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Families covered: Argentine of Croxton, Argentine of Melbourn, Argentine of (Great) Wymondeley, Aslake of Ellough, Ashfordby of Cheshunt

Sir David de Argentine, later of Croxton (Cambridgeshire) (a temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
TCP reports that the family took its name from Argenton in Poitou and not, as reported by some, from Argenton in Berry or Argentan in Normandy. The name is spelt variously. We follow TCP & BE1883 which use 'Argentine' but 'Argentein' is widely used.
1. Roger de Argentine of Croxton
  m. Dionysia de Malet (dau of Gilbert de Malet of Cury Mallet)
Possibly son rather than brother of Roger was ...
2. Sir Reginald de Argentine of Great Wymondley, Hertfordshire (b 1098, d 1130) the first mentioned by BE1883
  Lipscomb shows Reginald's wife and mother of John as Maud but she is identified by BE1883 as Reginald's widow.
  m1. Lora de Montfort (dau of Robert de Montfort)
  A. Sir John de Argentine of Great Wymondley (b 1123, d 1198) this generation omitted by BE1883
m. Ellen (dau/eir of Guy FitzTecon)
  i. Sir Reginald de Argentine of Great Wymondley, Sheriff of Cambridge & Huntingdonshire (a 1216)
  m. Rose de Halesworth
  a. Sir Reginald de Argentine of Great Wymondley, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordshire, Cambridge & Huntingdonshire (b c1175, d 1246)
  m1. Emma de Broy (dau of Sir Robert de Broy)
  (1) Margery de Argentine
  m. Walter de Pateshull
  m2. Cassandra l'Isle (dau of Robert 'Isle of Rampton by Beatrice de Cormeilles)
(2) Sir Giles de Argentine of Melbourn (Cambridgeshire) & Great Wymondley, Governor of Windsor Castle (d before 24.11.1282) the first mentioned by TCP
  m. Margery de Aiguillon (dau/coheir of Sir Robert de Aiguillon, m2. Jordan de Sackville)
  (A) Reginald de Argentine of Melbourn & Wymondeley, 1st Lord (d before 03.03.1307/8)
  m. (1265?) Lora de Vere (d 1292, dau of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford)
  (i) John de Argentine, '2nd Lord' (d before 20.10.1318)
  m1. Joane Bryan (dau/heir of Sir Roger Bryan or Brien of Throcking)
  (a) Joane de Argentine
  m. Sir John le Boteler
  ((1)) Sir Edward Boteler
(b) Elizabeth de Argentine
  m. Sir William le Boteler
  (c) Dionyais de Argentine
  m2. Agnes Beresford (dau of William Beresford of Burton, m2. Sir John de Nereford, m3. Sir John de Maltravers)
  (d) Sir John de Argentine, '3rd Lord' (b c04.1318, d 11.1382)
  m. Margaret D'Arcy (dau of Robert D'Arcy of Great Sturton or Stretton)
  ((1)) Joan de Argentine (dvp)
  m. Sir Bartholomew Naunton
  ((A)) Margaret Naunton
  m. Robert Bokenham
((2)) Elizabeth de Argentine
  m. Sir Baldwin de St. George of Hatley St. George (a 1358)
  ((3)) Maud de Argentine
  m1. Sir Richard de Merton
m2. Sir Ives (Ivo) FitzWarren
  partner unknown
  ((4)) Sir William de Argentine of Wymondeley, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
  m1. Isabel Kerdeston (dau of Sir William Kerdeston)
  ((A)) John Argentine 'of Wymondeley'
  ((i)) John Argentine (dsp 1420)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Argentine
  m. William Alington
  ((iii)) Joan Argentine (dsp(m) 1428-9)
  m. Robert Alington
  m2. Margaret
  (B) Cassandra de Argentine
  m. Sir Ralph Perot of Radwell
  ii.+ other issue - Oliver, John, Reginald
  m2. Maud



Thomas Aslake of Aylow (Ellough), Suffolk
m. Elizabeth Bardolfe (dau of Thomas Bardolfe by Ellyn, dau/coheir of Sir Edmond Barrey by dau/heir of Sir Thomas Gerbridge)
1. William Aslake of 'Ellough, Willingham and' Carrow (Norfolk)
  m. Agnes Lavilll (dau of John Lavill of Bastwyke)
  A. William Aslake of Holme near the Sea, Norfolk
  m1. (div) Elizabeth Bateman (dau of John Bateman of Suffolk)
  i. Thomas Aslake (d young)
  m2. Mary Vowell (dau of William Vowell of Creke Abbey)
  B. Dorothy Aslake
  m. Christopher Playter of Soterley (d 1547)
  C. Mary Aslake
  m. William Lampytt
  D. Elizabeth Aslake
  m1. Thomas Bleverhassett (Blennerhassett)
  m2. John Lany of Cratfield



Commoners reported that a member of the family of Ashfordby which "was ancient and respectable in the county of Leicester" was ...
John Ashfordby of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire (b 1670, d 1747)
m1. Mary (b 1677-8, d 17.04.1717)
m2. Frances Poltock (d 06.04.1774)
1. John Ashfordby of Cheshunt (b 1726, d 1778)
  m. Ellen Hippisley-Trenchard (b 07.09.1745, d 11.1788, dau of Robert Hippisley-Trenchard of Stanton)
  A. John Ashfordby, later Ashfordby-Trenchard of Stanton, Wiltshire (b 1771)
  m1. Martha Cooke (d 1832, dau of William Croft Cooke of London)
  i. John Trenchard Craven Ashfordby-Trenchard of Stanton & Northaw (b 1800, d 10.03.1851, Rev.) had issue
  m. (27.08.1839) Mary Elizabeth Jane Davies (dau of Rev. Samuel Davies of Northaw, Hertfordshire)
  ii. Ellen Ashfordby-Trenchard (d 1834)
  m. Edward Rowden (vicar of Highworth)
  iii. Emma Ashfordby-Trenchard
  m. Rev. Anthony Crowdy
  iv.+ other issue - Walter, Frances (d 1831), Mary (d 1831)
  m2. (1834) _ Brooks of Kingham
2. Frances Ashfordby
  m. Matthew Michel of Chilterne (Commodore, later Admiral)
  A. Matthew Michel of Chilterne
  B. Anne Michel (d 31.01.1837)
  m. (02.06.1773) Sir Richard Onslow, Bart
3. Mary Ashfordby

Main source(s):
(1) For Argentine (uploaded 22.03.04, expanded 27.04.13, reviewed 29.08.15) : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Argentein', p13+) , BE1883 (Argentine), TCP (Argentine) with input (added 27.04.13, shown in italics) from various web sites
(2) For Aslake (uploaded 04.04.08) : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589, Aslake)
(3) For Ashfordby (uploaded 21.10.08) : Commoners (vol IV, Trenchard of Stanton), BLG1952 (Masters of Stanton Fitzwarren)
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