Page last updated 31.10.17 - Up to and including MacDonald11

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'Mac' sub-index page.

MacDonald01 Lords of the Isles
MacDonald02 Clanranald, Moidart, Benbecula & Boisdale
MacDonald10(1) Kinlochmoidart
MacDonald10(2) Glenaladale
MacDonald07(3) Kilmalen & Drimindarroch
MacDonald03 Glengarry, Scotus-1
MacDonald11(1) Scotus-2
MacDonald11(2) Leek
MacDonald04 Sleat
MacDonald09(1) Vallay
MacDonald09(2) Castleton & Camuscross
MacDonald07(1) Kingsburgh
MacDonald07(2) Griminish
MacDonald05 Antrim, Kilmore & Moye
MacDonald08(1) Sanda
MacDonald06 Keppoch
MacDonald08(2) Bohuntin & Dalchosnie
MacDougall01 Dunollie-1 & Lorn
MacDougall02 Dunollie-2

PCBG note on The 2017 Review
This review was based on Alexander Mackenzie's impressive work (in 1885) on 'History of the Macdonalds and Lords of the Isles'. I had previously based most of the earlier pages on BLG1952 which contained a useful article on 'Macdonell of Glengary' as well as that on 'Maxwell Macdonald (formerly Moreton-Macdonald) of Largie', the latter being one of the most comprehensive articles I have seen in BLG. Note that the Review did not cover the MacDougall pages.