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Families covered: Rugeley of Dunton, Rugeley of Hawksyard

We have found reference in a web site that indicates that the Rugeleys of Dunton were also 'of Hawksyard' for at least some generations. The first two generations came from that web site.
Simon de Rugeley of Hawksyard, Staffordshire
  A. Hugh de Rugeley of Hawksyard
  i. Nicholas Rugeley of Hawksyard (a 1422) the first mentioned by Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619), being 'of Hauksyard'
  m. Edith Waldive or Waldiffe
  a. Nicholas Rugeley of (Hawksyard &) Denton (Dunton) (a 1454)
  (1) William Rugeley of (Hawksyard &) Donton (Dunton)
  m. Joan Botiler of Alspathe
  Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3) shows this William (son of Nicholas) as married to _ Massey and father of John who married Joyce Sheldon. We provisionally follow Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619) which shows 2 generations as we have seen reference elsewhere to William married to Joan Butler. However, this should be investigated further. Also to be investigated is the line of Hawksyard which appears to have terminated in Mary, dau of Thomas Rugeley of Hawkesyard.
  (A) Nicholas Rugeley of Dunton
  m. Jane Massey
Arbitrarily (!), we presume to show that this generation is where Dunton and Hawksyard follow different sons. Noting that it is only because a web site indicates that Nicholas's grandfather and GGF were 'of Hawksyard', whereas Visitation shows them as of Dunton, it could be that the properties followed different branches of the family several generations earlier. Note that it could also be that Hawksyard followed a younger son rather than an elder son (shown here) and even that Hawksyard was sold out of the Dunton line and that the undermentioned Thomas was not of this line at all.
  (i) ?? Rugeley (of Hawksyard) presumed intermediary generation, father of grandfather of ...
(a) Thomas Rugeley of Hawksyard
  The following comes from notes added by the editor of Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614, Rugeley of Shenstone).
  ((1)) Mary Rugeley
  m. Richard Rugeley of Shenston & Hawksyard (b c1564, d 05.07.1623)
((2)) Katherine Rugeley
  m. Francis (probably not John) Aspinall (tailor)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Aspinall
  m. John Cotes of Callow Hill (Hall) (b c1593)
  (ii) John Rugeley of Dunton
  m. (30.11.1542) Joyce Sheldon (dau of Ralph Sheldon of Beoley)
  (a) Ralph Rugeley of Dunton
  m. Rebecka Rugeley (dau of Rowland Rugeley of Shenston)
((1)) Sir Rowland Rugeley of Dunton (d 1629)
  m. Elizabeth (or Lettice) (dau of Sir Thomas Knowles or Knollys, brother of Earl of Banbury)
  ((A)) William Rugeley of Dunton (d 21.09.1655)
  m. Mary Wirley (dau of John Wirley of Dodford)
  ((i)) John Rugeley of Dunton (b c1632, a 1682)
  m. Ann Wagstaffe (dau of Edward Wagstaffe, brother of Wagstaffe of Harbury)
  ((a)) Ralph Rugeley (b c1662)
  m. Elizabeth Rugeley (dau of John Rugelely of Partney, Lincolnshire)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Rugeley (b c1681)
  ((b)) Anne Rugeley
  m. William Wood of Pedimore
  ((c))+ other issue - John (b c1667), Rowland (b c1678), Mary, Bridget, Gertrude
  ((ii)) William Rugeley of London
  m. Grace Heathcott (dau of _ Heathcot of Culthrop Hall)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1682) - John (b c1659), Wirley (b c1663)
  ((iii)) Hugh Rugeley of Coleshill (b 1645-6, a 05.1682)
  m. Elizabeth Nobold (dau/heir of Faux Nobold of Bilton)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1682) - Thomas (b c1677), Anne, Lettice, Elizabeth, Mary
  ((iv)) Mary Rugeley
  m1. Alexander Jones (rector of Ashby de la Zouch)
  m2. Gilbert Woodward (minister of Onelip)
((v)) Goditha Rugeley
  m. _ Nottley in Virginia
  ((vi)) Dorothy Rugeley (d unm)
  ((B)) John Rugeley of London
  ((i)) John Rugeley
  ((C)) Katherine Rugeley
  m. Arthur Warren (son of Sir Arnold Warren of Thorpe Arnole)
  ((D)) Dorothy Rugeley
  m. Sir Arthur Smithies
  ((E)) Mary Rugeley
  m. (John) Wiseman of Broadoaks
((2)) John Rugeley (dsp)
  ((3)) Henry Rugeley of Coleshill
  m. _ Steppings
  ((4)) Sarah Rugeley
  m. Henry Cooper of Coleshill
((5)) Mary Rugeley
  m1. (George) Barber of Tamworth (d c1620)
  A Mary, probably of this generation, appears (also) to have married ...
  m2. William Aston of Parkhall (d 18.11.1634)
  ((5)) Dorothy Rugeley probably of this generation
  m. Edward Bracebridge
  (b) John Rugeley probably of this generation
  ((1)) Sarah Rugeley (dau/co-heir)
  m. Richard Bickley of Hallaton
  (c) Alicia Rugeley probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Bracebridge of Kingsbury (d 1607)
  (B) Joyce Rugeley name found on a web site
m. Hugh Harman of Morehall
  (2) James (Jacob) Rugeley of Warwick (a 1498)
  m. Isabella Upton (dau of John Upton of Geydon (son of John of Gaydon) by Agnes, dau/coheir of John Walden of Warwickshire by Johanna, Isabella m2. Hugh Dalby)
  (A) William Rugeley of Warwick
  m. Alice Day of Henley in Arden
  (i) John Rugeley of Warwick (a 1619)
  m. Maria Beaufo (dau of John Beaufo of Edmondescott)
  (a) Thomas Rugeley (b c1585, a 1619)
  (b) Frances Rugeley
  m. Thomas Sanders of Longbridge
  (c) Ursula Rugeley
  m. William Spicer of Harberie
  (ii) Anna Rugeley (dsp)
  b. Thomas Rugeley of Sutton Cheyney, Warwickshire
  (1) Edith Rugeley
  m. Richard Thickness of Sutton
  (A) Richard Thickness of Sutton Cheney
  m. Isabel Whithead (dau of John Whithead)
(i) Isabel Thickness
  m. Christopher Ward of Coventry
  (ii) Joan Thickness
  m. John Fox of Coventry
  c. Simon Rugeley of Hansley, Staffordshire had issue (name found on a web site)
  m. Elizabeth Draycott
  Visitaiton (Staffordshire, 1583, Rugeley of Shenstone) starts with the undermentioned Robert, identifying him as "descended from the house of Ruggeley of Haucksyard in the Countye of Stafforde". The following connection is arbitrary & presumptuous.
  B. ?? Rugeley
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Rugeley or Ruggeley
  a. Robert Ruggeley

Main source(s): Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Rugeley of Dunton), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Rugeley and Upton), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, Rugeley of Dunton and Coleshill)
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