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Families covered: Umfreville of Angus, Umfreville of Farnham Royal, Umfreville of Harbottle Castle, Umfreville of Prudhoe, Umfreville of Riddesdale (Redesdale)

Commoners starts its article on 'Pickering of Old Lodge' with a section on the Umfreville family, leading with "In the tenth year of his reign, William the Conqueror granted the forest, valley, and lordship of Riddesdale, in the county of Northumberland, to his kinsman" ...
Sir Robert 'with the Beard' de Umfrevill of Riddesdale
1. Robert de Umfrevill
  A. Odonel de Umfreville of Prudhoe, Otterbourne, Harbottle and Riddlesdale (d 1182)
i. Robert de Umfreville of Prudhoe
  a. Gilbert de Umfreville (dvp)
  (1) Richard de Umfreville of Prudhoe (a 1195, 1213)
  (A) Gilbert de Umfreville of Prudhoe and Redesdale (Riddlesdale), 'Earl of Angus' (d 1244-5)
  Other than to identify him as son/heir of Richard, TCP starts with this Gilbert, reporting that he may, in right of his wife, have been known as Earl of Angus. This has led to some confusion as to the numbering of the earldoms.
  m. (1243) Maud, Countess of Angus (dau of Malcolm, Earl of Angus)
  (i) Gilbert de Umfreville, Governor of Angus, 1st Earl of Angus (b c1244, d 1307)
TCP indicates that Gilbert's summoning to (the English) Parliament as Earl of Angus, having previously been summoned as Lord Umfreville, may be viewed as a new creation. Suggestions that he was created 'Earl of Umfreville' appear unfounded. Commoners, which did not identify Countess Maud as his mother, wrongly suggests that his earldom of Angus was because of his marriage to ...
  m. Elizabeth Comyn (d 1328/9, dau of Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan)
  (a) Gilbert de Umfreville (dvpsp)
  m. Margaret de Clare (d 1333, dau of Thomas de Clare)
(b) Robert de Umfreville, 2nd Earl of Angus (d 03.1325)
  m1. (before 20.09.1303) Lucy de Kyme (dau of Sir Philip de Kyme, 1st Lord)
  ((1)) Gilbert de Umfreville, 3rd Earl of Angus (d 06.01.1380-1)
  m1. Joan Willoughby (d 16.07.1350, dau of Robert, 1st Lord Willoughby)
  ((A)) Sir Robert de Umfreville (dvpsp c1347)
  m. (1340) Margaret Percy (d 1375, dau of Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick)
  m2. (by 10.1362) Maud de Lucy (dsp 1398, dau of Sir Thomas de Lucy, 2nd Lord)
  ((2)) Elizabeth de Umfreville
  m. Gilbert de Boroughdon or Boreudone
  ((A)) Eleanor de Boroughdon, 'de jure Baroness Kyme' (a 1381)
  m. Henry Tailboys (d 23.02.1368/9)
  Commoners identifies Robert's 2nd wife as Eleanora, daughter of Roger de Mauduit, but TCP identifies her as ...
  m2. Alienor (d 31.03.1368, she m2. Sir Roger Mauduit of Eshot, Chamberlain of Scotland)
  ((3)) Robert de Umfreville (dsp before 10.10.1379)
  ((4)) Sir Thomas de Umfreville of Harbottle Castle (d 21.05.1387)
  m. Joan de Roddam (dau of Adam de Roddam)
((A)) Sir Thomas de Umfreville of Harbottle Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 12.02/08.03.1391)
  m. Agnes (d 24.10.1420) identified in some web sites as dau of Thomas de Grey of Heton
  ((i)) Sir Gilbert de Umfreville of Harbottle Castle (b 18.10.1390, dsp Buage 22.03.1420/1)
  m. (before 03.02.1412/3) Anne Nevill (dau of Ralph Nevill, 1st Earl of Northumberland, by Margaret Stafford)
((ii)) Elizabeth de Umfreville (b c1391, d 23.11.1424)
  m. Sir William Elmeden of Elmeden
  ((iii)) Maud de Umfreville (b c1393, d 04.01.1434/5)
  m. Sir William Ryther of Ryther and Castle Harwood (d 01.10.1440)
  ((iv)) Joan de Umfreville (b c1395, a 1446)
  m. Sir Thomas Lambert
  ((v)) Margaret de Umfreville (b c1397, d 23.06.1444)
  m1. William Lodington of Gunby (d 09.01.1419/20, judge)
  m2. (before 26.08.1423) John Constable of Halsham (a 1449)
  ((vi)) Agnes de Umfreville (b c1399, a 1446)
  m. Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1416, d 01.05.1470)
  ((B)) Sir Robert Umfreville of Harbottle Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1436-7) - continued below
  (B)+ 3 sons
  ii. Matilda de Umfreville
  m. William de Albini
  iii. Alice de Umfreville possibly of this generation
  m. William Bertram of Mitford & Greatham (d c1199)



Sir Robert Umfreville of Harbottle Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1436-7) - continued above
1. William Umfreville
  A. William Umfreville
  i. Andrew Umfreville
  a. Richard Umfreville of Buckinghamshire
  (1) William Umfreville of Isleworth, 1st of Farnham Royal the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Mary Lane (dau of _ Lane of Acton)
  (A) Andrew Umfreville of Farnham Royal (d 06.1651)
  m. Anne Harward (dau of William Harvard, prebendary of Windsor)
(i) Andrew Umfreville (dvp 1645)
  Visitation identifies Andrew's wife as Frances, dau of Daniel Aleford of Wiltshire, but Commoners identifies her as ...
  m. Frances Daniel (dau of _ Daniel of Apleford, Wiltshire)
  (a) Edward Umfreville of Farnham Royal (b 1638, d 04.1691)
  m. Judith Meers (dau of Richard Meers)
  ((1)) Edward Umfreville of Farnham Royal (b 23.10.1670, d 09.10.1739)
  m. Mary Osborne (dau of Richard Osborne of the Inner Temple)
  ((A)) Edward Umfreville (dsp 17.06.1786, coroner of Middlesex)
  m. Anne William Umfreville (dau of Thomas umfreville of Ewell)
  ((B)) William Umfreville (3rd son)
  m. Mary Weld (dau of John Weld of London)
((i)) Mary Umfreville (b 11.1743)
  m1. (1768) Edward Lake Pickering (d 01.1788)
  m2. George Andree (dsp 1801)
  ((ii))+ other issue - William (d infant), Josias (d infant), John (d unm)
  ((C))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 1772), Ann (d unm 1768)
  (b) Robert Umfreville (b c1629, a 1634)
  (c) Frances Umfreville (b 1642)
  m. Simon Perriman of Franham Royal
  (d) Mary Umfreville
  m. Robert Harris of New Windsor
  (ii) Mary Umfreville
  m. Robert Neville of London (son of Edward, son of Sir Henry of Billingbere)
  (iii)+ other issue - William, Edward
  (B) Thomas Umfreville of London
  m1. Dorothy St. Clere
  (i) William Umfreville of Langham (d by 1679)
  m1. Elizabeth Gotts (dau of Thomas Gotts)
  (a) Sir Charles Umfreville of Stoke (d 1696)
  m. Elizabeth Jaggard (dau of Humphrey Jaggard of Parndon)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Umfreville
  m1. Miles Mitchell
  m2. _ Gibbs
  ((2)) Sarah Umfreville
  m. Samuel Brewster of Lincoln's Inn
  (b) Bridget Umfreville
  m. Thomas Ingrey of Higham
  (c) Elizabeth Umfreville
  m. Thomas May of Stoke
  (d)+ other issue - Henry (d infant), Jane (d unm)
  m2. Isabel Sapworth
  (f) William Umfreville in Holborn
  m. Elizabeth Brakenbury (dau of Nathaniel Brakenbury)
  (g) Thomas Umfreville of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (d 1721, Captain)
  m. Mary Thornton (dau of Leonard Thornton of Ripling)
  ((1)) ?? Umfreville
  ((A)) William Umfreville
  ((i)) John Brand Umfreville (d unm 1820, Captain RN)
  ((ii)) Margaret Umfreville
  m. Rev. Robert Greenwood of Blyth
  (h) Dorothy Umfreville
  m. Spring Wincote
  (i)+ other issue (d unm) - St. Clere of Higham Hall (a 1707), Isabel Mary
  m2. Joane Hyde (dau of _ Hyde of Hurst)
  b. Roger Umfreville of Ewell

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, Pickering of Old Lodge), TCP (Angus) with a little support from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Umfrevile of Farnham Royal)
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