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Families covered: Barneby of Barneby (Barnby of Barnby Hall)
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(1) Hunter & Foster spell the family name 'Barnby', without the e. Somewhat arbitrarily, we name the page using 'Barneby' as that, along with Barnaby, appears to be more used in modern times.
(2) Commoners (vol IV, 'Barneby of Brockhampton'), a source used for Barneby01, reports that that family was "probably a younger branch of the ancient family of Barnby, of Barnby Hall, in the parish of Calthorne, in the East Riding of (Yorkshire), where they continued to flourish till the last century, when they expired in co-heirs."
(3) Hunter identifies the arms of this family as "Or, a lion rampant sable powdered with escallop shells argent". Foster identifies the arms, quartered with those of Nuthill, as "Or, a lion rampant sable charged with 2 escallops argent".
William de Denby
m. Sara (dau of Sir Alexander Venavre, Venour, or Le Hunt or Le Hunter)
1. ?? de Denby of Over Denby & Okynthorp (dsp)
2. Robert de Denby in Barnby
  m. _ Cave (dau of sir Richard Cave)
  A. Robert de Barnby
  m. Margaret de Dronsfield (dau of John de Dronsfield)
  i. Edmund de Barnby
  m. Alice de Midhope( dau/heir of John de Midhope)
  a. Robert de Barnby of Barnby & Midhope (a 1354)
  m. Alice de Derlby (dau of Oliver de Serlby)
  (1) John (or Edmond) Barnby of Barnby (Barneby of Barneby) - continued below
  ii. Thomas de Barnby (a 1344, rector of Kirk-Heton)
3.+ 4 other sons



John (or Edmond) Barnby of Barnby (Barneby of Barneby) - continued above
Hunter continues his pedigree with John, father of John who m. Margaret Bosvile. Visitation (1563-4) starts with Edmond, father of Robert or John (who m. Margaret Bosvyle) by ...
m. Dennys Ellys (dau/heir of Sir John Ellys of Medhope)
1. Robert or John Barnby (a 1451)
  m. Margaret Bosvyle (dau of John Bosvyle, sister of John)
  A. Robert Barnby of Barnby the first mentioned by Foster
m. Alice Rockley (dau of Robert Rockley of Rockley Hall)
  i. John Barneby of Barneby (Barnby of Barnby)
  Hunter identifies John's wife as Agnes, dau/coheir (with Isabel, wife of John Freschvile of Staveley) of Laurence Skelbrice by Elizabeth, sister/heir of Sir Anthony Nuthill. Visitation (1563-4) shows John as married to a daughter of Syckley Prys by the sister/heir of Thomas Nuthyll but then provides a note reporting that Poulson's Holderness (i) "says that in 1478 John Barneby's wife was "Agnes, dau/coheir of Lawrence Sekelbrice by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Nuthill of Nuthill & sister/heir of Sir Anthony. Provisionally, we follow Foster who identifies her as ...
  m. Isabell Bosvile (dau of John Bosvile of Newhall)
  a. Charles Barneby of Barneby (Barnby of Barnby)
m. Dionysia (Denys) Hildiard (dau of Robert Hildiard (Hildyard or Hyllyard) of Winestead)
  (1) Ralph Barneby of Barneby (Barnby of Barnby Hall) (d by 1559)
  Visitation (1563-4) shows Ralph (Raff)'s wife, and mother of Raff & Deiny, was a daughter of Thomas Roukesby of Sandall. Foster, who adds a note to say that one source shows that this was (his brother) John, identifies the mother of Ralph's children was a Picard. Hunter identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Ricard (sister of Nicholas Ricard of Sandal-parva, niece of William Rokeby, Archbishop of Dublin)
  (A) Ralph Barnby of Barnby Hall (dvp)
  m. (before 1531) Beatrix Waterton (dau of Sir Thomas Waterton of Walton, m2. Hugh Wentworth)
  (i) Thomas Barnby of Barnby Hall (a 1585)
  m. Beatrix Burdett (dau of Thomas Burdett of Burthwaite)
(a) Sir Charles Barnby of Barnby Hall (b c1569, a 1601)
  m. Hester Disney (dau of Daniel Disney of Norton Disney)
  ((1)) Thomas Barnby 'of Barnby' (b c1601, a 1654)
  m. Mary Green (dau of William Green of Micklethwaite, alias the Bank)
  ((A)) Francis Barnby (d young)
  ((B)) Beatrix Barnby
  m. John Allot of Bentley
  ((C)) Mary Barnby
  m. Nicholas Bowdon of Bowdon (bpt 1622, d 20.03.1667)
  ((2)) Mary Barnby (b c1596)
  (b) William Barnby (4th son?)
  m. Ann Haigh (dau of John Haigh)
  (c) Frances Barnby
  m. Walter Spencer of London
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Mary
  (d) Mary Barnby
m. Thomas Barley of Yorkshire
  (e)+ other issue - Francis, Gervas (dsp), John (dsp), Robert, Isabell, Joan, Dorothy, Beatrix
  (ii)+ other issue - Charles, Elizabeth, Agnes
  (B)+ other issue - Brian (dsp), Margaret, Dorothy, Dionisia
  (2) Jane Barnby
  m. John Bosvile of Ardsley
  (3) Muriel (Meryell) Barnby
  m. John Bosvile of Gunthwaite
  (4) Elizabeth Barnby
m. Robert Sheffield
  (A) Robert Sheffield
  (5) Dionysia (Denys) Barnby
  m. _ Snydal (Syndall)
  (A) Crystofer Syndall
  (6) Ann Barnby
  m. _ Linacre
  (7)+ other isuse - John, Thomas, William of Bilton (a 1575), Hugh, Kateren
  b. Agnes Barnby (a 1455) possibly the Ann who married ...
  m. (1497) William Levett of Normanton & Melton
  c.+ other issue (a 1455) - Elizabeth, Alice
  ii. Nicholas Barneby mentioned by Foster
  iii.+ other issue - Edmund (cleric), William Robert, Nicholas mentioned by Hunter

Main source(s): 'The History and Topography of the Deanery of Doncaster' (Joseph Hunter, vol 2 (1831), 'Pedigree of Barnby of Barnby', p233) with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Barneby of Barneby'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Barnby of Barnby Hall')
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