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This family name is sometimes spelled 'Arbuthnott'. We follow the spelling shown on the family's web site mentioned below.
Hugh de Swinton, 1st of Aberbothenoth
m. (?) daughter of Osbert Oliphard, the Crusader
1. Duncan, 2nd de Aberbothenoth (b by1206, d c20.03.1238)
  A. Hugh, 3rd de Aberbothenoth (d c1238)
  i. Sir Hugh 'le Blond', 4th de Aberbothenoth (a 08.1282)
  m. dau of ? de Morville ??
  a. Duncan, 5th de Aberbothenoth (d 13.12.1314)
  (1) Duncan, 6th de Aberbothenoth
(A) Hugo, 7th de Aberbuthnot (d c05.1355)
  (i) Philip, 8th de Aberbuthnot
  m1. Janet Keith (dau of Sir William Keith, Marischal)
  (a)+ 2 daughters
  m2. (by 10.1372) Margaret Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith)
  (c) Hugh Arbuthnot, 9th of Arbuthnot (d 1446)
  m. Margaret Keith (d 1419, dau of Sir Robert Keith, Marischal)
((1)) Robert Arbuthnot, 10th of Arbuthnot (d 21.02.1450)
  m. Giles Ogilvy (dau of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, High Treasurer)
  ((A)) David Arbuthnot, 11th of Arbuthnot (d 1470)
  m. Elizabeth Durham ('of Grange', d c10.03.1488, possibly dau of John Durham, 3rd of Grange)
  ((i)) Robert Arbuthnot, 12th of Arbuthnot (d before 11.01.1506)
  m1. Margaret Wishart (dau of James Wishart of Pittarow)
m2. (mcrt 10.09.1475) Mariota Scrymgeour (d 08.01.1518, dau of Sir James Scymgeour of Dudhope)
  ((ii)) Hugh Arbuthnot had issue in France
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Arbuthnot (a 01.1506)
  m. (before 04.09.1464) Patrick Barclay of Grandtully (b 1456)
  ((iv)) Giles or Cecilly Arbuthnot
  m1. _ Cargill of Lessington
  m2. Alexander Fraser of Durris
  ((v)) Christian Arbuthnot (a 1487)
  ((vi)) Catherine Arbuthnot
  m. (before 03.06.1487) Alexander Grahame
  ((B)) Hugh Arbuthnot (d before 28.09.1477)
  m. Janet Balmakewan (dau of George Balmakewan of that ilk)
  ((i)) John Arbuthnot of Eater Brichty (d 29.10.1531)
  m. Janet Mason of Dundee
  ((a)) Katherine Arbuthnot
  m. Gorthie of that ilk
  ((b)) Margaret Arbuthnot
  m1. (mcrt 26.10.1515) Alexander Balbirnie of Inverichte
  m2. John Ogilvy
  ((ii)) David Arbuthnot
  m. Christian Rhind (of Carse)
  ((a)) John Arbuthnot of Portertown (d before 02.04.1576)
  m. Christian Fraser (of Durris)
  (((1)))+ 5 sons and several daughters
  ((b))+ 4 sons and many daughters
  ((iii)) Hugh Arbuthnot
  m. dau of Hay of Sandford
  ((a))+ several daughters
  ((iv)) William Arbuthnot
  ((v)) Alexander Arbuthnot
  ((C)) Robert Arbuthnot of Banff (a 1503)
  m. ? Lychtoun
  m2. / partner(s)
  ((i)) John Arbuthnot (a 1488)
  ((ii)) William Arbuthnot (a 1503)
((D)) Alexander Arbuthnot (d young 12.10.1465)
  ((E)) James Arbuthnot had issue
  m. dau of Grahame of Morphie
  ((F)) William Arbuthnot (d 18.03.1486) had issue
  m. dau of Abirkyrdo of Dundee
  ((G)) Catherine Arbuthnot
  m. (1459) John Allardyce of that ilk
  ((2)) Margaret Arbuthnot
  m. Andrew Menzies (Provost of Aberdeen)
  (d) Margaret/Marjorie Arbuthnot
  m. (c1410) Sir William Monypenny
  (ii) Helen Arbuthnot probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Cumming
  (2) daughter
  m. Straiton of Lauriston
  B. Alwinus de Aberbothenoth (a 1241)

Main source(s):
(1) TSP (Arbuthnott)
(2) The very impressive Arbuthnot family web site at www.kittybrewster.com
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