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Families covered: Vesci of Alnwick

Ranulf 'the Moneyer' of Vains (d by 1061)
1. Osbern (dspvp)
2. Richard (d by 1061)
  A. John 'Monoculus' (one-eyed)§T§
The ancestry of this John was confused by early sources who suggested that he was brother of Serlo de Burgh of Knaresborough Castle, probably because Knaresborough later came under the control of John's son Eustace. This view is reported in BE1883 (Clavering), supported by BE1883 (Vesci), but was specifically considered and rejected by TCP which dedicated a whole appendix to the origin of Eustace FitzJohn (Appendix B in Volume XII/2). Some web sites identify John's father as Nigel of Halton, Constable of Chester. That appears to be the result of a confusion with John's son Eustace's father-in-law by his second marriage to Agnes who was daughter of William FitzNigel (FitzNiel) of Halton.
  i. Payn FitzJohn of Ewyas, Sheriff of Hereford and Salop
  m. Sybil Talbot (dau of Geoffrey Talbot)
  Some web sites show Payn & Sybil as parents of Ralph FitzPayn, ancestor of the Lords FitzPayn. However, TCP (Vescy) is clear that this Payn had no sons, only daughters.
  a. Cecily FitzPayn (a 1204, dsp ??)
  m1. Roger of Gloucester, 2nd Earl of Hereford (d 1155)
  m2. William of Poitou
  m3. Walter de Mayenne (d before 1190/1)
b. Agnes FitzPayn (b c1125, d c1191)
  m1. Warin de Munchensy
  m2. Haldenald de Bidun (d by 1185)
  ii. Eustace FitzJohn, lord of Knaresborough, later lord of Halton, Constable of Chester (b before 1100, d 07.1157)
  m1. Beatrice de Vesci (dau of Yvo de Vesci of Alnot (a 1070) by Alda, dau of Willam Tyson, lord of Alnwick & Malton)
  The following is mostly supported by 'An Inquiry into the Origin, Pedigree, & History of the Family, or Clan, of Aitons in Scotland' (William Hamilton, 1830, p2+).
  a. William de Vesci of Alnwick, Sheriff of Northumberland then Lancashire (d c01.1184)
  m. (before 1171) Burga de Stuteville (a 1185, dau of Robert de Stuteville, Sheriff of Yorkshire)
(1) Eustace de Vesci of Alnwick (b c1170, d 08.1216)§C
  m. (1193) Margaret (dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots)
  (A) William de Vesci of Alnwick (d before 07.10.1253)
  m1. (after 16.05.1226) Isabel de Longespee (b after 1198, dsp by 1248, dau of William Plantagenet, 'Longespee', 1st Earl of Salisbury)
  m2. (before 1244) Agnes de Ferrers (d 11.05.1290, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby)
  (i) John de Vesci of Alnwick (b 18.07.1244, dsp c10.02.1288-9)
  m1. Agnes (dsp after 04.08.1265, dau of Manfred III, Marquess of Saluzzo)
  m2. (1279) Isabelle de Brienne (Beaumont) (d before 01.11.1334, dau of Louis de Brienne of Acre, Viscount de Beaumont)
  (ii) William de Vesci, Lord of Alnwick (b 19.09.1249, d 19.07.1297)
  m. (after 25.07.1266) Isabel de Periton (a 1313, dau of Adam de Periton)
  (a) John de Vesci (b 14.09.1269, dvpsp 27.04.1294)
  m. (before 27.08.1280) Clementina (d 03.10.1343, "kinswoman of the Queen")
p. Devorgilla (dau of Donal Roe MacCarthy More, Prince of Desmond)
  (b) William de Vesci, Lord of Kildare (dsp Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  (iii) Juliana de Vesci
  m. Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon and Harlaston
  (B) Margaret de Vesci
  m. Sir Patrick de Riddele
  (2) Warine de Vesci of Knapton
  (A) Margerie de Vesci
  m. Gilbert de Aton (d c1235)
  (3) Maud Vesci probably of this generation --
m. Thomas de Muschamp --
  b. Geoffrey FitzEustace
  m2. Agnes (dau of William FitzNigel, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester)
  c. Richard FitzEustace, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester (d 1163) ancestor of families of Lacy, Clavering & Eure Y
  m. Albreda de Lisours (dau of Eudo de Lisours) Y
  d. Galfred FitzEustace (prior of Norton)
  iii. Agnes --
  m. Roger de Valognes --
  iv.+ other issue - William, Alice (a 1137, Abbess of Barking)
3. Waleran of Vains (a 1061)
4. Conan
  A. daughter

Main source(s): TCP ('Vescy'), BE1883 ('Vesci') with support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Aton')
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