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This section first uploaded 24.05.17.
On 'Armorial' (p134) gives a little information about SIr John Dumaresq, noting that he derived his descent from the family of Dumaresq of La Haule and reporting that "This section of the family is represented by George Dumaresq, Esq., of Seafield, S. Laurence." On p139, 'Armorial' shows that the following John had issue with the note that "This branch is represented by George Dumaresq, Esq., of Seafield." From this we deduce that the following John, who must have lived in the early-mid 17th century, was most probably ancestor of the under-mentioned Sir John Dumaresq.
John Dumaresq
1. ?? Dumaresq
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations
  A. ?? Dumaresq
  i. Elie Dumaresq
a. Jean (John) Dumaresq (d 1761, jurat)
  m. Marie Robin ("who inherited from her father the Fiefs of Herupe, d'Orville, du Prieur, and Sauvalle", probably of the family of Robin of St. Aubin)
  (1) Sir John (Jean) Dumaresq (b 1749, d 20.03.1819, Attorney General, Lt. Bailly)
  m. Marie Le Mesurier (dau of John Le Mesurier (hereditary Governor of Alderney))
  (A) Marie Dumaresq (b 1774)
  m. Jean (John) Le Couteur of Belle Vue (Lt. Generatl)
  (B) Harriet Dumaresq (b 1776)
m. Francois (Francis) Valpy dit Janvrin
  (C) Marthe Dumaresq (b 1777)
  m. Charles Pipon
  (D) Elizabeth Dumaresq (b 1779)
  m. Philip Pipon (Captain)
  (E) Louise Dumaresq
  m. Philippe Bouton
  (F)+ oher issue - Jean (John) (b 1775, d 1823, Attorney General), Philippe ("Captain of the Victory after Trafalgar"), Thomas, George (b 1786), Sophie (b 1783, d young)
  b. Esther Dumaresq probably of this generation ("sister of Sir John")
  m. (1767) James Pipon
  c.+ other issue



This section first uploaded 09.07.17.
Martin James of Romenden Place, Smarden, Kent (remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer)
BHO reports that Martin acquired Romenden Place in 17E1 (1574-5). It then jumps to his great-grandson Martin. This was probably the Martin 'of Smarden' who married Thomasine Copinger. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 19.04.17) for reporting that that Martin was (also) "Registrar of the High Court of Chancery, Westminster and died 28.02.1592/3" and was father of Sir Henry, Elizabeth & Frances.
m. Thomasine Copinger (dau of John Copinger of Buxhall (who d 1540), widow of Ralph Johnson of Raynham)
1. Sir Henry James of Romenden Place
  m. Dorcas
  A. ?? James
  i. Martin James of Romenden Place (a 1660)
  a. Martin James
(1) Auria James
  m. John Otway of Mitcham, Surrey
  (A) James Otway of Romenden (d 1721, Colonel, Lt. Governor of Minorca)
  (i) Charles James Otway of Romenden (d 1767)
  m. Bridget (Feilding) (dau of Basil, Earl of Denbigh)
  (a) Charles Otway of Romenden sold Romenden in 1786
  (b)+ 2 daughters
  (ii) Francis Otway of Riverhill of this generation but possibly cousin rather than brother of Charles
CV, the above-mentioned contributor, kindly drew our attention to this web page which identifies the following Sophia, dau/coheir of Francis, as great-granddaughter of Auria James.
  (a) Sophia Otway (dsps 1787)
  m. Thomas Lambard (rector of Ash)
  (b)+ daughter(s)
  (B)+ other issue - 6 others (survived), 13 others (d young)
  B. Mary James
  m. Anthony Hyde of Woodhouse (a 1619, 1649)
  C.+ other issue - Anne, Martha
2. Elizabeth James
  m. Robert Sheppard of Tenterden
3. Frances James (d 02.1648)
  m. Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury (d 21.02.1627)



This section first uploaded 26.07.17.
The following Thomas is identified as "descended from Roger de la More and Alice his wife, dau. of Adam de Montgomery, of Montgomery, temp. Henry III" (who r. 1216-1272).
Thomas Moore 'of Bishop's Castle' of the Moore, Salop
m. Ann Blayney (dau/coheir of Henry Blayney of Gregynog (son (by Joyce Blayney) of Sir Arthur son of Edward, 1st Lord Blayney))
1. Thomas Moore (dsp?)
2. Diana Moore (d 06.12.1822)
  m. (1769) George Bates of Aydon & Heddon (d 19.09.1816)



This section first uploaded 01.08.17.
William Stockley of Poxhall (Stokeley of Yoxall), Staffordshire
m. Margaret Hewet (dau/coheir of John Hewet of Walsall)
1. William Stockley of Poxhall (Yoxall)
m. Agnes Sotherin (dau/coheir of Thomas Sotherin of Poxhall (Yoxall))
  A. Thomas Stockley of Poxhall (Yoxall or Foxhall)
  m. Jone Wells of Whorecross
  i. Joane Stockley
  m. Richard Greswold of Solthull (Solihull)
  ii. Elizabeth Stockley
  m. Richard Salte of Poxley
  iii.+ other issue - John (dsp), Roger (priest)



This section first uploaded 17.03.22.
Thomas Scruteville of Kibblesworth
1. Anthony Scruteville of Kibblesworth
  m. Anne ("base dau. of Charles Earl of Westmoreland")
  A. Ralph Scruteville or Scurfield of Kibblesworth (d 14.09.1588)
  m. Anne Thomlinson (dau of Anthony Thomlinson of Gateshead)
  i. William Scurfield of Kibblesworth (b c1566, bur 15.11.1617)
  m1. Ann Bainbrigg (dau of Cuthbert Bainbrigg of Gateshead)
  a. Emanuel Scurfield of Kibblesworth (b c1596, a 1647)
  m. (04.09.1621) Catharine (widow of _ Moscropp)
  BHO mentions an Emanuel Scurfield (bur 30.05.1684), father of Thomas father of Emanuel & Andrew who (both) dspm, but does not presume that this was the same Emanuel.
  m2. Isabel Lawson (dau of Robert Lawson of Cramlington)
  b.+ other issue - John (bur 15.03.1610-1), Thomas (bpt 19.07.1612, bur 28.06.1635), Ralph (bpt 19.12.1613, bur 15.12.1635), Dorothie (bpt 16..06.1611), Elizabeth (bpt 28.01.1615-6)



This section first uploaded 10.08.17, reviewed 17.03.22.
BHO, used for the section just above, mentions the undermentioned Ralphs as "certainly descendants of Scurfield of Kibblesworth" but is "unable to connect" them to the above.
William Scurfield of Eachwick, Northumberland (a 1654)
The pedigree notes that William sold Eachwick in 1654 and that his son Ralph repurchased it in 1670.
m. Margaret Fenwick (dau of George Fenwick of Newcastle, brother of John of Eachwick)
1. Ralph Scurfield of Eachwick (d 16.02.1675)
  m. Jane (d 12.05.1689)
  A. Ralph Scurfield of Eachwick, Sheriff of Northumberland (dsp 01.09.1728)
  m. Sarah Bell (widow of Jonathan Pilsbury of Newcastle)



This section first uploaded 17.03.22.
George Scurfield of Elstob, co. Durham (d 18.07.1640)
m. Margaret Richardson of co. Durham (d 06.09.1665, m2. Major Thomas Lilburne of Offerton)
1. Mary Scurfield
  m1. (26.11.1661) Ralph Shaw of Newcastle (d 1662)
  m2. Thomas Smithson of Moulton
2. Margaret Scurfield (bpt 09.08.1639)
  m. (19.08.1662) Francis Addison of Ovingham (b 1640-1)



This section first uploaded 08.02.18.
John Stretche
m. Matilda Molton (dau of John Molton of Pinhoe, son (by Margery, dau/coheir of Sir Edward Hayward) of Thomas Molton of Pinhoe (a cc1310))
1. Thomas Stretche (dsp)
2. Elizabeth Stretche
  m. Thomas Beauchamp of Lillesdon
3. Cicily Stretche
  m1. (sp) Thomas Bonvil
  m2. William Cheney of Pinhoe @@ just below



This section first uploaded 08.02.18.
William Cheney of Pinhoe, Devon (a 1391)
m. Cicily Stretche (dau/coheir of John Stretche, widow of Thomas Bonvil) @@ just above
1. Sir John Cheney 'of Pinhoe'
m. Elizabeth Hill (dau of John Hill of Spaxton)
  A. John Cheney of Pinhoe, Sheriff of Devon (a 1460, 1470)
  m. Margaret Kirkham (dau of Nicholas Kirkham of Blagdon, m2. William Bampfield of Poltimore)
  i. Anne Cheney
  m. _ Hussey
  a. Thomas Hussey
  ii. Elizabeth Cheney
  m. William Clopton
  a. William Clopton
  iii. Isabella or Elizabeth Cheney
m. Edward Walgrave (d 1500)
  iv. Ellen Cheney
  m. George Babington
  B. Joan or Alianor Cheney
  m. William (probably not John) Strode of Purnham (Parnham)
  C. Elizabeth or Agnes Cheney
  m. Edward Stawel (not Stock) of Cothelston (dvp 1496)
  D. Cicily Cheney
  m. William Courteney of Powderham (b c1428, d 1512)
  E. daughter probably of this generation
  m. John Wadham of Merifield & Edge Barton

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