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Families covered: Dukes of Normandy, Counts of Corbeil & Eu & Rosmar & Rouen, Lords of Hastings
[The importance of this family led to many speculative & spurious connections being attributed to it. This page will be reviewed from time to time.]

Rollo (Hrolf) 'the Ganger' Ragnvaldsson, Duke of Normandy (b c860, d c932)
m1. (886) Papia (Poppa) of Senlis (dau of Pepin II Quentin, Count of Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne)
1. William 'Longsword', Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy (b c900, d 17.12.942)
  p. Sprota de Bretagne (dau of Herbert I, Count of Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne)
  A. Richard I, 'the Fearless', Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy (b 28.08.933/4, d 20.11.996)
  m1. (c962) Gunnor de Crepon (d 1031, sister of Herfastus)
i. Richard II 'the Good', Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy (b c958, d 28.08.1026)
  m1. (1000) Judith de Bretagne (b 982, d 17.06.1017, dau of Conon I 'le Tort', Count of Rennes, Duke of Brittany)
a. Richard III, Duke of Normandy (b c997, d 06.08.1027/28)
  m. Adele of France (b 1009, d 08.01.1079)
  partner(s) unknown
  (1) Alice of Normandy GHJRSY
  m. Ranulph, Count of Bayeux (b c1017) GHJRSY
  (2) Agnes d'Evereux mentioned in Wikipedia
  b. Robert 'the Devil', Duke of Normandy (b c999, d 02.07.1035)
  p: Herlette/Herleva/Arlette de Falaise (dau of William the tanner, wife of Herluin, Viscount of Conteville)
(1) William I 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy, King of England (b 1027, d 07.09.1087) EGHJRSWY
  m. (1053) Mathilda of Flanders (b 1032, d 02.11.1083, dau of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders) EGHJRSWY
  (2) Adelaide (b c1030, d 1081/84) GHJRSWY
  m1. (by 1051) Enguerrand II de Ponthieu/Montreuil (d 1053)
  m2. (1053/54) Lambert de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Count of Lens (d 1054) GHJRSWY
  m3. (c 1060) Eudes III, Count of Troyes and Aumale (d c1127) GSY
  c. Eleanor of Normandy (b c1002) GHJSWY
  m. (1031) Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders (b c980, d 30.05.1035) GHJSWY
d. Adelaide / Judith (b c1003, a 07.1037) EGHJSWY
  m. (by 08.1016) Renaud I de Macon, Count de Bourgogne (b c990, d 03.09.1057) EGHJSWY
  m2. (1017, div) Estrid of Denmark (dau of Sveyn I 'Forkbeard', King of Denmark, Norway and England)
  p1. Papie (Papia of Envermeu)
  e. William d'Arques (Count or Viscount?) mentioned by various web sites
  There appears to have been at least one other William d'Arques around this time (here and here), though the other(s) may possibly have lived after this William. In any event, had this one been a Count, it is likely that either he lost his title or his son was illegitimate. Alternatively, as we suspect, this connection could be spurious.
  (1) Norman d'Arcy or de Areci of Nocton (Lincolnshire), etc. (a 1087, 1115)
  f. Mauger, Archbishop of Rouen (d c1055) mentioned by Wikipedia ("Mauger (archbishop of Rouen)")
  Mauger is identified on Mauger1 as ancestor of various families in the Channel Islands.
g. Papie (b after 1017)
  m. Richard FitzGilbert
  ii. Robert d'Evreux, Archbishop of Rouen (d 1037)
  m. Harleve
  The following connections come from various web sites with support from various other sources.
  a. Richard, Count of Evereux (d 1067)
  m. Adelaida Borrell (b c995, d after 1077, dau of Ramon Borell I, Count of Barcelona)
  (1) William, Count of Evereux§B
(2) Agnes d'Evreux (b c1030) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c1058) Simon I de Montfort (b c1025, d 1087) EGHJRSWY
  b. Rudoph de Evereux
  c. daughter
  m. Gerard de Fleitel
  (1) William, Bishop of Evreux
  (2) Ermengarde (Ermentrude or Agnes) de Fleitel GHJRSY
  m. Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville GHJRSY
  (3) Basilie de Fleitel (d 16.01.1099) HY
  m1. William Talbot of Battlesden
  m2. Hugh, Sire de Gournay (b c1026, d after 1074) HY
  m3. Raoul de Gace, Constable of Normandy
BE1883 (D'Evereux of Salisbury) starts with Walter of Rosmar, son of the following William whose identification as a son of Robert d'Evreux is reported by various web sites but is thought to be probably fictitious.
  d. William d'Evereux (d 1067)
  (1) Walter 'le Ewrus' (d'Evereux), Count of Rosmar (b c1033)
  m. Philippa
  BE1883 (D'Evereux of Salisbury) reports that Walter had two sons: Walter, his successor as Count of Rosmar, and Edward 'of Salisbury', Sheriff of Wiltshire, whose grandson Patrick was created Earl of Salisbury. However, TCP (Salisbury) reports that this Walter (the elder) was "a fictitious person" and reports also that the parentage of Edward the Sheriff is unknown. Some web sites identify Walter as father also of Robert de Ebroicis of Hereford.
  iii. Hawise (b c977, d 21.02.1034) GHJSY
  m. (996) Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (b c980, d 20.11.1008) GHJSY
iv. Beatrice (b c980)
  m. (1000) Eubles I de Turenne (d 1030)
  v. Emma (b c982, d 21.02.1052)
  m1. (1002) Ethelred II 'the Unready', King of England (b 968, d 23.04.1016)
  m2. (02.07.1017) Canute 'the Great', King of England, Denmark and Norway (b c995, d 1035)
  vi. Frasenda or Fressenda (b c995, d c1057) EGHJSWY
m. Tancred d'Hauteville (d 1041) EGHJSWY
  vii. Mathilde (dsp c1005)
  m. (1003/4) Eudes II, Count of Blois (b 983, d 15.11.1037)
  Not mentioned by GenEU but reported by 'The History of the Granville Family' (by Roger Granville, Rector of Bideford, 1895), with support and some supplement provided by various web sites, was ...
  viii. Mauger or Maliger, Count de Corbeil, Count de Mortagne
  m. (1012) Germaine de Corbeil (dau of Aubert, 2nd Count de Corbeil)
  a. William 'the Warling', Count de Corbeil (d 1050)
  For his plotting against Duke William, later the Conqueror, this William lost the county of Mortagne (Mortain or Moreton) to the Conqueror's half-brother, Robert de Burgh.
  (1) Bouchard, Count de Corbeil (b 1022, d c1095)
  m. Adelaide de Crecy
(A) Elice de Corbeil
  m. Guy III 'the Red' the Montlhery
  b. Hamon 'Dentatus', Count of Corbeil, Sn de Thorigny, etc
  m. Halwise or Elizabeth d'Avoye (dau of Henri l'Oiseteur, widow of Hugh the Great, King of France)
  (1) Robert FitzHamon of Gloucester (d 1107)
  m. Sybille de Montgomery (dau of Roger de Montgomery, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury)
  (A) Mabel (or Amicia) of Gloucester (d 1157) GHJRSY
  m. (1119) Robert of Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester (b c1090, d 31.10.1147) GHJRSY
  (B) daughter
  m. Earl of Brittany
  (C)+ other issue - Avice (nun), Cicely (nun)
(2) Richard FitzHamon de Granville or Grenvile
  m. Catherine/Isabel Giffard (dau of Walter Giffard)
  (3) Hamon FitzHamon (dapifer)
  (4) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. _ Alen
  Identified as "nephew of the celebrated Robert Fithammon and Richard de Granville" was ...
  (A) Sir John Alen (a 1066)
  m. Dorothy Budgell (dau/heir of Sir John Budgell of Devonshire)
m2. Emma of France (b c943, a 03.968, dau of Hugues I, Count of Paris)
  p1. Papia identified by various web sites, TCP does not give her name but confirms that an illegitimate son of Duke Richard was ...
  ix. Godfrey, Count of Brionne and Eu (d c996)
  Some sources identify Godfrey's wife as Heloise of Guisnes but this appears to be because she was mother of Gilbert Crispin of Bec with whom Godfrey's son is often confused. [Brionne, in Normandy, is often confused with Brienne which is near Troyes in Aube.]
  a. Gilbert, Count de Brionne (d c1040)
Many sources suggest that Gilbert's wife was Gunnora d'Aunou but this appears to be because he is often confused with Gilbert Crispin de Bec, her actual husband. Some sources identify his wife as Gunnora de Crepon but this is thought unlikely.
  (1) Richard FitzGilbert de Toneburge (Tonbridge) and Clare (b before 1035, d c1090)
  m. Rohese Giffard (a 1113, dau of Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville)
  (A) Gilbert FitzRichard de Toneburge (Tonbridge) and Clare (b c1065, d 1114/7) GHJRSY
  m. (by 1090) Adeliza de Clermont (dau of Hugh, Count of Clermont) GHJRSY
  (B) Robert FitzRichard, Lord of Little Dunmow (b c1065, d 1134, steward to King Henry I)
  m(1?). Judith of Huntingdon (dau of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
  m2. (1112) Maud de St. Liz (d 1140, dau of Simon de St Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
There is confusion about Richard & Rohese's daughters. BE1883 shows 2 unnamed daughters, one married to Ralph de Telgers and the other to Eudo Dapifer. The following 3 daughters are reported by GenEU (Eu).
  (C) Rohese (b 1067, d 1121)
  m. Eudo de Rie
(D) Adelizia (b c1068)
  m. Sir Walter Tyrrel (not Ryrrel)
  (E) Avoye (d c1138) Y
  m. Raoul I de Fougeres (d 1124) Y
  Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Giffard of Halsbury) shows the following daughter whose husband may be the 'ralph de Telgers' mentioned by BE1883.
  (F) Rohais
  m. Ralph de Tellieres @RT@ below
  Another possible daughter is ...
  (G) Isabel
  m. Sir Reginald Aubrey of Aberkinrigg & Slough (a 1094)
  BE1883 shows the following sons who are not reported by GenEU (Eu) ...
  (G)+ other issue - Roger (dsp), Walter of Nether Gwent (dsp), Richard (abbot of Ely)
  (2) Baldwin FitzGilbert, Sn de Meules and Sap, lord of Okehampton (d 1090)
BE1883 (Courtenay of Devon) shows Baldwin as father of Richard de Redvers and Robert and Emma mentioned below. TCP (Devon) names his wife as Emma or Auberee and reports that she was related to King William I ("first cousin, or niece"). BE1883 identifies Baldwin's wife as Albreda d'Avranche which would make her related through her mother's mother who was mother of the King. We therefore accept the identity given by BE1883. TCP (Devon) shows their issue as follows:
  m. Albreda d'Avranches (b c1045, dau of Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches)
  (A) Robert FitzBaldwin, Governor of Brionne (a 1101, dsp)
  (B) William FitzBaldwin, lord of Okehampton, Sheriff of Devon (a 1096, dsp)
  (C) Richard FitzBaldwin, lord of Okehampton, Sheriff of Devon (dsp 1137)
  (D) Adelise of Okehampton (dsp 24.08.1142)
(E) Emma of Dolton
  This heiress is not named by TCP but is identified by BE1883 as Emma which reports her husbands as, first, William Avenal and, second, William de Abrincis (d'Avranches). We follow TCP.
  m1. William d'Avranches (d c1087)
  m2. Ralph Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert and Hambye, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1128-9)
  (3) Gilbert, lord of Tellieres in Normandy
  Gilbert is shown here by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Giffard of Halsbury) which provides the following connection.
  (A) Ralph de Tellieres
m. Rohais (dau of Richard FitzGilbert, Earl of Brione & Clare, by Rohais Giffard) @RT@ above
  (i) Robert de Tellieres, later Giffard of Whitchurch & Lamerton (Devon) (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  b. Adela of Eu HY
  m. Neil III de St. Sauveur (d c1066) HY
  wife or partner(s) unknown uncertain who was the mother of the following
  x. daughter
  m. Gulbert de St. Valery (a 1011)
  xi. Moriella or Muriel
  m. Tancred d'Hauteville (d 1041)
  partner(s) unknown
  xii. William, Count d'Hiemois et d'Eu (b c972, d 26.01.1057/58)
  m. Leseline de Turqueville (d 26.01.1057/58, dau of Turchetil, Sn de Turqueville)
  a. William, Count d'Eu, Soissons et Troyes (a 1076)
  m. (1058) Aelis (d 18.09.1066)
  (1) Lithuaise de Troyes (a 1070)
  m1. (by 1057) Geofrrey III de Donzy (d 1157)
  m2. (c1070) Miles I 'le Grand' (d 1118)
(2) Raintrude
  m. Raoul I de Nesle (a 1119)
  b. Robert, Count d'Eu (a 1053, d 08.09.1089/93)
  m. Beatrice
  (1) Guillaume, Count d'Eu, Lord of Hastings (d 12.07.1140)
  m. Margaret de Champagne (d 15.12.1145)
  (A) Jean, Count d'Eu, Lord of Hastings (d 26.06.1170)
  m. Alice d'Aubigny (d by 09.1188, dau of William de Albini, 1st Earl of Arundel)
  (i) Henry, Count d'Eu, Lord of Hastings (d by 1191)
  m. Maud de Warenne (d c1212, dau of Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey)
  (a) Alix, Countess d'Eu, Lady of Hastings (d 15.05.1246)
m. (09.1213) Raoul I, Count of Eu, Sn d'Issoudin etc (b before 1165, d 01.05.1219)
  (B) Ida
  m. William de Hastings (sp)
  (2) Robert de Criol shown by various web sites as of this generation
  m. ?? (dau of Osbern, son of Letard de Popeshall)
  (3) Condoa
  m. Fulk 'Taillefer', Count of Archaic (d 1087)
  Reported in various web sites is the following connection. We hesitated from making the connection as we don't want to perpetuate a claim that appears not to be supported by the formal sources on the descendant families (eg. Cliffords and Poyntz). However, it is widely reported so we now do too but draw your attention to our wish for further 'proof' before we withdraw this note of caution.
  c. Ponce or Pons or Poinz (d before 1086) HJY
  xii. daughter 'de Brienne' Y
  m. Baldric Teutonicus Y
2. Adela or Gerloc of Normandy (b c917, a 969) EGHJRSWY
  m. (935) William/Guillaume I/III 'Towhead', Count of Poitou, Auvergne & Limoges, Duke of Aquitaine (b 915, d 03.04.963) EGHJRSWY
3. Crispina not certain who was Crispina's mother but various web sites show her as Papia
  m. Grimaldus or Grimald, Prince of Monaco
  A. Crispin (Crispinus), Baron of Bec
  m. Heloise de Guynes and Boulogne
m2. (912) Giselle of France (dau of Charles III 'the Simple', Emperor)

Main source(s):
(1) GenEU (Normandy) with support from a wide range of sources
(2) For FitzGibert de Toneburge: BE1883 (Clare of Clare, Hertford & Gloucester), TCP (Clare (honour of))
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