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NB. At present this page (and certain other pages in this 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database) lacks consistency & logic in distinguishing between 'Brittany' and 'Britons'. This will be dealt with in due course. For the moment we are just pulling together the basic data, using this page to show alternative ancestries for Coilus. Some relevant files may be changed around and renamed at a later date.

Joseph of Arimathea
1. Anna
  A. Penardim
  m. Llyr Lediaith
  i. Bran the Blessed
  a. Caradoc
  (1) Cyllin
  (A) Coilus or Coel, King of Britons (d 170) - see alternative ancestry below



1. Manogan
  A. Heli (Beli), King of Brittany
i. Lud, King of Brittany (d 18BC)
  a. Tenacius (Tenuantius), King of Brittany (d 26BC)
  (1) Cunobelin (Cymbeline), King of Brittany (d 17AD)
  (A) Arviragus, King of Brittany (d 74 AD)
  m. Genissa (Venissa) (d 50AD, 'daughter' of Tiberius Claudius Nero, Emperor of Rome)
  (i) Marius, King of Britons (d 125)
  m. Julia of the Iceni (dau of Prasutagus, King of the Iceni)
  (a) Coilus or Coel, King of Britons (d 170) - see alternative ancestry above
  Coilus was possibly the 'Old King Cole' of nursery rhyme fame.
  ((1)) Athildus / Athildis (b c90 ??) EGHJRSWY
  m. Marcomir IV, King of the Franks (b c90, d 149) EGHJRSWY
  (b) Eurgen HJY
  m. Lucius the Great (Lleuver Mawr), King of Britons (d 181) HJY

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(1) For upper section : 'joelines' (see Adam3)
(2) For lower section : HOLDT, www.aemyers.net/genealogy
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