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Families covered: Urswick of Badsworth, Urswick of Uprawcliffe (Rawcliffe), Urswick of Urswick

We would have released this page 'properly' into the database when it was first produced on 13.01.16 but we set it then to be DRAFT as we had been advised (by KB, 12.01.16) that recent research disputes some of the content of the book that is our Main Source for the family. We had hoped to find out more on this but have not been able to do so and now accept that there is little chance of our making a significant improvement to this page in the nearish future. We have promoted the page into the main database as we view it to be 'good enough' subject to our normal caveat that, with the exception of figures of historical importance who are known to have been well researched, you view ALL generations before (say) the 13th century with some caution.
Bernulph de Urswick
1. Gilbert de Urswick
  A. Gamel de Urswick
  i. Adam de Urswick 'of Coningston' (a c1130)
  a. Adam de Urswick (d unm?)
  b. John de Urswick
  (1) Adam de Urswick
  (A) Adam de Urswick
  (i) Adam de Urswick
  m. (1343) Sara Tilliard (dau/heir of Sir Robert Tilliard of Tacham)
  (a) Sir Robert de Urswick of Uprawcliffe (d 1401)
m. Ellen Southworth (dau/heir of William Southworth of Uprawcliffe)
  ((1)) Robert Urswick 'of Urswick' of Uprawcliffe & Badsworth, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1371, d 03.11.1420)
  m. Margaret Hornby (dau of Sir William Hornby of Uprawcliffe, widow of Sir William Haryngton, m3. Sir Robert de Kighly, m4. Alexander de Leeds)
  ((A)) John Urswick (dsp)
  m. Constance Banastre
  ((B)) Johanna or Eleanor Urswick
  m. John Kirkby (son of Richard of Kirkby Ireleth)
  ((C)) Helen Urswick
m. Roger de Kirkby
  ((D))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret, Katherine
  ((2)) Thomas Urswick of Badsworth
  m. Johanna Hertforth (dau of Roger Hertforth of Badsworth)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Urswick of Badsworth, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1466)
  m. Katherine Haryngton (dau of Sir John Haryngton of Brierley)
  ((i)) Isabel Urswick (dsp)
  m. Sir William Vavasour of Bubwith
  The above connection is confirmed by 'Deanery of Doncaster' (Joseph Hunter, vol 2, 1831, p437) which supports the view that Isabel dsp. At least one other sources suggests otherwise (## see here ##).
  ((B)) John Urswick
  ((i)) John Urswick (a 1485)
  m. Mary (a 1519)
  ((a)) Thomas Urswick (dsp 1519-20)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((b)) Isabel Urswick (b c1470, a 1520, d unm?)
  ((c)) daughter
  m. William Redmayn
  ((d)) daughter
  m. _ Bentam
((ii)) Christopher Urswick (b 1447-8, d 24.03.1521/2, archdeacon of Richmond, Dean of Windsor, rector of Hackney)
  ((C)) Sir Thomas Urswick (d 1479, recorder of London, Baron of the Exchequer)
  m1. _ Needham
  ((i)) daughter (nun)
  m2. Anne Rich (dau of Richard Rich of London, m2. "a Kentish squire")
  ((i)) Katherine Urswick (b c1458)
  m. Henry Langley
  ((ii)) Ann Urswick (b c1460)
  m1. John Doreward of Durward of Essex
  m2. Sir Thomas Fynes of Claveryngham (d 1526, son of Richard, Lord Dacres)
  ((iii)) Jane Urswick (b c1471)
  m. John Gilborne of York
  ((iv)) Mary Urswick (b c1478)
m. Thomas Scott (grandson of William Scott of Stapleford Tany)
  ((v))+ other issue - Ralph (b c1459, d young), 3 sons (d young), Margaret (d young), Elizabeth (b c1465, d young), daughter (d young)
  ((D)) Christopher Urswick of Yorkshire (b c1420)
  ((i)) daughter
m. Thomas Rasby
  ((E)) Ellen Urswick
  m1. Sir Richard de Molineux (d 1397, son/heir of Sir William)
  BP1934 ('Sefton') identifies Ellen's 2nd husband as Sir Thomas Savage. Urwick identifies him as ...
  m2. Sir James Haryington (brother of Sir Thomas of Brierley)
  (b) Walter de Urswick (Constable of Richmond Castle)
  (c) Alice de Urswick
  m. John Sparrow
  (ii) John de Urswick
  (B) Orme de Urswick
  c. Elizabeth de Urswick
  m. Sir Richard Le Fleming of Beckermet
2. Adam de Urswick

Main source(s): 'Records of the family or Urswyk, Urswick, or Urwick compiled by the late Thomas A. Urwick' (edited by Rev. William Urwick, 1893) with thanks to a contributor (KB, 14.12.15) for drawing our attention to the fact that this book is available at archive.org
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