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Families covered: Fiennes of Claveringham, Fiennes of Dacre, Fiennes of Hurstmonceaux, Fiennes of Saye & Sele

Sir William Fiennes (b 02.02.1331/2, d 30.11.1359)
m. (12.11.1351) Joan de Saye (dau of Geoffrey de Saye, 2nd Lord, sister/coheir of Lord William)
1. Sir William Fiennes of Hurstmonceaux, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (b 01.08.1357, d 18.01.1402/3)
  m. Elizabeth Battisford (dau/heir of William Battisford or Batisford or Batesford of Sussex by Margery, heir of Simon Peplesham)
  A. Sir Roger Fiennes (bpt 14.09.1384, d before 18.11.1449) this line followed by Collins (Brydges, vol 6), supported by TCP (Dacre (of Gilsland and of the South))
m. (13.08.1409) Elizabeth Holland (dau of John Holland, sister of Sir John of Northamptonshire)
  i. Richard Fiennes of Hurstmonceaux, 1st/7th Lord Dacre 'of the South' (d 1484, Constable of the Tower of London)
  m. Joane Dacre, Baroness Dacre (d 1486, dau of Thomas Dacre, younger of Dacre)
  a. Sir John Fiennes (b 1447, d 1483) wrongly named Thomas by Collins
  The following is supported by BP1934 ('Hampden').
  m. (19.11.1466) Alice FitzHugh (dau of Henry FitzHugh, 6th Lord)
  (1) Thomas Fiennes, 2nd/8th Lord Dacre 'of the South' (b 1471/2, d 09.09.1534)
  m. (1492) Anne Bourchier (a 09.1530, dau of Sir Humphrey Bourchier)
(A) Sir Thomas Fiennes (b 1495, dvp 26.10.1528)
  m. (1514) Jane Sutton (dau of Edward Sutton, 2nd Lord Dudley)
  (i) Thomas Fiennes, 3rd/9th Lord Dacre 'of the South' (b 1516, d 29.06.1541)
  m. Mary Neville (dau of George Nevill, 5th Lord Abergavenny, by Mary Stafford)
  (a) Thomas Fiennes (b c1538, dsp 25.08.1535)
(b) George (Gregory) Fiennes, 4th/10th Lord Dacre 'of the South' (dspl 25.09.1594)
  m. Anne Sackville (d 14.05.1595, dau of Sir Richard Sackville of Buckhurst, sister of Thomas, Lord Buckhurst)
  (c) Margaret Fiennes, Baroness Dacre (b 1541, d 16.03.1611)
  m. Samson Lennard of Chevening, Sheriff of Kent (d 20.09.1615)
  Their eldest son became (12th) Lord Dacre.
  (B) Mary Fiennes (d 1533) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Norreys (d 14.05.1536)
  (2) Anne Fiennes (d 10.09.1497) apparently of this generation
  m1. William Berkeley, Marquess of Berkeley (b 1426, dsp 14.02.1491-2)
m2. Sir Thomas Brandon (KG)
  b. Sir Thomas Fiennes or Fynes of Claveringham, Sussex (d 1526)
  Sir Thomas is shown as of this generation in CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p331) which provides the following. Berry spells the family name "Fynes".
  m. Anne Ursewick
  (1) Giles Fiennes of Claveringham
  m. Elizabeth Ernley (dau of Judge John Ernley)
  (A) John Fiennes of Claveringham
  m. Elizabeth Colepeper (dau of Richard Colepeper of Wakehurst)
  (i) Joane Fiennes
  m. Thomas Colepeper
  (B) Thomas Fiennes
  m. Elizabeth Tatersall
  (i) Elizabeth Fiennes
m. William Lee
  (C) Edward Fiennes
  m. Ann Holden
  (i) John Fiennes of Claveringham
  (a) John Fiennes of Claveringham
(ii) Ann Fiennes
  (D) Henry Fiennes
  (E) Ann Fiennes
  m. William Threele of Boxley
  (F) Mary Fiennes
  m. John Leeds of Sussex
  (2) Ann Fiennes
  m. Sir Goddard Oxenbridge
(3) Margaret Fiennes
  m. William Lunsford of Sussex (d 1531)
  (4) Elizabeth Fiennes
  m. William Paynes of Essex
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, Jane
  c. Elizabeth Fiennes
m. John Clinton, Lord of Maxstoke (Maxtock)
  ii. Margaret Fiennes (b c1414, d after 1446) possibly of this generation
  m. Nicholas Carew
  B. James Fiennes, Sheriff, 1st Lord Saye & Sele (b 1394, d 04.07.1450/1, Treasurer of England) this line followed by Collins (Brydges, vol 7), supported by TCP (Saye and Sele)
  m. Emmeline Cromer (b c1426, dau of _ Cromer or Crowmer of Willingham by _ Trillow)
  i. William Fiennes, 2nd Lord Saye & Sele (d Barnet 14.04.1471, Admiral of England)
  m. Margaret Wykeham (d 1477, dau/heir of William Wykeham alias Perrott or Parrott of Broughton Castle, m2. John Hervy)
a. Henry Fiennes, 3rd Lord Saye & Sele (d 01.08.1476)
  m. Anne Harcourt (dau of Sir Richard Harcourt)
  (1) Richard Fiennes, 4th Lord Saye & Sele (b 12.04.1471, d 1501)
  m. Elizabeth Crofts (d 29.03.1527, dau of Richard Crofts of Chaffing Norton by Anne Fox, m2. William or Richard West)
  (A) Edward Fiennes, de jure 5th Lord Saye & Sele (b c1502, d 1528)
BP1934 (Saye & Sele) reports that Edward did not use the title which was not formally reconfirmed until 1603 when his grandson took up the title again.
  m. Margaret Danvers (dau of Sir John Danvers of Dantsay)
  (i) Richard Fiennes of Broughton, de jure 6th Lord Saye & Sele (b 11.09.1521, d 03.08.1579)
  m. Ursula Fermour (dau of Richard Fermour of Easton Neston)
(a) Sir Richard Fiennes of Broughton Castle, 7th Lord Saye & Sele (b c1557, d 1613)
  m1. Constance Kingsmill (dau of Sir W. Kingsmill of Sidmanton)
  ((1)) William Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye & Sele (b 28.05.1582, d 11/14.04.1662)
  m. Elizabeth Temple (dau of John Temple of Stowe)
((A)) James Fiennes, 2nd Viscount Saye & Sele (d 15.03.1673-4)
  m. Frances Cecil (d 1684, dau of Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Fiennes (d 28.03.1674)
  m. John Twisleton of Barley (d 14.12.1682)
  Their great-great-grandson Thomas successfully claimed the title of Baron Saye & Sele.
((ii)) Frances Fiennes
  m. Andrew Ellis 'of Abry' of Flintshire
  ((a)) Cicely Ellis (b 1656-7, dsp 22.07.1715)
  m1. (13/15.03.1672-3) Sir Richard Langley (d 08.02.1677-8)
  m2. William Fiennes @1@ below
  ((iii))+ other issue - James (d infant), William (d infant), William (d young)
  ((B)) Nathaniel Fiennes (b c04.1608, d 16.12.1669, Colonel, Speaker of Cromwell's House of Lords)
  m1. (11.08.1636) Elizabeth Eliot (dau of Sir John Eliot of Port Eliot)
  ((i)) William Fiennes, 3rd Viscount Saye & Sele (b c1641, d 09.12.1698)
m1. (1670) Mary Fiennes (d 23.10.1676, dau of Richard Fiennes) @2@ below
  ((a)) Nathaniel Fiennes, 4th Viscount Saye & Sele (b 23.10.1676, d unm 02.01.1709-10)
  m2. (07.09.1685) Katharine Walker (dsp, dau of Edward (not John) Walker of Banbury)
  Lipscomb identifies Nathaniel's 2nd wife as Frances, dau/coheir of Richard Tudelly of Newton Tony but Collins identifies her as follows, which is supported by FMG (p1139) and the Harrison source.
  m2. Frances Whitehead (dau of Richard Whitehead of Siderley)
  ((ii)) Mary Fiennes
  m. (1684) Sir Edmund Harrison of Laurence Pountney Hill
  ((iii))+ other issue (d unm) - Frances, Anne/Elizabeth
  ((C)) John Fiennes (d 1722, Colonel)
m. Susannah Hobbs (dau/heir of Thomas Hobbs of Great Anwell)
  ((i)) William Fiennes (dsp, 4th son)
  m. Cecilia Ellis (d 22.07.1715, granddau of James, 2nd Viscount) @1@ above
  ((ii)) Lawrence Fiennes, 5th Viscount Saye & Sele (d unm 27.12.1742)
  ((iii)) Susannah Fiennes
  m. Thomas Filmer 'of Anwell Bury, Hertfordshire'
  ((a)) Mary Filmer (d 1743, coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Edward Trotman of Shelswell
  ((iv)) Hannah Fiennes
  m. John Knight of Broughton
  ((v))+ other issue - John (d unm), Thomas (d unm), Henry (d unm), Richard (d young), Elizabeth (d young), Martha (d unm 05.1738)
  ((D)) Richard Fiennes of Ixworth, Suffolk
  BP1934 reports that Richard's only surviving son, Richard, was by his first wife Margaret. However, Collins & Lipscomb , which identify his other children, show Richard as son of Susanna. That view is supported by BP2003 ('Saye and Sele').
m1. Margaret Burrell (d 17.04.1669, dau/heir of Andrew Burrell of Wisbech, Isle of Ely)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Fiennes
  m1. William Danvers of Broughton Castle
  m2. John Brawn of Alscot
  ((ii)) Mary Fiennes (d 23.10.1676)
  m. (1670) William Fiennes, 3rd Viscount Saye & Sele (d 09.12.1698) @2@ above
  ((iii)) Anne Fiennes
  m. Beaumont Percival of Harding
  ((iv)) Alice Fiennes
m1. John Horn of Winchester
  m2. Sir John St. Barbe, Bart of Broadlands & Ashington (dsp 07.09.1723)
  ((v))+ other issue - Faramus (dsp), William (dsp), Arabella (d unm)
  m2. Susanna Cobb (b 1628-9, d 31.03.1712, dau of William Cobb of Adderbury)
((vi)) Richard Fiennes (d 1722, rector of Akeley or Oakley)
  m. (30.10.1705) Penelope Chamberlayne (dau of George Chamberlayne of Wardington)
  ((a)) Richard Fiennes, 6th Viscount Saye & Sele (bpt 08.07.1716, dsp 29.07.1781)
  m. (13.11.1753) Christobella Tyrrol (d 23.07.1789, dau of Sir Thomas Tyrrol or Tyrrell, 2nd Bart (by Dorothy Eyre), widow of John Knapp of Cumnor then John Pigott of Doddershall)
  ((b)) Susanna Fiennes
  m. Alexander Gordon of Greenwich
((c)) Vere Alicia (not Penelope) Fiennes
  m. Richard Wykeham of Swalcliffe (d 1751)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Fiennes
  m. Henry Quartly (rector of Wicken)
  ((e)) Cecilia Fiennes
  ((E)) Bridget Fiennes
m. Theophilus Clinton, 4th Earl of Lincoln (d 22.05.1667)
  ((F)) Constance Fiennes (bur 02.09.1692)
  m. (07.03.1637) Sir Francis Boynton, 2nd Bart of Barmston (d 09.09.1695)
  ((G)) Susannah Fiennes
  m1. Thomas Erle of Charlebury (b c1621, dvp)
  m2. Robert Hawley
((H)) Elizabeth Fiennes
  m. Richard Norton of Southwick (d 05.1681)
  ((I)) Anne Fiennes
  m. (1649) Sir Charles Wolseley, 2nd Bart of Wolseley (d 09.10.1714)
  ((2)) Anne Fiennes
m1. Henry Cave of Ingardby
  m2. (c1614, sp) Sir William Villiers, Bart (uncle of George, Duke of Buckingham)
  ((3)) Ursula Fiennes
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Coddingham (dau of Henry Coddingham (Auditor of the Mint), widow of William Pawlett of Winchester)
  (b) Elizabeth Fiennes (d 1635)
  m. William Turpin of Leicestershire
  (c) Ursula Fiennes probably of this generation or one after
  m. Sir Edward Marrow of Berkswell or Berkeswell (d 1632)
  (ii) Elizabeth Fiennes (d 1604)
  m1. Francis Barentine or Barrantine of Hasely (son/heir of William of Haseley)
  m2. Richard Exton
m3. James Hilmot
  m4. Thomas Richards of Chiping Norton
  (iii) Diana Fiennes (d young)
  (B) Elizabeth Fiennes
  m. (1522) William Danvers of Culworth (d 20.06.1544)
  (D) Ann Fiennes
  m. John "Lo. Souch of Haringworth"
  (E) Mary Fiennes (nun)
  b. Elizabeth Fiennes
  m. Sir William Griffith of North Wales
  c.+ other issue - John, Richard (d unm)
  ii. Elizabeth Fiennes (a 1459)
  m1. (William) Cromer of Tunstall
  m2. Alexander Iden of Westwell
  m3. Laurence Rainsforth or Raynsford
  iii.+ other issue - Emmeline, Jane
  Visitation (Oxfordshire) shows that an unnamed daughter, presumably either Emmeline or Jane, married ...
  m. _ Radmell
2. John Fiennes (d 1378-9)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Saye & Sele), Collins (Brydges, vol VI (1812), 'Brand, Baroness Dacre', p561+), Collins (vol VII (1812), 'Twisleton, Lord Say and Sele', p17+), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Fiennes, Fiendles, or Fines', p470+) with a little input/support from Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, 'Fynes of Broughton' & 'Fynes of Broughton, and Blunt of Wigginton') and as reported above
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