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Families covered: Worsley of Appuldercombe, Worsley of Berkett, Worsley of Gatcombe, Worsley of Pilewell, Worsley of Worsley
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BEB1844 indicates that the following family derives from Sir Elias de Workesley of Workesley, now Worsley (near Manchester), who is shown at the top of Worsley1. ArchCamb, mentioned just below, reports that Hugh who m. a dau of Standish of Standish (presumed to be this Hugh) was descended from Jordan Worsley of Worsley Manor.
Hugh Worsley of Worsley Maynes, Lancashire
m. Anne Standish (dau of Ralph Standish of Standish)
1. William Worsley of Worseley Hall and/or Berkett, Cheshire
William is mentioned by Visitation with reference "vide Surrey" but we have yet to find anything of use on this family in any of our records of the Surrey Visitations. Visitation (Hampshire, 1686) just identifies him as ancestor of later Worsleys of Lancashire. However, ArchCamb ('vol VII, Series 4, 1876, p24+) shows that William of Berkett, son of Hugh by a Standish, had the following family.
  m. Joanna Birkenhead (dau of Adam Birkenhead of Huxley)
  A. Ralph Worsley 'of Birkenhead' of Berkett & Chester
  m. _ Pick of London
  i. Alice Worsley
  m. Thomas Powell
  ii. Avisa or Agnes Worsley (b c1548, a 1572)
m1. Thomas Vaudrey
  m2. Humphrey Davenport
  m3. John Shakerley
2. Sir James Worsley of Appuldercombe, Isle of Wight (d 1538, 5th son)
  m. Anne Leigh (dau/coheirof Sir John Leigh of Leigh & Appledercombe by dau/heir of John Hacket of Knighton)
  A. Richard Worsley, Governor of the Isle of Wight (d 12.04.1565)
  m. Ursula St. Barbe (dau of Henry St. Barbe of Arlington (sb. Ashington), she m2. Sir Francis Walsingham)
i.+ issue - John (dvp 06.09.1557), George (dvp 09.09.1557)
  B. John Worsley of Swansom & Appuldercombe (d 01.1580)
  m. Jane Meux (dau of Richard Meux (Mewes) of Kingston)
  i. Thomas Worsley of Appuldercombe (b 1563, d 1604)
  m. (1585) Barbara St. John (dau of William St. John of Farley Chamberlain)
  a. Sir Richard Worsley, 1st Bart of Appuldercombe (d 27.06.1621, MP)
  m. Frances Neville (dau of Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere)
(1) Sir Henry Worsley, 2nd Bart of Appuldercombe, Sheriff of Hampshire (b 1612, d 11.09.1666)
  m. (1634) Bridget Wallop (dau of Sir Henry Wallop of Fairly Wallop)
  (A) Henry Worsley (d young)
  (B) Sir Robert Worsley, 3rd Bart of Appuldercombe (b 1643, d 19.12.1675)
  m. (1667) Mary Herbert (dau of James Herbert of Kingsey)
  (i) Sir Robert Worsley, 4th Bart of Appuldercombe (b 1669, d 29.07.1747)
  m. (1690) Frances Thynne (dau of Thomas Thynne, 1st Viscount Weymouth)
(a) Robert Worsley (b 1695, dvp unm 1714)
  (b) Thynne Worsley (b 1711, dvpsp 17.02.1741)
  m. (21.01.1741) Henrietta Maria Wither (dau of Charles Wither of Hall Place)
  (c) Frances Worsley (b 06.03.1693/4, d 20.06.1743)
  m. (17.10.1710) John Carteret, Earl Granville (b 22.04.1690, d 02.11.1763)
  (ii) James Worsley (d infant)
  (iii) Henry Worsley, Governor of Barbadoes (d unm 15.03.1747), MP
(iv) Jane Worsley (dsp)
  m. Sir Nathaniel Napier, Bart of Critchill (d 24.02.1728)
  (C) Sir James Worsley of Pilewell (b 1645, d by 1696)
  m. (1688?) Mary Stuart (b 1643, dau of Sir Nicholas Stuart (or Steward), Bart of Hartley Mauduit)
(i) Sir James Worsley of Pilewell, 5th Bart of Appuldercombe (d 10.06.1756, MP)
  m. (12/5.02.1714) Rachel Merrick (dau of Thomas Merrick)
  (a) Sir Thomas Worsley, 6th Bart of Appuldercombe (b 22.04.1728, d 23.09.1768)
  m. (1749) Elizabeth Boyle (d 16.01.1800, dau of John Boyle, Earl of Cork and Orrery)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Worsley, 7th Bart of Appuldercombe (b 17.03.1751, d 05.08.1805)
  m. (1779) Seymour Dorothy Fleming (dau of Sir John Fleming, Bart of Brompton Park)
  ((A))+ issue (dvp unm) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  ((2)) Henrietta Frances Worsley (b 10.07.1758, d 25.07.1791)
  m. (03.06.1784) John Simpson Bridgeman, later Simpson of Babworth Hall (b 13.05.1763, d 05.06.1850)
(ii) Sandys Worsley
  m. Peter Bettesworth of Brockenhurst
  (iii)+ other issue - Charles (d unm 1739, MP), Stuart/Steward (dsp), John
  (D) Frances (or Bridget) Worsley
  m. John Williams of Luel (Lewell)
  (E) Jane Worsley
  m. Sir George Brown of Woolverton
  (i) Elizabeth Brown (b 1670-1, d 19.07.1688, heir) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Jemmett Raymond of Barton Court (b 1662, d 20.12.1754)
  (2) Thomas Worsley of Bainbridge, Isle of Wight (b c1615, d c1668)
  m. Sarah Roe of Shropshire
  (A) George Worsley of London (b c1651, a 1686)
  m. _ Lisle (of the Isle of Wight)
(i) Rev. John Worsley (b c1679, a 1701)
  m. Margaret Hancock (of Hampshire)
  (a) Robert Worsley of Pidford
  m. Jane Holmes (dau of Henry Holmes of Newport)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Worsley, later Worsley-Holmes, 8th Bart (b 12.1775, d 07.04.1811, minister)
m. Elizabeth Troughear (d 01.1832, dau of Leonard Troughear, later Lord Holmes)
  ((A)) Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley-Holmes, 9th Bart (b 16.07.1787, d 10.01.1825)
  m. (05.06.1813) Anne Redstone Dalgerno (dau of John Dalgerno of Newport)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Worsley (b c1815, d 30.06.1874)
  m. (03.10.1833) William Henry Ashe A'Court, later A'Court-Holmes, 2nd Lord Heytesbury (b 11.07.1809, d 21.04.1891)
((ii)) Anne Emily Worsley (d 16.10.1906)
  m. (03.07.1844) Alexander George Russell (b 16.12.1821, d 10.01.1907, General)
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard Fleming (b 1791, dsp 26.07.1814), Margaret
  (ii) Sarah Worsley (b c1675, a 1686)
  (3) Anne Worsley (dsp)
  m. Sir John Leigh of Bury (St. Edmunds)
  (4) Elizabeth Worsley (d 1652)
  m. Sir John Meux, 1st Bart of Kingston (d 02.1657)
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - Richard, John (b 1617, d c1677), Dorothy
  b. Thomas Worsley (b 1587, d young?)
c. John Worsley of Gatcombe, Isle of Wight (b 1589)
  m. Cicely Richards (dau of Sir Edward Richards of Yaverland)
  (1) Sir Edward Worsley of Gatcombe (b 1621, bur 19.05.1702)
  m. Jane Barker
(A) John Worsley of Gatcombe (b 1653, d 1727)
  m. Anne Urry of Freshwater
  (i) Edward Worsley of Gatcombe
  m. (18.11.1708) Jane Leigh of Idlecombe
  (a) Sir Edward Worsley of Gatcombe (d 08.1762)
m. (10.01.1737) Elizabeth Miller (dau of Sir John Millar or Miller of Froyle)
  ((1)) Edward Meux Worsley of Gatcombe (b 1747, MP)
  m1. Elizabeth Crow of Alvington (d 1771)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Worsley
  m. (1790) Edmund John Glynn of Glynn
  m2. (1772) Elizabeth Troughear (d 01.1832, dau of Leonard Troughear, later Lord Holmes of Kilmallock, m2. Rev. Sir Henry Worsley Holmes, Bart)
  ((B)) Jane Worsley
  m. (30.06.1795) Alexander Campbell (Colonel, son of Patrick of Ardchattan Priory)
  ((2)) James Worsley (rector of Gatcombe)
  m. Ann Hayles
  ((A)) Edward Vaughan Worsley (Colonel) had issue
  m. (1800) Mary Arthur (dasu of John Arthur of Plymouth)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Worsley
  m. _ Dixon (Colonel)
((C))+ other issue - Thomas (Colonel), Charlotte, Louisa, Emma, others (d young)
  ((3)) Henry Worsley (rector of Gatcombe, 5th son) had issue
  m. Mary Dickonson (dau of Thomas Dickonson)
  ((4)) Jane Worsley
  m. Rev. Arthur Hodgkinson
  ((5)) Anne Worsley
  m. (1765) Richard Rodney Bligh (Admiral)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Worsley possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Samuel Marshall (RN)
  ((A)) Edith Mary Marshall
m. (08.07.1789) Sir FitzWilliam Barrington of Swainston & Calbourne, 10th Bart (b 02.03.1755, d 26.06.1833)
  ((7))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (d 1777, cleric), John (d 1783)
  (ii) David Worsley of Stenbury, Isle of Wight
  m. May Hooke (dau of William Hooke)
  (a) Francis Worsley (b 1729-30, d 17.03.1808, rector of Chale)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), p216).
  m. Anne Roberts (dau of Henry Roberts of Standa (Standen))
  ((1)) James Worsley (b 17.01.1767, vicar of Thorley)
  m1. (05.1794) Elizabeth Gother (d 1803, dau/heir of Thomas Gother of Bellingham (Billingham) by Elizabeth (who m2. Edward Roberts))
  ((A))+ issue - James, Francis, Elizabeth Rosetta
  m2. (1810) Sophia Pinhorn (dau of Sir John Pinhorn of London)
  ((D))+ other issue - John Henry, David, Jonathan, William Robert
  ((2)) Robert Worsley of Edinburgh (b 153.01.1774, 5th son)
  m. (18905) Cecilia Spottiswood
  ((A)) Francis Worsley
  ((3)) Charles Cornwall Seymour Worsley of Newport had issue
  m. Anne Gleed (dau of Benjamin Gleed of Carisbrook)
  ((4)) Mary Worsley (b 22.07.1776, d 09.1807)
  m. (1803) George Giles Vincent of Westminster
((5))+ other issue - Henry (b 20.01.1768, Major General), David (b 06.05.1770, d unm 1822), Francis (b 04.01.1773, d unm), Thomas of Liverpool, Henrietta (b 08.03.1769), Ann (b 20.09.1771, d 08.1778), Elizabeth (b 11.03.1775, d 1794)
  (2) Francis Worsley (b c1590, a 1608)
  (3) Anne Worsley probably of this generation
  m. Henry Dawley of Lainston (b c1623, d 1654)
  (4) Bridget Worsley probably of this generation
  m. John Urrey of Whitecroft (b c1637, a 1686)
  d. Barbara Worsley (d unm)
  ii. Richard Worsley (d young)
3.+ other issue (dsp) - Otewell, Thomas, Jordain

Main source(s): BEB1844 ('Worsley of Appuldercombe'), Visitation (Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1686, 'Worseley of Appuldurcombe') , with some support from BP1870 ('Worsley'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Campbell of Gatcombe', p187+) and a little from Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, 'Worseley')
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