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Families covered: Dukes of Narbonne, Counts of Rouergue, Counts of Toulouse

Foucaud seems to be generally accepted as the progenior of this family. GenEU reports that he was son of Sigebert, Count of Rouergue, who was son of Childebrand, Duke of Provence (by his wife Rolande). We hope in due course to trace this ancestry further back and presently start with ...
Foucaud or Fulcoald or Fulgaud, Count of Rouergue (a 837)
m. Senegundis
1. Fredelon, Count of Toulouse, etc (d c852)
  m. Oda
  A. Udalgarde of Toulouse
  m. Bernard, Sn de Rouergue
2. Raimund I, Count of Toulouse and Rouergue (d 863)
  m. Berta de Reims (dau of Remy de Reims)
  A. Foucaud of Toulouse
B. Bernard I , Count of Toulouse (d by 875)
  C. Odo = Eudes, Count of Toulouse (d 918/9)
  m. Gersende of Alby (dau of Hermengild, Count of Alby)
  i. Raimund II, Count of Toulouse (d 923)
  m. Gudinilda (d after 923, probably dau of Wifredo I 'the Hairy', Count of Barcelona)
  a. Raimund III = Pons 1, Count of Toulouse, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Auvergne (d after 961)
  m1. Garsinde or Gersende (possibly dau of Garcia Sanchez, Duke of Gascony)
  (1) William III Taillefer, Count of Toulouse (d 1037)
  m1. (c975) Arsinde of Anjou (dau of Fulk 'the Good', Count of Anjou)
  (A)+ issue (d young) - Raimund, Henry
  m2. (1019) Emma de Venaissin
GenEU identifies this Emma as daughter of Rotbald, Count of Provence, and in 'boson1' identifies such a daughter as having married (in 990) Guillaume III de Toulouse, Count of Arles (b 952, d 994). The dates do not match. This will be investigated further in due course.
  (C) Pons II William, Count of Toulouse (d 1061)
  m1. (before 1037) Marjorie
  (i) Pons of Toulouse (d 1063)
  m. Sancha of Aragon (d 1072)
  m2. (1044/5, div before 1053) Almodis de la Marche (dau of Bernard, Count de la Marche)
  (ii) William IV, Count of Toulouse, etc, Duke of Narbonne (b c1044, d Huesca 1093)
  m1. (before 1067) Matilda
  (a)+ 2 sons (d c1080)
  (c) Philippa or Matilda, Countess of Toulouse (d 28.11.1117) EGHJSWY
m. (1094, div 1115) William/Guillaume VII/IX, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine (b 1071, d 1126/7) EGHJSWY
  m2. (before 1080) Emma de Mortain (b c1058, dau of Robert, Count of Mortain)
  (iii) Raimund IV, Count of Toulouse, etc, Duke of Narbonne (b before 1052, d Tripoli 28.02.1105)
  m1. (1066) ?? (dau of Godfrey I of Arles, Count of Provence)
  (a) Bertrand II, Count of Toulouse, etc (b before 1080, d 01.1112) had issue
  m1. ?? (sp)
  m2. (16.06.1095) Alix/Ela de Bourgogne (b 1080, d 1142, dau of Eudes I Borel, Duke of Bourgogne)
  m2. (1080) Matilda (dau of Roger, Count of Sicily)
  m3. (1094) Elvira of Castile (d after 1151, dau of Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon)
  (b) Alfonso I Jourdain, Count of Toulouse, etc, Duke of Narbonne (b 1102, d 16.04.1148) had issue
  m. (before 16.09.1125) Faydiva (dau of Gerbert/Gilbert III, Vcte de Carlat)
  (iv) Hugues of Toulouse (b by 1051)
  (v) Almodis of Toulouse (b by 1052, d after 1123)
  m. (c1065) Count Pierre de Melgueil
  (D) Bertrand of Toulouse
  (E) daughter
  m. Fulko Bertrand I, Count of Provence (d 1051)
  (F) Rangarde of Toulouse
  m. Pedro Ramon, Count of Carcassone
partner unknown
  (G) Emma
  m. Otho Raymond, Sire de l'Isle Jourdain
  (2) Pons Raimund, Count of Albigeois (d 989)
  (3) Raimund
  (4) Ledgarde or Luitgarde (d after 977) EGHJRSWY
  m. (968) Borell II, Count of Barcelona (d 992) EGHJRSWY
  (5) Ramona
  m. Atton, Viscount of Soule
  (6) Adelheid of Toulouse not mentioned by GenEU
  m. Matfred, Viscount of Narbonne (d c970)
  On its page 'Boson', GenEU identifies a wife of Raimon Pons, we assume as his second wife, to have been ...
  m2. Berthe of Tuscany, Countess of Arles and Vienne (b 930, d 965, dau of Boson, Count of Arles, Marquis of Tuscany)
  ii. Armengol, Count of Rouergue
  m. Adelaida
  a. Raimund I, Count of Rouergue (Duke of Aquitaine ?)
  m1. _ (dau of Odoin)
  m2. Bertha (dau of Odo, Count of Arles) ??
  (1) Raimund II, Count of Rouergue (d c1008)
  m. Richarde de Millau
(A) Hugues, Count of Rouergue (d 1053)
  m. Fides de Cerdagne
  (i) Berthe, Countess of Rouergue (d 1065)
  m. (before 1051) Robert II, Count of Auvergne (d 1096)
  (ii) Fides / Foi of Rouergue
  m. Bernard, Vcte de Narbonne
  (2)+ other issue
  b. Hugues de Rouergue, Sire de Quercy, Vcte de Comborn had issue
  m. Guinidilda of Barcelona (dau of Suniario I, Count of Barcelona, etc)
  c. Richilde of Toulouse
  m. (c925, sp) Suniario I, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 950)
  d. Adelais of Toulouse
  m. Sunifredo, Count of Urgel (d 948)
  iii. Gersende of Toulouse
  m. (898) Wifredo II Borell, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 911)
  D. Aribert, Abbot of Vabres
  E. daughter
  m. Lope I, Count of Bigorre

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