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Families covered: various Fitz**** in Hertfordshire & Cornwall

William FitzSymon of Almshoe, Hertfordshire (d 1216)
1. Sir Adam FitzWilliam
  m. Jane Bassingbourne (dau/heir of William de Hassingbourne of Hatfield)
  A. Sir Adam FitzAdam had issue
  B. Simon FitzAdam of Symons Hide, Hatfield
  m. Finetta D'Aveliers (dau/heir of Sir John D'Aveliers of Bradwell)
  i. Sir John FitzSimon (d 1309, MP for Hertfordshire)
  m. Margaret Gernon (dau of Sir William Gernon of Theydon)
  a. John FitzJohn of Radwell (d 1304) had issue
  b. Sir Hugh FitzJohn of Symons Hide (d 1332) had issue
c. Adam FitzJohn of Wakering (d 1328) had issue
  d. Richard FitzJohn of Marazion (d 1329)
  m. Margaret Tregarthyn (d 1332, dau/heir of Richard Tregarthyn of Tregarthyn)
  (1) Simon FitzRichard of Tregarthyn (d 1355)
m. Agnes Tremayn (d 1355, dau of John de Tremayn of Crowan)
  (A) John FitzSimon (d 1387, MP for Bodmin)
  m. Anne (dau of Robert FitzWilliams of Bodmin)
  (i) Margaret
  m. Richard Tremayne of Bodmin
  (B) Richard FitzSimon (d 1383)
  m. Elizabeth Billing (d 1361, dau of John Billing of Helston)
  (i) Richard FitzRichard of Helston (d 1381)
  m. Alice Bodilli (dau of John Bodilli of Wendron)
  (a) Simon FitzRichard of Tregarthyn (d 1444)
m. Elizabeth Tripcony (dau of John Tripcony)
  ((1)) Simon FitzSimon (dsp 1473)
  ((2)) Philippa FitzSimon
  m. William Mayow
  (ii) John FitzRichard (FitzSimon) of Tregelles (d 1412)
  m. Katherine (dau of John FitzRichard) @@ below
  (a) Simon Symons of St. Neot (d 1440)
  (b) John Symons of Tregelles (b c1373, d 1428)
  m. Johanna Trevanion (dau of Robert Trevanion)
  (c) Matilda Symons
  m. John Petit of Philleigh
  (3) Thomas FitzRichard (d 1322 in Ireland)
  (2) Richard FitzRichard of Tregelles, Ludgvan
  m. Joan Pyne (dau/coheir of Lawrence Pyne of Madron)
(A) John FitzRichard (d 1386, MP for Helston)
  m. Jane Arundell (d 1391, dau/heir of Edward Arundell of Lanherne)
  (i) Katherine
  m. John FitzRichard of Tregelles (d 1412) @@ above
  (B) Lawrence FitzRichard
  m. Alice (dau/heir of Roger FitzPaine)
  (i) Richard FitzLawrence of Lyskeret (a 1411)
  ii. Sir Ralph FitzSimon had issue
  m. Margaret (heir of Henry Ormsby)
  iii. Simon FitzSimon (d 1279)
  C. Thomas FitzAdam had issue
2. Richard FitzWilliam had issue

Main source(s) (uploaded 18.12.18) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Symons of Hatt', p614)
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