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This section first uploaded on 07.05.08.
William Ashe, lord of Weldwinding (Hertfordshire) & Cornerd (Suffolk)
m. Margaret Somersham (dau/coheir of Hohn Somersham of Asham, lord of Cornerd)
1. William Ashe
  m. Elizabeth
  A. Elizabeth Ashe
  m. Thomas Frowick of the Old Fold
2. Elizabeth Ashe
  m1. Robert Mosley
  m2. Thomas Brockett of Brockett Hall (b c1393)



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William Croc
m. ?? (dau of Richard 'Chienewe' of Chesterton, hunstman/forester a temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
1. Walter Croc of Chesterton
2. William Croc of Chesterton
  A. William Croc of Chesterton
  B. Margery Croc
  m. Robert de Brock of Chesterton (d c1195)
  i. Margery de Brock (d before 1232)
  m. Hugh de Loges of Chesterton @@ just below



This section first uploaded on 13.05.08.
Hugh de Loges of Chesterton
m. Margery de Brock (d before 1232, dau of Robert de Brock of Chesterton) @@ just above
1. Hugh de Loges of Chesterton (a 1267)
A. Richard de Loges of Chesterton (d 1293)
  i. Richard de Loges of Chesterton (d 1300)
  m. Elizabeth (m2. John de Saunderstede)
  a. Elizabeth de Loges (b c1296, d 1315)
  m. Nicholas de Warrewyk of Chesterton (son of Nicholas)
  (1) John de Warrewyk, later de Loges of Chesterton (d 1349)
  (A) John de Loges (a 1343, dvpsp)
  (B) Eleanor de Loges
  m. John de Peyto of Chesterton (son of William)



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Commoners reported that the following Thomas was "descended from the very ancient family of Lee, of Cotton, in Shropshire".
Thomas Lee of London
m. Anne Warner (dau of Harman Warner of London, sister of John, Bishop of Rochester)
1. John Lee, later Lee-Warner (d 12.06.1679, Canon & Archdeacon of Rochester)
  m1. ??
  m2. Thomazin Acton (dau of Francis Acton of London)
  A. Lee Lee or Lee--Warner (dsp 04.03.1698)
  m. Catherine Hampson (dau of Henry Hampson)
  m3. Anne English (dau of Henry English of Maidstone)
B. Henry Lee or Lee-Warner of Danejohn or Dangon or Donjon, Canterbury, Kent (d 06.09.1734, Colonel)
  m. (c10.1679) Dorothy Howe (d 27.07.1727, dau of Sir George Grubham Howe, 1st Bart of Berwick St. Leonard & Knoll Park)
  i. Henry Lee-Warner of Walsingham Abbey (Norfolk) & Knoll Park (Somerset) (b 23.07.1681, d 13.12.1760, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Mills (dau of Samuel Mills of Nackington)
  a. Henry Lee-Warner of Walsingham Abbey (b 22.11.1722, d unm 12.07.1804)
  b. John Lee-Warner (b 1736, d unm bur 03.06.1794)
  c. Thomas Lee-Warner (b 1736, d 14.01.1768, Captain)
  m. Anne Wright (d 14.02.1784, dau of Thomas Wilson Wright of Wighton)
  (1) Anne Lee-Warner (b 05.06.1764, d 15.08.1807)
  m1. (19.03.1782) Charles Elsden Bagge of Quebec House (d 29.04.1799, son of Rev. Charles)
Their surviving sons assumed the name Lee-Warner.
  m2. (17.11.1800) Thomas Bagge of Stradsett Hall & Islington Hall
  ii. Elizabeth Lee-Warner
  m. Samuel Arnold (rector of Nettleton)
  iii. Anne Lee-Warner (d 18.06.1761)
  m. (mcrt 04.08.1716) Richard Huntley (d 17.04.1728, rector of Boxwell & Castlecombe)
  One of their grandchildren inherited Walsingham Abbey and assumed the name Lee-Warner.
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - John (d infant), George (d infant), Samuel (dsp 12.10.1724), Dorothy (d 15.06.1746), Mary (d 12.05.1742)
  C.+ other issue - Thomas, Anne, Lucie
2. daughter probably of this generation
  m1. _ Bayne of London
  m2. (28.11.1681) Edward Courthope of the Inner Temple



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George Dorman of Malpas, Cheshire
m. Joan (probably not Agnes) Hill (dau of Thomas Hill of Malpas, sister/coheir of Sir Rowland, Lord Mayor of London)
1. Anne (or Amy) Dorman
  m. Sir Hugh Cholmondeley (d 06.01.1596-7)
2. Jane (or Agnes) Dorman probably of this generation
  m. John Leche of Carden (dsp c1553)



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Richard Gardner
m. Margaret Barker (dau of Robert Barker of Culworth by Mary, dau of William Danvers by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Fiennes son of Henry, Lord Say & Sele)
1. Dorothy Gardner
  m. John Stevens of Grandborough
  A. Mary Stevens
  m. Thomas Green @@ just below



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Thomas Green
m. Mary Stevens (dau of John Stevens of Grandborough by Dorothy Gardner) @@ just above
1. Thomas Green
  m. Mary Climson
  A. Thomas Green
  m. Elizabeth Valentine
  i. Elizabeth Green
  m. (03.1752) John Dell of Aylesbury



This section first uploaded on 19.03.22.
John Tayler (b c1743, d 1798, curate of Hanbury, later minister of St. Bartholomew's in Birmingham)
m. (1767) Elizabeth Barber (b c1748, d 1814, widow of William Smith of Bournheath) ## see here ##
1. Elizabeth Tayler
  m. Thomas Shrawley Vernon, later of Hanbury Hall (a 1818)
  The Journal reports that Thomas "was to inherit Hanbury Hall from a distant relative in 1818." Some earlier Vernons of Hanbury are shown here.
2.+ other issue (there was "a large family") including George of Bournheath (b c1773, d 1850), Charles (youngest son)

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