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Families covered: Aton of Ayton

Hamilton starts with the following Yvo "who held a high rank in the army of William of Normany, when he invaded England".
Yvo Vescey of Dalton (Yorkshire), etc (a 1066)
m. Alda Tyson (dau/heir of William Tyson of Alnwick)
1. Eustachus or Eustace "FitsJohn' Vescey
  Hamilton shows Eustachus as Yvo's elder son and then follows his line, the Veseys of Alnwick. However, TCP ('Vescy') identifies that Eustace not as Yvo's son but as his son-in-law (see below).
2. Lagi
  A. Gilbert de Aton (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
(1) Gilbert is reported to have taken his surname from the lands of Ayton or Aton in the Merse. However, electricscotland.com suggests that Ayton or Aiton is "a surname derived from the village of Eytown, now called Arton, in Berwickshire".
(2) BE1883 jumps from Gilbert son of Lagi to his great-grandson, Gilbert who m. Margerie de Vesci. We follow Banks (who is supported by Hamilton) who shows that Gilbert as grandson of this Gilbert, being son of ...
  i. William de Aton
  a. Gilbert de Aton (d c1235)
  m. Margerie de Vesci (dau of Warine de Vesci of Knapton)
  (1) William de Aton
(A) Gilbert de Aton (dsp 1303 or before 1285)
  BE1883 reports that this Gilbert was one of the knights of the Bath created by Prince Edward in 1306. TCP specifically rejects that view, reporting that it was his nephew Gilbert who was so knighted. Apart from reference to this matter, TCP starts with ...
  (B) William de Aton
  m. Isabel de Vere (dau of Sir Simon de Vere of Goxhill & Sproatley)
  (i) Sir Gilbert de Aton of West Ayton, 1st Lord (d 1342)
Sir Gilbert inherited various estates from the Vesci family. BE1883 is clear in identifying him as the 1st Lord. TCP shows only his son William as a Lord.
  (a) Sir William de Aton of Ayton, Malton, etc, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 2nd Lord (d before 03.1388/9)
  m. (before 01.1326/7) Isabel Percy (d c1368, dau of Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick)
  ((1)) William de Aton (dvpsp)
  ((2)) Anastasia de Aton
  m. Sir Edward de St. John (d 07.03.1388/9)
Visitation shows Anastasia's marriage by Sir Edward as without issue and her having a 2nd marriage, to Thomas Bromflete, by whom she was mother of Henry, Lord Vessy. Following TCP (Vescy), we show Anastasia's daughter (by Edward St. John) Margaret as married to Thomas, father of Lord Vessy (Vescy).
  ((3)) Katherine de Aton
  m. Sir Ralph Eure of Witton Castle (d 10.03.1421/2)
  ((4)) Elizabeth de Aton (d before 08.05.1402)
  m1. Sir William Playce or Playtz
  m2. John Conyers of Sockburn or Sokebourne (d before 06.03.1395/6)
  (b)+ other issue (d young) - William, Gilbert, Isabel
  (C) Isabel de Aton apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Roger Darcy of Oldcotes & Styrrup (d before 12.05.1284)
3. Beatrice de Vesci apparently of this generation --
  m. Eustace FitzJohn, lord of Knaresborough, later lord of Halton, Constable of Chester (b before 1100, d 07.1157) --

Main source(s): TCP ('Aton'), 'Baronage of England' (Banks, vol 2, 'Aton, Baron of Vesci', p15+), BE1883 ('Aton') with support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Aton'), Hamilton's 'Inquiry' (see Ayton2)
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