (f) Mary Ross
  m. John Rose (son of ??, Bailie of Nairn)
  (g) Georgina Ross
m. Rev. John McDonald
  (h) Sibella Ross
  m. George Ross of Midfearn, later of Glencanish in Assynt
  (B) Anna Ross
  m. (mcrt 21.07.1707) John Gordon of Carroll
  (C) Helen Ross
  m. William Ross of Invercharron @@ above
  (4) David Ross in Leakdavak
  (5) Isobel Ross
m. (mcrt 13.04.1660) Andrew Ross of Shandwick
  (6) Janet Ross
  m. George Baillie ("of the family of Dunscan")
  c. Janet Ross
  m1. Thomas Ross of Priesthill
  m2. Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell
  d. Christian Ross
  m. Hugh Macleod of Cambuscurrie (son of Donald of Assynt by Christian, dau of Nicholas Ross of Pitcalnie)
  m2. Margaret Munro (dau of David Munro of Culnauld)
  ii. Robert Ross (3rd son)
  a. William Ross
  (1) Alexander Ross of Ankerville (a 1743, d before 1750)
  m. Sophia French
(i)+ ikssue - Alexander, David
  b. Alexander Ross of Easterfearn
  (1) William Ross of Easterfearn (d 09.04.1625)
  m. Issobella Ross
  (A) Hugh Ross of Easterfearn (d by 1651)
  m. Isobell Ross (dau of Walter Ross of Morangie)
  (i) Hugh Ross of Easterfearn (a 1676)
  (a) Thomas Ross of Easterfearn (dsp)
  (b) Alexander Ross of Easterfearn (d before 30.01.1699)
m. Janet Robertson (dau of Gilbert Robertson of Kindeace)
  ((1)) William Ross of Easterfern, Tarlogie & Calrossie (d 1712, Bailie of Tain)
  ((A)) Alexander Ross of Easterfearn
  m. Sarah Robertson
  ((i))+ issue - John (a 1793), Isabella Mary Margaret (bpt 04.11.1735)
  ((B)) Isobel Ross (d 10.1766)
  m. Thomas Ross of Calrossie
  ((C))+ other issue - Edward in Inverness, Walter (d 02.10.1721), Christian
  ((2)) Alexander Ross of London & Little Daan (d 04.03.1753, WS)
((A)) David Ross of London (b 01.05.1728, d 14.09.1799, "the famous tragedian")
  m. Fanny Murray (d 02.04.1778, actress)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Ross
  m. Hugh Ross of Kerse
  ((3)) Robert Ross (Bailie of Tain)
m. Janet Ross (dau of Alexander Ross of Little Tarrell)
  ((A)) William Ross
  ((i)) Robert Ross (d by 1803, Lt. Colonel)
  ((a)) Maria Ann Ross
  m. (09.05.1793) Joseph Wade (Major)
  ((b)) Helen Ross
  m. Denis O'Callaghan
  ((c)) Amelia Ross
  m. John Hilton
  ((d)) Charlotte Ross (a 1803)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Ross
  m. _ Carruthers
  ((iii)) Jane Ross
  m. _ Miller
  ((iv))+ other issue (a 1793) - Jean, Charlotte
  ((B)) David Ross
  m. (04.1746) Susan Hume (niece of Hume, MP)
  ((C)) Jannet Ross
  m. John McKenzie of Cromarty (d by 1745)
  ((D))+ other issue - Walter (d unm c1743), son in Jamaica (silversmith), 2 daughters (a 1745)
  ((4)) Janet Ross (a 1716)
  m. Arthur Sutherland (d by 04.1761, minister of Edderton)
  ((5)) daughter mentioned on 'Rossiana' (p79)
  m. _ Innes
((6)) Elizabeth Ross mentioned on 'Rossiana' (p79)
  m. _ Manson
  ((7))+ other issue - David of Little Daan (d unm before 09.1735, Captain), Walter, Margaret Gordon
  (B) William Ross
  (2) Walter Ross in Easterfearn
  iii. Ada or Catherine Ross
  m. William Ross of Priesthill
  iv.+ other issue - Hugh, Alexander in Wester Ferne
  B. Alexander Ross in Drumgillie (d before 12.1668)
m. Agnes McCulloch
  C.+ 5 other sons (probably including Nicholas in Dalhome & David) + 6 daughters
  m2. Isobel Ross (dau of William Ross of Priesthill, m2. Alexander, son of Thomas Ross in Tutintarroch)
  'Rossiana' reports that Alexander had 7 sons + 6 daughters by his 1st wife and "a numerous family' by his 2nd and that "At present it is impossible to decide on the maternal descent of all of the following sons". However, by identifying George as "probably eldest son of second marriage" 'Rossiana' has given a strong clue regarding the named sons.
  N. George Ross in Pitmaduthie
  i. Alexander Ross
  partner unknown
  ii. John Ross
  O.+ other issue including Walter, Thomas, Donald
2. Effi (Euphemia) Ross
  m. Hector Munro of Daan (d 18.03.1671, minister of Edderton)
3.+ other issue - Hugh, John

Main source(s): 'Rossiana' (identified on Ross01, p21+) with a little support on the Invercharron line from 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p469+ & 285)
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