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Families covered: Smyth of Carnarvon, Smith of Exeter, Smith of Gibliston

John Bangor (Captain)
We suspect that John was 'of Bangor' rather than have Bangor as a family name. It is possible (is it?) that this was the same person as Ieuan shown on Wales 68 (## see here ##) as father of Dafydd Bangor (a 1399, Dean of Bangor).
1. David (Bangor)
  A. Ieuan (Bangor)
  i. William Bangor possibly the William ap Ieuan ap Dafydd Bangor who married ...
  m. Annes (dau of Owen Tudur Vychan of Penmynydd)
  ii. Nicholas (Bangor)
a. Nicholas Smyth of Carnarvon
  (1) John Smyth 'of Carnarvon'
  m. Annes Marsh (dau of John Marsh of Aberconway)
  (A) Randle (Smyth)
  (i) Ann (Smyth)
m. John Smyth of Carnarvon @@ below
  (B) John Smyth
  m. Jonet (dau/heir of Hugh ap Madog Goch of Lleyn)
  (i) John Smyth of Carnarvon (a 1600)
  m1. Ann (dau of William Griffith of Carnarvon)
  (a) Tryphena Smyth
  m1. William Roberts of Llystyn
  m2. Robert Ellis ("a younger son of Ystumllyn")
(b) Margaret Smyth
  m. Thomas Wynn of Glascoed
  (c)+ other issue - Abraham (dsp), John, Alice, Mary, Ellen
  m2. Ann (dau of Randle) @@ above
  (h) John Smyth
  m. ?? (dau of Lewis ap Dafydd)
  ((1)) Thomas Smyth
  ((2)) John Smyth
  ((A)) Owen Smyth
  ((i)) Thomas Smyth
  m. Margaret Daniel
  ((a))+ issue - John (a 1725), Jane
  ((ii))+ other issue - Richard, Edmund
  ((B)) Jane Smyth
  m. Robert Evans of Carnarvon
  (i) Owen Smyth of Abergele (a 1640)
  m. Jane Price (dau of Edward Price of Celynin (drover))
  ((1)) Godfrey Smyth (dsp)
  ((2)) Susannah Smyth
  m. John Clough of Denbigh
((A))+ issue - Ellis, Mary
  (j) John Smyth of Chester (pewterer)
  m. Jane Simson (dau of Edward Simson of Bowden)
  ((1))+ issue - Charles, John, Sarah, Mary
  (k)+ other issue (dsp) - Randle, William
  (C) Elizabeth Smyth possibly of this generation
  Visitation (London, 1634, 'Martin') shows Elizabeth, dau of John Smith of Carnarvon son of Nicholas Smith son of Nicholas Smith alias Bangor son of David Bangor son of Sir Griffith Lloyd, as grandmother of William Martin et al (a 1634) by ...
  m. William Martyn of Bangor
  B.+ other issue



George Smith of Anstruther , Fife (burgess) possibly father of ...
1. Robert Smith, later of Gibliston, Fife (a 1690, clerk of the burgh of Pittenweem)
  m. Marjory Airth (d 1651, probably dau of James Airth (clerk of Pittenweem))
  A. George Smith of Gibliston (a 1690)
  i. Robert Smith of Gibliston
  m. (1730) Isabel Craigie (dau of John Craigie of Dumbarnie)
  a. ?? son (dvp 1759)
  b. ?? Smith of Gibliston (daughter) (d before 1803)
  Wood reports that Miss Smith left Gibliston "to a lady who have been engaged to her brother, but had in the meantime married Principal Smith" whose son Robert took the name of Smith and (in 1806) married Amelia, dau of Sir Robert Murray Keith.
  B. Robert Smith
  m. (before 1670) Sophia Hamilton



John Smith of Borage, Sheriff then Mayor of Exeter (a 1567)
m. Alice Muttleberrie (dau of Alexander Muttleberrie by Katherine Bevin)
1. Sir George Smith 'of Matford' of Exeter (d 1619)
  m1. Joan Walker (dau of James Walker, "descended of the Mathewes of Wales, who were descended of Flewillins & Herberts")
  A. Sir Nicholas Smith of Larkbeare, Devon (a 1598)
  m. Dorothea Horsey (a 1630, dau of Sir Raphe Horsey of Dorset, m2. Sir George Parry)
  i. Nicholas Smith (b c1606, d 20.12.1630)
  m. Rose Lambert (a 1630, sister of Charles, Lord Lambert)
  a. George Smith (b c09.1627, a 12.1630)
  ii. Edith Smith (b c1608)
m. (27.03.1627) William Bruton
  iii. other issue (a 1620) - George (b c1609, a 1630, John (b c1610, a 1630), Edward (b c1615), Raphe (b c1617, a 1630), Lettice (b c1613)
  B. Elizabeth Smith
  m. Sir Thomas Monke of Poweridg
  C. Jane Smith
  m. Richard Hening of Dorset
  D.+ other issue (dsp) including Thomas (a 1598)
  m2. Grace Viell (dau/coheir of William Viell by Jane, dau of Sir John Arundell of Trerize, widow of Peter Bevill of Killygarth)
  F. Grace Smith (bur 08.06.1647)
  m. Bevill Grenfield (son/heir of Sir Barnard Grenfield or Granville)
2. Robert Smith
  A. Robert Smith of Ilminster, Somerset
3. Julian Smith
  m. Thomas Hele of Exeter

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