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Mainus or Metellanus (b 33BC, d 29AD) father or uncle of ...
1. Mensuteus or Mansuteus (d c89)
  A. Medanus (d c150)
  i. Medani (d c234) succeeded by ...
  a. Meaniuss (d 300)
  (1) Menna (d c16.10.361)
  (A) Meinaus (d c369)
  (i) Menrus or Manrus (d c400)
  (a) Menacus or Menalchus (d 463)
  ((1)) Meinus (d 480)
  ((A)) Mianus (d c538)
  ((i)) Menaus or Medanus (d c586)
  ((a)) Meinus (d c590) - continued below



Meinus (d c590) - continued above
1. Meanus or Maveanus (d c664)
  A. Meinus or Maninus or Naninus (d c700)
  i. Mennis or Molanus or Mononis or Mono (d 738)
  a. Manerrus or Menerrus (d 829)
(1) Menrus or Manrus, Arbishop of Mayence (Mayenne?) (b 788, d 856)
  (2) Menanus or Monanus
  (A) Mennanus or Minnanus, Archdeacon (b c800, d 878) possibly father of ...
  (i) Mainus or Maurinus (d c930) succeeded by ...
  (a) Menyne or Crynyne, Abthane of Dull (d c960)
  m. Beatrice (dau of Malcolm, King of Scots)
  ((1)) Meneus or Mundus (d c982, Abbot)
  ((A)) Meanus or Medanus or Modani (d c1037)
  ((i)) Menyeis, 1st of Menzies (d c1132) --
  The Red and White Book identifies Menyeis as "the 38th Menzies" and "1st Baron of Menzies".

Main source(s): 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies', 2nd edition, by D.P. Menzies of Mengieston, privately printed 1908
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