Page last updated 13.09.19 - Up to and including Carew06 - See notes below

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'C' sub-index page.


Carew01 Carew-1, Beddington-1, Bickley, Mulsford (Moulesford) & Mohun's Ottery
- Carew02 Haccombe
- Carew03(1) Antony-1
- Carew05 Lanteglos
- Carew06 Camerton, Carew-2 & Crowcombe-1

Shown separately: Carew04 Ballinamona & Castle Boro

Descended from the Pole family: Pole03 Antony-2
Descended from the Throckmorton family: Throckmorton02 Beddington-2
Descended from the Warrington family: WZmisc01 Carew-3 & Crowcombe-2

PCBG note on The 2015 Review
I started the review at the beginning of June 2015 after I realised how much Vivian had covered this family in his works on the Visitations to Devon & Cornwall. My previous coverage was based mainly on some of Burke's publications. I have completed my work using Vivian's works.

Note added 13.09.19
The 2015 Review was paused on 04.06.15, almost immediately after it had been started. At that date, the above note was left with the following additional words (after 'works'): "and shall next see what other sources have to offer on this family. It is quite likely (though not yet certain) that, at some stage during or near the end of the Review, one or more of the present pages will be split into two".
I have looked at a few additional sources but, apart from using 'History of Trigg Minor' (vol 2) to make an amendment to Carew03 and to review Carew 05, found that they added nothing of substance. I then moved the lower section of Carew03, whose file size had become larger than I like (well over 30KB), into a new Carew06. That completes this review although, of course, it could be reopened if a significant new source on the family was found.

Notes on the sources
Our sources, shown on each page, are our 'standard sources'.