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Families covered: Douglas of Aberdour, Douglas of Borg, Douglas of Dalkeith, Douglas of Hermiston, Douglas of Morton

Sir Andrew Douglas of Hermiston (d c1277)
1. William Douglas of Hermiston (a 1277, 1296)
  A. James Douglas of Lothian (d by 04.1323)
  m. Joan?
i. Sir William Douglas of Lugton and Liddesdale ("the Flower of Chivalry", d 08.1353)
  m. Elizabeth Graham (dau of Sir John de Graham of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale)
  a. Mary Douglas (dsps by 30.06.1367)
  m1. (1361, divorced by 1365) Reginald More of Abecorn
  m2. (c1365) Sir Thomas Erskine of that ilk (d before 28.05.1404)
  ii. Sir John Douglas of Lothian (d 1350, 'Captain of Lochleven')
  m. Agnes ('widow of John Monfode', sister of Sir John Graham of Dalkeith)
a. Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (b c1330, d 1420)
  m1. (21.11.1372) Agnes Dunbar (dau of Sir Patrick Dunbar)
  (1) Sir James Douglas, 1st Lord Dalkeith
  m1. (c 24.03.1381-2) Elizabeth Stewart (dau of John Stewart, King Robert III)
  (A) William Douglas (b 1390, dvpsp)
  m. (after 09.12.1421) Margaret Borthwick (dau of Sir William Borthwick)
(B) James Douglas, 2nd Lord Dalkeith
  m. Elizabeth Gifford (dau of James Gifford of Sheriffhall)
  (i) James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton (d by 22.10.1492)
  m. (by 05.1459) Joanna Stewart (b 1431, d after 1493, dau of James Stewart, King James I of Scots)
(a) John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton (d by 09.1515)
  m. Janet Crichton (dau of Patrick Crichton of Cranstonriddel)
  ((1)) James Douglas, 3d Earl of Morton (d by 04.11.1550)
  m. Katherine Stewart (dau of James Stewart, King James IV of Scots)
  ((A)) Margaret Douglas --
  m. (c23.09.1532) James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, Duke of Chatelherault, Regent of Scotland (d 22.01.1575) --
  ((B)) Beatrix Douglas (a 1528, a 10.1583)
  m. Robert Maxwell, 6th Lord of Carlaverock (d 13.09.1552)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Douglas
  m. (1543) James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, Regent of Scotland (dspm 02.06.1581)
((2)) Richard Douglas
  ((3)) Elizabeth Douglas --
  m. Robert Keith, Master of Marischal (dvp after 1513) --
  ((4)) Agnes Douglas (b c1505) --
  m. Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord of Callendar (b c1500, d 1553/before 04.01.1551) --
  (b) James Douglas
  (c) Janet Douglas (d before 21.02.1490-1) --
  m. Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell (d 18.10.1508) --
  (d) Elizabeth or Janet Douglas --
The identity of Thomas Erskine's wife is not certain. She may not have been a daughter of the 1st Earl of Morton although that is often stated, sometimes as Elizabeth but perhaps more often as Janet.
  m. Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord (d by 1493) --
  (C) Henry Douglas of Borg ('of Dalkeith')
  m. Margaret Douglas (dau of James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas)
  (i) Hugh Douglas of Borg (renounced Earldom in 1474) who apparently married ...
  m. Christian Seton (dau of George Seton, 1st Lord)
m2. Janet Borthwick (dau of Sir William Borthwick of Borthwick)
  (D) Sir William Douglas, 1st of Whittinghame (d by 02.1484) --
  m1. Euphemia --
  m2. Margaret Fleming
  (2) William Douglas of Mordingtoun (a 1406)
  (3) Agnes Douglas (a 1422) --
  m1. (mcrt 15.08.1381) Sir John Livingston of Callendar (d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402) --
  m2. John Gordon of Gordon
  (4) Janet (Jacoba) Douglas --
m1. (mcrt 01.11.1388) Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow --
  m2. Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig
  (5) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Walter Tweedie of Drumelzier (a 1373)
  m2. (c10.1378) Egidia Stewart (d by 06.1406, dau of Walter Stewart, 6th High Stewart of Scotland)
  partner(s) unknown
  (6) Sir James Douglas of Aberdour (a 1390, 1415)
  (7) John Douglas of Aberdour (dvp by 1406)
  (8) Margaret Douglas
  m1. (by 10.1372) Philip Arbuthnot of that ilk, 8th de Aberbuthnot
  m2. _ Fleming of Braid
  b. Sir William Douglas (a 1406)
c. John Douglas of Strabrock (dsp by 1366)
  m. Mariota de Cheyne (dau/coheir of Reginald de Cheyne, m2. John, son of Sir Edward Keith (Marischal))
  d. Sir Henry Douglas of Lugton and Lochleven --
  m. Marjory Stewart (d 1438, dau of Sir John Stewart of Ralston) --
  e. Thomas Douglas (a 1351, d by 1390)
  f. Nicholas Douglas, 1st of Dounteray, Wakefield and Mains (d by 05.1406)
  m. (mcrt 09.1373) Janet Galbraith (dau of William Galbraith of Gartconnell)
  g. Ellen Douglas (d by 07.1377)
  h. Margaret Douglas (b c1325, d by 07.1377) --
  m. (c1342) Sir Adam de Glendonwyne of that ilk --
  i. Elizabeth Douglas (a 1406)
  iii. James Douglas (d 1335)
  iv. Elizabeth Douglas --
  m. Sir Thomas Somerville --
  v. Joanna Douglas possibly of this generation --
  m. Hugh Gifford of Yester (d c1366) --
  B. Andrew Douglas of Creswell (a 1351)

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