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Cousin of Bleddin ap Cynfin, King of Wales, was ...
m. Gwenllian (dau/heir of Rhys ap Marchen of Dyffryn Clwyd)
1. Efnydd (Eunydd) ap Gwernwy 'of Dyffryn Clwyd' (a c1090)§W§ (F36)
  Yorke & Williams report that Dwnn (Visitation 2, pp83&355), which has yet to be reviewed, identifies his father as Morien ap Gwerystan ao Gwaethfoed, lord of Powys, but nevertheless identifies him as Gwernwy.
  m. Eva (dau/heir of Llywelyn ab Dolphyn ab Llywelyn Aurdorchog of Aelhaiarn etc.)
  A. Ithel ap Eunydd
  i. ??
  a. ??
  (1) ??
  (A) ??
(i) ??
  (a) David
  ((1)) Ievan ap David
  "ninth in descent from Eunydd, through his son Ithel" was ...
  ((A)) John (ap Ievan ap David) Almor
  "The Almors became extinct in the male line about the commencement of the seventeenth century". [Reference to Dwnn (Visitation 2, p355) which has yet to be reviewed.]
  B. Heilyn
  C. Hunydd HJY
  m. Meredydd ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys (b c1025, d 1075) HJY



This section first uploaded 03.01.21.
Braint Hir of Is Dulas§W§ (N10)
(1) It is not clear why Braint Hir is identified as one of the ancestors of the 15 Tribes of North Wales given that "His progeny did not much increase, for there are not many at present known to be descended of him" and "There is not, it seems, a single family at the present day that can trace its descent direct through the male line to Braint Hir. Pennant and Yorke (Tracts of Powys) mentioned the family of Vaughan of Pont y Gwyddel, now extinct, as belonging to this Tribe."
(2) Williams reports that Braint Hir lived about the time of the sons of Roderick the Great (Rhodri Mawr, who d 877) but notes that "The Welsh Bruts ... say that he lived at a much earlier date, being nephew of Cadwallon, King of North Wales, 630-632" (probably Cadwallan, King of Gwynedd).

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(1) For upper section : 'The Royal Tribes of Wales (with) An Account of The Fifteen Tribes of North Wales' ((Philip Yorke of Erthig (1799) & Richard Williams (1887), 'XIV-Efnydd', p205+)
(2) For lower section : 'The Royal Tribes of Wales (with) An Account of The Fifteen Tribes of North Wales' ((Philip Yorke of Erthig (1799) & Richard Williams (1887), 'X-Braint Hir', p197+)
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