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Liutpold or Leopold, Lord of Bavaria (d 09.908)
m. Cunigunda (dau of Erkangerus or Berthold, Count in Schwabia)
1. Arnulf 'the Bad', Duke of Bavaria (d 14.07.937)
  m1. (??) Agnes of Hungary (dau of Taksony, King of Hungary)
  m2. Judith of Friuli (d after 04.936, dau of Eberhard, Count of Friuli)
  GenEU (Luitpold1) shows only Arnulf's marriage to Judith of Friaul (Friuli). The order (by birth date) of his children is not clear and the allocation of children to his wives is not certain.
A. Arnulf, Palatine of Scheyern, Duke of Upper Bavaria (d 940/85)
  m. Gerberge (dau of Rudoph I, Duke of Lower Bavaria)
  i. Welpho II, Duke of Lower Bavaria (d 980)
  a. Rudolph II, Duke of Lower Bavaria (d 1020)
  m. Itha (dau of Cuno, Count of Oeningen)
  (1) Welpho III, Duke of Lower Bavaria (d 1047)
  m. Judith or Irmingardis (dau of Frideric, Count of Moselle)
  (A) Welpho IV, Duke of Lower Bavaria
  (B) Cunigarde GHJSWY
  m. (1040) Alberto Azzo II, Marquis of Esse (b c996, d 1055) GHJSWY
  (2) Berthold
  (A) Burchard, Count of Zollern (a 1061)
  m. Anastasia, Countess of Rheinfeld
  (i) Frideric, Count of Zollern (a 1114)
  m. Serena, Countess of Kyberg
(a) Rudolph, Count of Zollern
  m. (1115) Agnes, baroness of Gundalfingen
  ((1)) Conrad, Burgrave of Nurnberg (a 1200)
  m. Countess of Wohburg
ROYL shows Conrad as father of Frideric I, Burgrave of Nurnberg, who married Sophia (dau of Otto, Margrave of Meissn/Misnia). GenEU (Hohenzollern1) shows "Sofie von Raabs, heiress of the last of the old Burggraves of Nurnberg Konrad von Raabs" as wife of Friedrich, Bggf von Nurnberg, whose parentage is given differently. We follow GenEU and assume that ROYL mistook Frideric as being Conrad's son when he was his son-in-law.
  ((A)) Sophie (von Raabs) of Nurnberg S--
  m. Friedrich, Burgrave of Nurnberg (d 1218) S--
  ii. Berthold, Palatine of Scheyern (d 982)
  a. Wernecus, Palatine of Scheyern
  (1) Otto I, Palatine of Scheyern (d 1078) GHJS
  m1. _ von Andechs (sister of Arnold, Graf von Diessen)
  m2. Hadagunda von Scheyern GHJS
  B. Judith of Bavaria EGHJRSWY
  m. Henry, Duke of Bavaria (d 955) EGHJRSWY
  C. Herman I, Palatine of the Rhine (d 959/996)
  GenEU (Cleves2) shows Herman's ancestry differently. That will be considered in due course.
  m. Heilwigis, Countess of Dillingen
  i. Ehrenfried (Ezzo), Palatine of the Rhine (b 955, d 1035)
  m. Mathildis (dau of Otto II, Emperor of Germany)
  a. Ludolph (dvp 1032)
  m. Mathildis/Bechtilde (dau of Otto, Count of Zutphen)
  (1) Henry (dspl 1031)
(2) Conrad, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Zutphen (d 1054/5)
  m. (1036) Judith of Scweinfurt
  (3) Adelheid, heiress of Zutphen shown by GenEU but not by ROYL
  m. Gottschalk von Zutphen (d 1063/4)
  (4) Wickmann III, Count of Zutphen shown by ROYL (table CCCXLIX) but not by GenEU
(A) Sophia of Zutphen
  m. (1086) Otto I of Nassau, Count of Geldern
  b. Otto, Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Swabia (d unm 1048)
  c. Richeza (Rira) of the Rhine (b before 1000, d 21.03.1063) EGHJSWY
  m. (c1013) Mieszko II, King of Poland (d 10.05.1034) EGHJSWY
  d.+ other issue
  D. Eberhard shown by ROYL (table CCXXIII)
  This Eberhard is shown by various web sites as having been Duke of Eastern Bavaria for a short time before he was deposed.
  i. Leopold I, Margrave of Austria (d 988/94) EGHJSWY
  m. Richwara or Richardis EGHJSWY
  ii. ??
  The following Adam was identified in Griffith's Pedigrees (Llyweni, p222) as "grandson of Eberhard, the deposed Duke of Eastern Bavaria, who came to England with William the Conqueror". It is possible that he was son of Leopold. It is noted that BLG1952 (Salusbury of Firgrove) does not mention this connection which suggests that it may not be viewed as valid.
  a. Adam de Salzburgh
  (1) Adam de Salzburgh
  m. Joyce (dau of Sir William de Pontefract)
  E. Berthold, Margrave in Bavaria (b c915, d 15.01.980)
  m. Eiliswintha of Walbeck (19.08.1015)
  i. Henry, Count of Schweinfurt (b 975, d 08.09.1017)
  m. Gerberge (dau of Herbert I of Wetterau, Count in Kinziggau)
  a. Eilika of Schweinfurt (b 1000, d after 1055) EGHJSWY
  m. Bernard III Billung, Duke of Saxony (b c955, d 29.06.1059) EGHJSWY
2. Berthold, Duke of Carinthia, Duke of Bavaria

Main source(s): ROYL (tables CCLXVI, CCLXIX, CCLVII, CCLVIII)
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