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Families covered: Barnardiston of Brightwell Hall, Barnardiston of Great Cotes, Barnardiston of Ketton (Kedington or Keddington)

Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton (Kedington), Sheriff of Suffolk & Norfolk then of Lincolnshire (d 11.1542)
m. Ann Lucas (d by 05.1560, dau of Thomas Lucas of Saxham or Little Saxmundham, Solicitor General)
1. Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Great Cotes and Ketton / Kedington / Keddington (b c1509, d 1551)
  m. Mary Walsingham (dau of Edward Walsingham of Scadbury)
  A. Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Great Cotes and Ketton / Kedington / Keddington (b c1543, d 23.12.1619)
  m1. Elizabeth Hanchet (b c1545, d 26.09.1584, dau of Thomas Hanchet or Hanchett of Hamells in Braughling)
i. Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Witham, Sheriff of Suffolk (dvp bur 29.07.1610)
  m1. Mary Knightley (d 03.03.1594, dau of Sir Richard Knightley of Fawsley)
  a. Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston of Ketton and Great Cotes, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 25.07.1653)
  m. Jane Soame (dau of Sir Stephen Soame of Little Thurlow Hall, Lord Mayor of London)
  (1) Sir Thomas Barnardiston, 1st Bart of Ketton and Great Cotes (bur 14.10.1669)
  m. Anne Armine (b 06.08.1624, bur 25.08.1671, dau of Sir William Armine of Osgodby)
(A) Sir Thomas Barnardiston, 2nd Bart of Ketton (b c1646, d 07.10.1698, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth King (d 1707, dau of Sir Robert King of the Boyle by Sophia Zouch)
  (i) Sir Thomas Barnardiston, 3rd Bart of Ketton (b 07.08.1674, d 11.1700)
  m. Anne Rothwell (d 21.02.1701, dau of Sir Richard Rothwell, Bart of Stapleford)
  (a) Elizabeth Barnardiston (b 23.01.1694, d unm bur 07.05.1711)
  (b) Anna Maria Barnardiston (bpt 01.07.1697, d 03.02.1750-1)
  m. (27.09.1716) Sir John Shaw, Bart of Altham (sb Eltham) (d 04.03.1739)
  (c) Charlotte Barnardiston (d 19.02.1731)
  m. (1720/9) Sir Arthur Abdy, Bart of Felix Hall (d 11.06.1733)
  (ii) Sir Robert Barnardiston, 4th Bart of Ketton (d unm 07.1728, 3rd son)
  m. ?? (bur 20.02.1737-8)
(iii) Sir Samuel Barnardiston, 5th Bart of Ketton (bpt, dsp 04.02.1735-6, 5th son)
  m. (08.1730) Catherine Wynne (bur 03.12.1757, dau of Sir Rowland Wynne, Bart of Nostel Abbey)
  (iv) John Barnardiston (bur 11.12.1731)
  m. Sophia Rich of Scotland (widow of William, brother of Lord Gray)
  (a) Sir John Barnardiston, 6th Bart of Ketton (dsp c1750/bur 29.09.1745)
  (v)+ other issue - Nathaniel (bpt 20.05.1679, d unm), Sophia (bur 15.03.1678-9), Elizabeth (bpt 02.06.1683, d infant), Armine (d infant)
(B) John Barnardiston (bpt 11.06.1658, dsp, 7th son)
  m. Margaret Cordell (dau of Sir Robert Cordell, Bart of Long Melford)
  (C) Mary Barnardiston
  m. (after 1667) Sir Joseph Brand of Edwardston
  (D) Anne Barnardiston (bpt 10.12.1655, d 11.10.1683)
  m. Sir Philip Skippon of Wrentham (d 08.08.1691, son of the parliamentary general)
  (E) Elizabeth Barnardiston (bpt 30.05.1659)
  m. Thomas Williams of Tendring Hall
  (F)+ other issue - Nathaniel (dvpsp), William (dsp), Nathaniel, Samuel (bpt 20.05.1654, dsp), Michael (bpt 19.07.1666, bur unm 07.06.1679), Joan (bpt 10.07.1643, bur 29.06.1664), Armine (bpt 22.12.1664, bur 10.04.1677), Martha (a 1668)
  (2) Nathaniel Barnardiston of Hackney
  m. Elizabeth Bacon (dau of Thomas Bacon of Fristow)
  (A) Sir Samuel Barnardiston, 2nd Bart of Brightwell Hall (dsp 03.01.1710)
  Samuel inherited the title and estates of his uncle Samuel (below).
  m. (13.08.1709) Martha Richmond (dau of Thomas Richmond of London)
  (B) Sir Pelatiah or Peletiah Barnardiston, 3rd Bart of Brightwell Hall (d unm 04.05.1712)
  (C) Jane Barnardiston
m. Robert Mann (son of an Alderman of Norwich)
  (D) Elizabeth Barnardiston
  m. Samuel Blackerby of Gray's Inn
  (E)+ other issue - Nathaniel (bur unm 10.09.1668), Anne (bur 13.12.1651), Martha (bur 24.12.1667)
  (3) Sir Samuel Barnardiston, 1st Bart of Brightwell Hall (dsp)
  m1. Thomasine Brand (dau of Joseph Brand of Edwardston)
  m2. Mary Reynardson (dau of Sir Abraham Reynardson, Lord Mayor of London)
  (4) Pelatiah or Peletiah Barnardiston of Hackney (bur 23.07.1679)
  m. Martha Turner (bur 29.06.1687, dau of Richard Turner of Totteridge, sister of Sir William of Bromley)
  (A) Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, 4th Bart of Brightwell Hall (dsp 21.09.1712)
  (B)+ other issue - Martha (bur 07.07.1671), Jane (bur 24.04.1673)
  (5) Arthur Barnardiston 'of Hoxton' (bur 07.01.1691-2, youngest son)
  m1. (02.01.1671-2) Mary Lloyd (bur 19.05.1687, dau of Sir Richard Lloyd of Hallom)
  (A) Samuel Barnardiston of London (b c1675, d 07.10.1725)
  m. Anne Blackerby (d 06.06.1727, dau of Samuel Blackerby of Gray's Inn)
(i) Samuel Barnardiston (d 15.02.1743)
  (B) Arthur Barnardiston, later of Brightwell Hall (b c1685, d 03.04.1737, 3rd son)
  m1. (1728) Anne Morrice (d 1731, dau of John Morrice of Newman's Hall)
  (i) Anne Barnardiston (bur 05.02.1763)
  m. (08.08.1752) Thomas Wetham of Wyboston & Stagenhoe Park (d 27.11.1806)
  (ii) Mary Barnardiston (d 29.07.1760)
  m. _ Jefferys
m2. (20.07.1732) Mary Jennens (bpt 13.10.1709, d 07.05.1788, dau of Richard Jennens of Princethorpe and Thorp Manedville)
  (iii) Elizabeth Barnardiston (d 18.03.1803)
  m. (25.11.1756) Richard Heber of Marton and Hodnet (b c1727, d 22.07.1766)
  (iv)+ other issue - Arthur (b 15.04.1737, d 15.02.1742-3), Jane (d unm bur 08.07.1737)
  (C) Mary Barnardiston (d 01.1732-3)
  m. Sir Robert Clarke, Bart of Snailwell (d 18.11.1746)
  (D)+ other issue - Nathaniel (d young), Jane (d unm)
  m2. Mary Luke (dau of Samuel Luke of Woodend)
  (6) Anne Barnardiston
  m. Sir John Rolt of Milton Ernest
  (7) Jane Barnardiston
  m1. John Brooke (dsp 1652, son of Sir Robert of Cockfield Hall)
  m2. Sir William Blois of Grundisburgh or Coxfield
(8)+ other issue (d unm) - William, John
  b. Arthur Barnardiston of the Inner Temple (bur 18.11.1677, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Harvey (dau of James Harvey of Dagenham, widow of Sir Roger Thornton of Snailwell)
  (1) Ann Barnardiston (d(sp?) 19.12.1696)
  m. Edward Fowler, Bishop of Gloucester (d 26.08.1714)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Arthur (bur 13.08.1711), Thomas (bpt 02.08.1635), Mary (bpt 21.03.163*)
  c. Thomas Barnardiston of London (b c1593, d 14.03.1681-2, 5th son)
  m1. Ann Austin (dau of Henry Austin or Austen of London)
  m2. (20.05.1635) Ann Polstead (dau of Henry Polstead of London)
d. Elizabeth Barnardiston
  m. Sir William Fish of Carlton
  e.+ other issue (d infant) - Thomas, Thomas, Mary
  m2. (sp) Katherine Banks (dsp 03.03.1632-3, dau of Thomas Banks of London)
  ii. Mary Barnardiston
  m1. Richard Colvile of Newton, Isle of Wight (d 1602)
  m2. Thomas Golding of Hinckworth
  iii. Anne or Elizabeth Barnardiston (d 19.12.1609)
  Maddison names her Elizabeth but TCP (Maynard) names her Anne (her daughter being married to the 1st Lord Maynard).
  m. Sir Anthony Everard of Great Waltham (d 1614)
  iv.+ other issue (d young?) - Edmund, William
m2. (c02.1587-8) Anne Bygrave of Bedfordshire
  vi. Giles Barnardiston of Clare, Suffolk
  m. Philippa Waldegrave (dau of Sir William Waldegrave of Smallbridge)
  a. Elizabeth Barnardiston (bpt 17.03.1619-20)
  m. _ Plumbe of Essex
  b. Anne Barnardiston (bpt 27.11.1634)
  m. _ Johnson of London
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 09.04.1621, dsp), Giles (bpt 01.05.1622, d infant),Giles (bpt 26.01.1624-5, d 11.11.1680), William (bpt 03.09.1637, dsp), Philip (bpt 26.01.1631-2), Jemima (dsp)
  vii. Hannah Barnardiston (bpt 07.11.1605) shown by BEB1841 as a generation later
  m. (24.05.1623) John Brograve of Hamels in Braughling (bpt 24.04.1597, bur 21.02.1670-1)
  viii. Ann Barnardiston (b c1594, d 04.02.1614-5)
  m. (01.01.1610-1) Sir William Clopton of Kentwell Hall (b 1590-1, d 03.1618)
  ix.+ other issue - Samuel (d young), Grisel (bpt 01.04.1593, d unm 27.06.1609)
B. Elizabeth Barnardiston
  m1. John Everard
  m2. Sir Charles Framlingham of Crowshall
  C. Anne Barnardiston
  m. William Clopton of Liston Hall (b 1538-9, d 25.10.1612)
  D. Hannah Barnardiston (d unm)
2. John Barnardiston (b after 1520, 4th son)
  m. (1560) Elizabeth
3. Agnes Barnardiston
  m. William Ayloffe of Braxted, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (a 1563)
4. Elizabeth Barnardiston
  m1. Bartholomew Brokesby of Great Bradley
  m2. (before 12.1559) Francis Clopton of Kedington (dsp)
5. Mary Barnardiston
  m. William Strangman of Hadley Castle
6.+ other issue - Leonard of Malden (a 1543, rector of Beaumont), William (rector of Langham then Ketton), Margaret (a 1560), Anne (a 1560)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Barnardiston of Great Cotes, Lincoln, Kedington or Ketton, Suffolk, and of Ryes Lodge, Essex), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Barnardiston of Ketton and Brightwell, Suffolk) with support from Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Barnardiston), Barnardiston [of Northill]), BEB1841 (Barnardiston of Ketton), BEB1841 (Barnardiston of Brightwell)
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