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Families covered: D'Arcy of Coningsby, D'Arcy (Darcy) of Darcy, Darcy of Knayth, D'Arcy of Nocton

Norman d'Arcy or de Areci of Nocton (Lincolnshire), etc. (a 1087, 1115)
The ancestry given for Norman is reported in various web sites. That none of the Main Sources used for this page suggested it makes it questionable.
1. Robert D'Arcy (a 1130)
TCP inserts an additional generation here, a Thomas. We provisionally follow BP1934 & BE1883 in showing Robert as father of ...
  A. Thomas D'Arcy (d 02.07.1180)
  m. Alice D'Eincourt (d 1183, dau of Ralph D'Eincourt)
  i. Thomas D'Arcy (b c1170, d 1206)
  m. Joan widow of Thomas, presumed mother of ...
  a. Norman D'Arcy (a 1216, d by 10.1254?)
  BE1883 does not name Norman's wife. Commoners (vol I, 'Delafield') identifies her as Elizabeth, dau of John de la Feld, but suggests that they married in 43Henry3 (1258/9) whilst TCP reports that his son took livery of his lands in 10.1254, as Norman had earlier been identified as "old and infirm". TCP identifies Norman's wife as ...
  m. Agnes
  (1) Sir Philip D'Arcy of Nocton (d 1263)
  m. Isabel Bertram (a 06.1281, dau of Sir Roger Bertram of Mitford, sister of Sir Roger of Mitford)
  (A) Sir Norman D'Arcy of Nocton (b c1235, d 1296)
m1. Julia (d before 15.06.1281)
  (i) Philip D'Arcy, 1st Lord D'Arcy of Nocton (d c1332)
  (a) Norman D'Arcy, 2nd Lord D'Arcy of Nocton (d 31.03.1340)
  m. Isabel (d 16.09.1350)
  ((1)) Philip D'Arcy, 3rd Lord D'Arcy (b c1331, dsp before 16.09.1350)
  (b) Julian D'Arcy (d before 1350)
  BE1883 shows that Julian married Sir Peter de Limberry but TCP reports that she married as follows.
  m1. (spm) Philip de Neville of Scotton
m2. Sir John de Limbury (a 1336)
  (c) Agnes or Anne D'Arcy (d before 13.09.1359)
  m. Sir Roger de Pedwardine (d 10.02.1368/9 or 1340)
  (d)+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, John
  (ii) Robert D'Arcy of Great Sturton (or Stretton), Dunston and Stallingborough (d 1342/3)
  m. Joan (dau of Thomas FitzEustace of Caswick & Woolshtorpe)
  (a) Margaret D'Arcy
  m. Sir John de Argentine, '3rd Lord' (b c04.1318, d 11.1382)
  (iii) John D'Arcy of Coningsby Park
BE1883 suggests that this John was the John shown below as 1st Lord of Knayth. We follow TCP which reports the following.
  m. Pernell
  (a) John D'Arcy of Coningsby
  ((1)) John D'Arcy of Coningsby (d by 1359)
  m. Alice
  m2. (before 20.01.1292/3) Margery (a 02.1302)
  (B) Sir Roger Darcy of Oldcotes and Styrrup (d before 12.05.1284)
BP1934 identifies Sir Roger as brother rather than uncle of Philip, 1st Lord of Nocton, but accepts that some sources identify Roger as Philip's uncle. We follow TCP (Darcy) in doing so.
  m. Isabel D'Aton (dau of Sir William d'Aton of West Ayton, sister of Gilbert who dsp)
  (i) John Darcy, Justiciar of Ireland, Governor of York, 1st Lord Darcy of Knayth (d 30.05.1347)
  BE1883 (and Commoners) reports that this John was "next brother" of the Philip, who became 1st Lord of Nocton. We follow TCP and BP1934 in showing him as son of Sir Roger.
  m1. Emmeline Heron (dau of Walter Heron of Hedleston by Alice de Hastings)
(a) John Darcy, 2nd Lord of Knayth (b 1317, d 1356)
  m1. (before 08.07.1332) Alianore de Holand (dspm before 21.11.1341, dau of Sir Robert de Holand of West Derby & Yoxall by Maud, dau of Alan la Zouche of Ashby)
  m2. (c1344/5) Elizabeth Meinell (d 1368, dau of Nicholas Meinell, Lord of Wherlton)
((1)) John Darcy, 3rd Lord of Knayth (b 24.06.1350, dsp 06/ 26.08.1362)
  ((2)) Philip Darcy, 4th Lord of Knayth (b 21.05.1352, d 24.04.1399, Admiral)
  m. Elizabeth Grey (d 11.08.1412, dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Heton by Margaret, dau of William de Presfen of Middleton)
  ((A)) John Darcy, 5th Lord of Knayth (b 1377, d 09.12.1411)
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of Sir Henry de Grey, 5th Lord of Wilton)
  ((i)) Philip Darcy, 6th Lord of Knayth (b c1398, d 02.08.1418)
  m. Eleanor FitzHugh (dau of Henry FitzHugh, 4th Lord)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Darcy (b c05.1417)
  m. Sir James Strangeways
((b)) Margery Darcy (b 01.09.1418)
  m. Sir John Conyers of Hornby (d 14.03.1489-90)
  Through this marriage passed a claim on the baronies of Darcy de Knayth and Meinill.
  ((ii)) John Darcy (d 1458)
  m. Joan de Greystock (dau of Sir John de Greystock, 6th Lord of Greystoke)
((iii))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Maud
  ((B)) Joan Darcy apparently of this generation
  m1. (??) John Beaumont
  m2. Sir Giles Daubeney of South Ingleby (d 11.01.1445/6)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Darcy possibly the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Alexander Metham
  ((D))+ other issue - Thomas of Seamer, Philip
  ((3)) Isabel Darcy
  ((4)) Alice Darcy possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir John Colvile of Arncliffe
  (b) Roger Darcy ancestor of Darcys of Essex
  (c) Adomar Darcy
  m2. (03.07.1329) Joan de Burgh (d 12.0/23.04.1359, dau of Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster)
  (d) William Darcy or D'Arcy of Plattyn (Platten) (b 1330)
  m. Catherine Fitzgerald (dau of Sir Robert Fitzgerald of Alloone)
  (e) Elizabeth Darcy
  m. James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormonde (d 18.10.1382)
  (f)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John, Adam
  (2) Thomas D'Arcy

Main source(s): BE1883 (D'Arcy - various), BP1934 (Darcy de Knayth) with some support from TCP (Darcy), Commoners (vol III, D'Arcy of Kiltulla)
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