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Families covered: Borthwick of Borthwick, Borthwick of Colylaw, Borthwick of Johnstonburn, Borthwick of Pilmuir, Borthwick of Sauchnell, Borthwick of Soltray

Thomas de Borthwick (a 1357)
1. Sir William Borthwick (d c1414)
  A. Sir William Borthwick
  m. ?? Hay (dau of Sir Thomas Hay of Locherworth)
  i. William Borthwick, 1st Lord (a 1457)
a. William Borthwick, 2nd Lord (d before 07.02.1484)
  m. (1458) Mariot Hoppringle 'of that ilk'
  (1) Sir William Borthwick, 3rd Lord (d 20.05.1503)
  (A) William Borthwick, 4th Lord (d 1543)
TSP admits some uncertainty as to whether or not this William died at Flodden (09.09.1513) or in 1543-4 and shows two Williams, the 4th Lord who died in 1513 (with no children shown other than William, 5th Lord, and no wife identified) and the 5th Lord who died in 1543. 'New Extinct Peerage' is clear that the 4th Lord died in 1543. We follow 'New Extinct Peerage' and so hereafter differ with TSP on the numbering of the Lords Borthwick.
  m. (1491) Margaret Hay (dau of John Hay, 1st Lord of Yester)
  (i) Thomas Borthwick (dvpsp after 28.11.1528)
  m. Mariot Seton (dau of George Seton, 3rd Lord)
  (ii) John Borthwick, 5th Lord (b 1520, d 03.1566)
  m. Isobel Linsday (d 15.11.1577, dau of David Lindsay, 8th Earl of Crawford)
  (a) William Borthwick, 6th Lord (d 10.1582)
  m. Grizel Scott (dau of Sir Walter Scott of Branxholme and Buccleuch)
  ((1)) William, Master of Borthwick (dvp 17.03.1570-1)
  ((2)) James Borthwick, 7th Lord (b 24.06.1570, d 12.1599)
  m. (1582) Margaret Hay (dau of William Hay, Lord of Yester)
  ((A)) John Borthwick, 8th Lord (d 11.1623)
  m. (before 1616) Lilias Kerr (d 10.07.1659, dau of Mark Kerr, 1st Earl of Lothian)
  ((i)) John Borthwick, 9th Lord (b 09.02.1616, dsp before 27.11.1675)
m. (23.08.1649) Elizabeth Kerr (b 06.09.1633, dau of Sir William Kerr, 1st/3rd Earl of Lothian)
  ((ii)) James Borthwick (a 1624)
  ((iii)) Margaret Borthwick (bpt 11.08.1617)
  m. Robert Dundas of Harvieston
  ((B)) James Borthwick
  ((3)) William Borthwick
  m. Agnes Borthwick (dau of William Borthwick of Crookston)
  ((4))+ other issue including John, Alexander (a 01.1601, Captain)
(b) Mariota Borthwick
  m. Andrew Hoppringle of Galashiels (d 1585)
  (c) Isobel Borthwick
  m1. Thomas Davidson of Hedderwick
  m2. William Hart in Edinburgh
  (d) Margaret Borthwick
  m. Patrick Hepburn (parson of Kinoir)
  (iii) Catherine Borthwick --
  m. Sir James Crichton of Frendraught (d c1536) --
  (iv) JanetBorthwick --
  m. (c1530) Alexander Lauder of Hatton --
  (v) Margaret Borthwick (d by 1556)
  m. Sir John Borthwick of Cineray (d before 09.12.1570)
  (B) Adam Borthwick (a 1505)
  (C) Alexander Borthwick of Nenthorn (d before 17.08.1513)
  m. Margaret Lawson (dau of _ Lawson of Humbie)
  (i) William Borthwick, 1st of Soltray and in Johnstonburn (d before 09.05.1541)
  m. Janet Sinclair
  (a) William Borthwick, 2nd of Soltray and in Johnstonburn (d before 05.1549)
  ((1)) William Borthwick, 3rd of Soltray and of Johnstonburn (d 1563)
  m. Katherine Creighton
  ((A)) William Borthwick, 4th of Soltray and of Johnstonburn (d 24.01.1640)
  m. Barbara Lawson ('dau of James Lawson of Humbie')
  ((i)) William Borthwick, 5th of Soltray and of Johnstonburn (d before 01.1663, Colonel)
  m. Janet Lies
  ((a)) William Borthwick of Johnstonburn, de jure 10th Lord (d before 28.06.1690)
  m. (28.04.1665) Marion Moorehead
  (((1))) William Borthwick of Johnstonburn, de jure 11th Lord (bpt 08.02.1666, dsp Ramillies 23.05.1706)
  (((2))) Barbara Borthwick (bpt 09.05.1677, a 05.1706)
  m. (06.1702) William Borthwick of Falahill
  (((3)))+ other issue - David (bpt 27.10.1675, dsp before 05.1706), Walter (dsp before 05.1706), Robert (bpt 07.06.1687, dsp before 05.1706), Helen (bpt 03.07.1678, d young), Isobel (bpt 13.05.1683, d young), Katherine (bpt 08.06.1685, a 05.1706), Marion (d young)
  ((ii)) Alexander Borthwick in Johnstonburn, etc
  m. Sibila Cairnes (d 1650, dau of William Cairnes of Pilmuir)
  ((a)) William Borthwick of Pilmuir and Mayshiell (d 07.1689)
  m1. (01.1666) Marion Borthwick (d 03.1676, dau of James Borthwick of Stow)
(((1))) Mary Borthwick
  m. Sir Alexander Livingston of Glentirran
  (((2))) Margaret Borthwick
  m. (01.1698) John Campbell of Knockreoch
  (((3))) other children (d young)
  m2. (10.1677) Marjorie Steuart (dau of Harry Steuart)
  (((4))) Henry Borthwick of Pilmuir, de jure 12th Lord (d 27.05.1706)
  m. Mary Pringle (dau of Sir Robert Pringle, Bart of Stichill)
  (((A))) William Borthwick 'of Johnstonburn' of Pilmuir, de jure 13th Lord (dsp 28.11.1723)
  m. Jean Ker (dau of Robert Ker of Kersland)
  (((B))) Henry Borthwick of Mayshiell, 14th Lord (dsp 06.09.1772)
m. (05.03.1770) Margaret Drummond (dau of George Drummond of Droich)
  m3. (1682) Euphame Young
  ((b)) Agnes Borthwick
  m. (22.06.1654) George Pringle
  ((c))+ other issue - Alexander (dsp before 1689), John (bpt 30.07.1648, d young), Adam (dsp before 1689), Thomas in Saltcoats (dsp 11.1672), Sibilla (bpt 07.07.1650)
  ((iii)) Isabel Borthwick apparently of this generation
  m. (28.07.1618) Andrew Lauder
  ((B)) Alexander Borthwick in Reidhall, later of Sauchnell (d before 24.01.1640)
  ((i)) Andrew Borthwick of Sauchnell (a 1623)
  m. Margaret Turnbull
  ((a)) Charles Borthwick of Sauchnell (b c1638, dsp 15.05.1718)
  ((a)) Archibald Borthwick (d 03.1727, minister)
  m1. ??
  (((1))) Patrick Borthwick in Castlesteads, de jure 15th Lord (d 06.10.1772)
  m. Marion Scott
  (((A))) Archibald Borthwick, de jure 16th Lord (b 13.05.1732, d 13.07.1815) had issue
m. (04.1777) Margaret Nicolson (d 08.12.1833, dau of James Scott)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Borthwick
  m. Robert Davidson of Marchcleuch
  m2. (17.01.1701) Katherine Lawson (dau of James Lawson of Carirnsmuir)
  (((3))) Barbara Borthwick (bpt 09.09.1703)
  m. Patrick Hepburn in Edinburgh
  (((4))) Katherine Borthwick (d young)
((ii)) Walter Borthwick in Edinburgh (dsp before 23.09.1676)
  ((C)) Margaret Borthwick presumably the Margaret who married ...
  m. Robert Lauder 'of that ilk' (d 10.05.1598)
  ((D)) ChristianBorthwick
  ((2)) Robert Borthwick of Threeburnford (a 11.1565)
  (b)+ other issue (a 01.1556) - George, James
  (D) Agnes Borthwick --
  m. (by 1489) David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassillis (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
(E) Catherine Borthwick --
  m. William Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn (b c1493, d 03.1547-8) --
  (F) Mary Borthwick
  m. James Hoppringle of Galashiels
  (G) Margaret Borthwick
  m. Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin (d after 1509)
(2) Sir Thomas Borthwick of Colylaw (a 1473, 3rd son)
  m. Helen Rutherford
  (A) Alan Borthwick of Colylaw and Boorhouses (a 1503)
  (3)+ other issue - James of Glengelt (a 1481), Alexander (a 1495)
  b. John Borthwick, 1st of Crookston (a 1446) not mentioned by TSP
  m. Margaret
  c. Margaret Borthwick --
  m. (before 04.12.1450) Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood (d 1476) --
  d. Agnes Borthwick --
  m. (before 23.12.1452) Sir Archibald Dundas, 13th of Dundas, Sheriff of Linlithgow --
  e.+ other issue - James, Thomas
  ii. Janet Borthwick --
  m1. Sir James Douglas, 1st Lord of Dalkeith --
  m2. Sir George Crichton, Earl of Caithness, Lord High Admiral (dspl 1455) --
  iii. Margaret Borthwick --
  m1. Sir William Abernethy (dvp Harlaw 24.07.1411) --
  m2. (after 09.12.1421) William Douglas, younger of Dalkeith (b 1390, dvpsp)
  B. Janet Borthwick
  m. Adam Hepburn
2. daughter possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie (d before 1417) --

Main source(s): TSP (Borthwick), 'New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971' by L.G. Pine (published by Heraldry Today, ISBN 0-90045523-3)
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