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These names were initially passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. If the dates are to be believed, there appear to be a few gaps.
Jokull Fortasson (b c240)
1. Snaer (Svaer) Jokulsson, King of Kvenland (b c275)
  A. Thorri Snaersson, King of Kvenland (b c320)
  i. Gorr Thorasson (b c365)
  a. Heytir Gorrsson (b c425)
  father (more likely great-great-grandfather ?) of ...
  (1) Svidri Heytsson (b 600) - continued below EGHJRSWY



Svidri Heytsson (b c600) - continued above
1. Sveidi 'the Sea King' Sviadrasson (b c650) father (more likely grandfather ?) of ...
A. Halfden 'the Aged' (b c700, d 800) father (more likely grandfather?) of ...
  i. Ivar, Jarl of the Uplands (b after 770)
  m. daughter of Eystein 'Glumra' Hognasson
  a. Einstein or Eystein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More
  m. (c846) Ascriba (dau of Rognvald Olafsson of Westfold/Agder)
  (1) Ragnvald I 'the Wise', Jarl of More (b c830, d c890/4)
  m. Ragnhild (b c848, dau of Rolf Nefia)
  (A) Ivar (d c972)
  (B) Rollo (Hrolf) 'the Ganger' Ragnvaldsson, Duke of Normandy (b c860, d c932) EGHJRSWY
  m1. Papia (Poppa) of Senlis (dau of Pepin II Quentin, Count of Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne) EGHJRSWY
  m2. (912) Giselle of France (dau of Charles III 'the Simple', Emperor)
  (C) Thori 'the Silent', Jarl of More
  m. (c994) Alof Arbat 'Seasons Bettering' (dau of Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway)
  (i) Bergliot
  m. Sigurd Hakonsson, Jarl of Ladir
  p. Groa
(D) Hallad, Jarl of Orkney
  (E) Turf-Einar, Jarl of Orkney
  (i) Arnkel, Jarl of Orkney
  (ii) Erland, Jarl of Orkney
  (iii) Thorfin 'Skull-splitter', Jarl of Orkney (b c890, d after 977)
  m. (914) Grelod (b c898, dau of Duncan, Mormaer of Caithness)
  (a) Arnfinn, Earl of Orkney (dsp)
  m. (954) Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
  (b) Havard 'Season-prosperous', Earl of Orkney (dsp)
  m. Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
  (c) Hlodvir, Earl of Orkney (d c988)
  m. Audna (dau of Kiarval, King in Ireland)
  ((1)) Sigurd 'the Stout', Earl of Orkney (d 23.04.1014) JRY
  m. (1005) daughter of Malcolm II, King of Scotland JRY
  ((2)) Svanlaug
  m. (990) Gilli, Earl of the Hebrides
  ((3)) daughter (d 988)
  m. Havard, Steward of Caithness
  (d) Ljot, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (dsp)
  m. Ragnhild of Norway (dau of Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway)
  (e) Skuli, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (dsp)
  (f) daughter
  m. ??
  ((1)) Einar Klining ('Butter bread')
  (g) daughter
  m. ??
  ((1)) Einar Hardchaft ('Hard jaw')
(F) Hrollaug of Iceland (b c854)
  (i) Rollo Thurstan Brico (b c885)
  m. Gerlotte de Blois (dau of Theobald de Tours)
  (a) Ansfred I 'the Dane', Count of Hiermer (b c937, d after 973)
  m. (c962) Helloe de Beulac (dau of Godfrey de Beulac)
((1)) Ansfred II le Goz (b c963)
  ((A)) Toustien or Thurstan le Goz (b c989)
  m. Judith de Montalier
  ((i)) Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches (b 1025, d 1066) GHJRSWY
  m. Emma de Conteville (dau of Herluin, Viscount de Conteville) GHJRSWY
  ((ii)) Robert le Bigot (b c1015, d 1071) HJY
((iii)) Humphrey
  ((B)) Beatrix le Goz  
  m. Fulk d'Aunou (b c985)  
  (b) Rollo Rollosson (b c945)
  ((1)) Mainfred de Percy (b c980)
  ((A)) Geoffrey de Percy (b c1005)
  m. Margaret
  ((i)) Serlo de Percy, abbot of Whitby (b c1033)
  ((ii)) William de Percy (b c1034, d c1096) Y
  m. Emma de Port (dau of Hugh de Port of Basing) Y
  ((iii)) Picot de Percy (b c1050, d after 1125)
(ii) Hallbera Hrollaugsdottir
  m. Asbiorn Hrafunkelsson
  (2) Sigurd I Riki ('the Mighty / Powerful'), Jarl of Orkney (b c832, d 874/892)
  (A) Guthorm, Jarl of Orkney
  (3) Haldrich (Halduc) de Tresney = Malahule of More (b c845, d c890)
  (A) Richard of Saint Sauveur (d c933) HJY
  (B) Ranulph, Count of Bayeux (b c895)
  (i) Balso d'Espaine (Espagne ?), Count of Bayeux (b c930) GHJRSY
  m. Poppa of Sulzbach (b c930, dau of Berengar of Sulzbach) GHJRSY
  (ii) Walter d'Espaine (Espagne ?)
  (iii) Anschitel de Toesni, Lord of Isle de la March (b c926) see note immediately below
Although Anschitel above is sometimes identified as a possible ancestor of the de Toeni family, a more widely reported alternative is ....  
  (C) Hugo de Cavalcamp (b c890) GHJRSY
  (4) Turstan of Bastenburg
  (A) Hugh Barbatus (b c887)
  (i) Amflec of Briquebec (Brigenberg)
  (a) Anslec de Burtrand, Sn de Briquebec
  ((1)) Thurstan de Burtrand of Briquebec, Bastenbourg & Montfort-sur-Risle (d 1023) HJRY
  (b) Eremburge HJRY
  m. Torf 'the Rich' d'Harcourt HJRY
  (5) Swanhilda (b c850) JRY
  m. Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway (b c850/8, d 933-4) JRY

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