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Families covered: Thelwall of Plas y Ward

Sir Richard Thelwall of Thelwall, Cheshire
1. John Thelwall
  m. Ffelis Cooke (dau/heir of Walter Cooke alias Ward of Plas y Ward)
  A. David Thelwall
  m. Tibod (dau of Jenkin de Weild of Bersham)
  i. Simon Thelwall of Plas y Ward
  m. Jonet Langford (dau of Edward Langford of Ruthin)
a. Eubule Thelwall of Plas y Ward
  m1. Cicely Donne (dau of Jenkin Donne, son of Sir John of Utkinton) ## see here ##
  (1) Edward Thelwall 'Hen' of Plas y Ward
  Griffith identifies Edward's wife Catherine as dau of John ap Dafydd ap Ithel Vychan, of Ysgeinog in Tegeingl. In 'A Memoir of Gabriel Goodman' by Rev. Richard Newcome (1825, Appendix S) she is further identified as ...
  m. Catherine (dau of John (ap Dafydd ap Ithel Vychan, of Ysgeinog in Tegeingl) by Jonet, dau of Robert by Margery, dau of Edmond Stanley, son of Sir William)
  (A) Simon Thelwall (friar)
(B) Richard Thelwall of Plas y Ward (d 1568)
  m. Elizabeth Herle (dau of Thomas Herle)
  (i) Simon Thelwall of Plas y Ward (b c1525-6, d 15.04.1586)
  m1. Ales Salesbury (dau of Robert Salesbury of Rug)
  (a) Edward Thelwall of Plas y Ward (d 29.07.1610)
  m1. Dorothy Griffith (dau of John Grifith of Cichle, son of Sir William of Penrhyn)
((1)) Simon Thelwall of Plas y Ward (d 1665)
  m1. Jane Wynn (dau of Maurice Wynn of Gwydir)
  ((A)) Edward Thelwall of Plas y Ward
  m. Margaret Meredydd (dau/heir of Andrew Meredydd of Glantanad)
((i)) Simon Thelwall of Plas y Ward (d 03.09.1655)
  m1. (sp) Jane Jones (dau of Henry Jones of Pentrin)
  m2. Margaret Sheffield (dau of Edmund Sheffield, Earl Mulgrave)
  ((a)) Edward Thelwall of Plas y Ward
  m. Sidney Wynn (dau of William Wynn of Branas)
  (((1))) Edward Thelwall (dvp unm)
  (((2))) Jane Thelwall (b 25.12.1665)
  m. Sir William Williams of Glascoed (d 1740)
(((3))) Sidney Thelwall
  m. Cadwaladr Wynn of Voelas
  (((4))) Mary Thelwall
  m1. Edward Vaughan
  m2. _ Griffith
  m3. Hugh Williams
  ((b)) Mariana Thelwall
  m. John Cockett
  ((c)) Margaret Thelwall
  m. Edward Gethin
((d)) Jane Thelwall
  m. _ Spencer
  ((e)) Dorothy Thelwall (d unm)
  ((ii)) Andrew Thelwall (rector of Llannderfel)
  m. Margaret Thelwall (dau/heir of William Thelwall of Nerquis)
  ((iii)) Dorothy Thelwall (d 1676)
  m. Edward Maurice of Lleran
  ((iv)) Jane Thelwall
  m. Robert Wynn of Voelas
  ((v)) Sidney Thelwall
  m. Lewis Lloyd of Rhiwaedog (b 1607-8, d 20.03.1668)
  ((vi)) Margaret Thelwall
  m1. Maurice Jones of Dol Meillionen & Craflwyn
  m2. John Parry of Pwll Halawg
((vii)) Ann Thelwall
  m. Thomas Wynn of Llangynhafal (son of Edward)
  ((viii)) Alice Thelwall
  m. Thomas Mostyn of Cilcain
  ((ix))+ other issue - John, Edward (dsp, Captain), William, Lumley (d 1675), Robert (d 1696), Frances of Glantanad
  ((B)) Maurice Thelwall (d 1645)
  m. Ann Williams (d 1676, dau of Hugh Williams of Rhyd Geint)
  ((i)) Dorothy Thelwall (dsp 1649)
m. Robert Gethin of Cerniogau
  ((ii))+ other issue - Stephen, Robert, Thomas
  ((C)) Simon Thelwall (a 1645, rector of Trawsfynydd & Clocaenog)
  m2. Dorothy (dau of John Owen Vaughan of Llwydiarth, relict of Andrew Meredydd of Glantanad)
  ((D)) Owen Thelwall had issue
  m. Mary Lloyd (dau of Edward Lloyd of Blaen Ial, son of Hugh)
  ((E)) Peter Thelwall in Bruges
  ((F)) James Thelwall
  m. Elizabeth Robinson (dau of William Robinson of Gwersyllt)
  ((G)) Jane Thelwall
  m. Edward Puleston of Llwyn y Cnotiau
  ((H)) Grace Thelwall
  m. Maurice Wynn of Llangynhafal
  ((I)) Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. John Langford of Trafalun
  ((2)) Herbert Thelwall
  m. Ann Griffith (dau of Robert Griffith of Yspytty)
((A))+ issue - Edward, William
  ((3)) William Thelwall
  ((4)) Blanche Thelwall
  m. Richard Parry of Tywysog
  ((5)) Mary Thelwall
  m. Edward Pryse of Ffynogion
  ((A)) Jane Pryse apparently of this generation
  m. Nicholas Lloyd of Plymog
  ((6)) Grace Thelwall
  m1. John Wynn Griffith of Aberchwilar (son of John)
  m2. Thomas Wynn of Eyarth
m2. Jane Broughton (dau of Simon Broughton)
  m3. Catherine (dsp, dau of Tudor ap Robert, of Berain)
  (b) Richard Thelwall (4th son)
  m. Jane (dau of Eliza ap Owen, of Branas Issa)
  (c)+ other issue - Robert, Eubule
  m2. Jane Massey (dau of John Massey of Broxton)
  (e) Simon Thelwall ancestor of Thelwalls of Ruthin
  m. Gaynor Price (dau of Ellis Price of Plas Iolyn)
  (f) Elizabeth Thelwall
  m1. Thomas ap Maurice ap John ap Meredydd, 'of Plas ucha'
  m2. Edward Goodman of Ruthin (son of Gawen)
  (g) Jane Thelwall
  m. Edward Lloyd, of Llys Fassi, ap John ap Edward Lloyd, of Bodidris
  m3. Margaret Griffith (d 1594, dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, relict of Sir Nicholas Dutton)
  (ii) Sir Richard Thelwall (d 1568, rector of Llanelidan)
  (a) Margaret Thelwall
  (b) Cicely Thelwall
  m. John ap Rhys ap Ithel, of Llandbedr
  (iii) John Thelwall of Nerquis
  m. Margaret Dackin (dau of John Dackin of Narquis)
  (a) Margaret Thelwall
  m. Robert ap Ieuan ap John Wynn, of Narquis
  (iv) Thomas Thelwall of Llanaber
  m. Jonet (dau of Rhys ap John Wynn, of Dyffryn Clwyd)
  (v) Jonet Thelwall
  m. Harry Aspool of Llandyrnog
  (vi) Doulce Thelwall
  m. Thomas Llyod of Llangwyfan (son of Dafydd ap John ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd Bwrdais)
  (vii) Catherine Thelwall
  m. John ap Edward Lloyd, of Llanbedr
  (viii) Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. Piers Mule of Ruthin
  (ix) Margaret Thelwall
  m. Thomas Wynn of Llandyrnog (son of John 'from Ithel Vychan')
  (x) Alis Thelwall
  m. Richard ap John ap Robert ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Einion, of Llangynhafal
  (xi) Dorothy Thelwall
  m. Geoffrey Pryse of Tref Dderwen
(xii) Jane Thelwall
  m. William ap Rhys ap Ednyfed, of Aberchwilar
  (C) Eubule Thelwall
  m. Marsli Heind of Ruthin
  (D) Margaret Thelwall
m. Robert ap John ap Ieuan ap Tudor ap Iorwerth Sais
  (E) Tibod Thelwall
  m. Rhys Wynn ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd, of Llanarmon in Ial
  (F) Cicely Thelwall
  m. Edward Goodman 'Hen' of Ruthin
  (G) Jonet Thelwall
  m. John ap Harry ap Sir John Gruffydd Goch, of Ruthin
  m2. Margaret (dau of Evan ap Deio, of Llangar)
  (2) John Thelwall of Bathafarn Park
  m. Margaret (dau of John ap David ap Meredydd, of Bach y Graig)
  b. Ales Thelwall
  m. Harry ap Cynrwrig ap ithel Vychan Ysgeinog in Tegeingl
  c. Agnes Thelwall
  m1. Ednyfed ap Gruffydd ap Adda
  m2. Tudor ap Llewelyn Vychan, of Ial
  d. Catherine Thelwall
  m. Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Y Gwion
  e. Annest Wen Thelwall
  m. Llewelyn ap Ieuan Wynn, of Llanfair
  f. Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. John ap Gruffydd ap Ieuan ddu ap Dafydd ddu ap Dafydd Dinllais
  ii. Lleuki Thelwall
  m. John ap Madog ap Bleddyn Sais
  iii. Margaret Thelwall
  m. Jenkin Pigot of Denbigh
  iv. Jonet Thelwall
  m. Simon Aspool of Llandyrnog
  v. Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Dafydd ddu
  vi. Agnes Thelwall
  m1. Alen ap John Dickwm
  vii. m2. Howel ap Madog, of Maelor

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Plas y Ward, p274)
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