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Families covered: Bradshaw of Bradshaw, Bradshaw (Bradshaw-Isherwood) of Marple, Bradshaw of Windley, Bradshaw of Wyberslegh
[Over the years we have tried a few times to pull together the various Bradshaw families into something in which we could had a good level of confidence. We have not fully succeeded. It is clear that others have tried before us and, like us, were confused by the fact that there were different places called Bradshaw in different counties. Normally we give precedence to later sources over earlier ones but we are aware that that is not always merited. We called a halt to the review on 05.05.24, leaving sundry notes to help others. As always, we are open to suggesions on how to improve what we show.]

HoP ("Roger Bradshaw") starts with 2 brothers whom we shows as sons of ...
?? Bradshaw
1. Nicholas Bradshaw of Stafford (dsp c1417)
2 Roger Bradshaw of Milwich, Staffordshire (d c1431, MP for Derby)
  m. (1405) Elizabeth Meynell (d 1383, dau/coheir of Sir Ralph Meynell of Langley Meynell & Hints (who d 1388), widow of William Cramshawe)
  HoP reports that Roger had at least 1 son who was probably ...
  A. William Bradshaw of Milwich
  BLG1886 starts with the following Thomas other than to identify him as "2nd son of Roger Bradshaw, M.P. ... by a dau. and co-heir of Mesnil, of Mesnil Langley".
B. Thomas Bradshaw (d 1452)
m. Joan Francis (dau of John Francis of Windley)
  i. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw Hall & Windley the first mentioned by Ormerod & Visitation
  (1) When we first prepared this page (in November 2007), we did so using Ormerod "and extracts from 'The Reliquary' (vol VII, 1866-7)". That reference must have been wrong as, in our review in 2024, we checked that source (here) and could not find those relevant extracts. This is unfortunate not least because it must have been that source which showed this John (a 1425) as son of William of Bradshaw (a 1385) son of Sir Thomas Bradshaw of Bradshaw (a 1339). Note that BLG1886 reports that John "built Bradshaw Hall, near Chapel-en-le-Frith, in the Peak". It is possible that this Bradshaw, in Derbyshire, has been confused with the earlier Bradshaw. It seems that there were different Bradshaw Halls - one in Cheshire, one in Derbyshire, and one in Lancashire.
(2) BLG1862 shows John (d 1523, m. Cicely, dau of Thomas Fuljambe of Wyndley) as son of George (a 1400, 2nd son of John Bradshaw of Bradshaw) by the dau/heir of Sir William Skeffington and then reports that John was grandfather of the Henry who m. Elizabeth, dau of Robert Eyre of Hassop. Provisionally, we view that as wrong. Note that BLG1862 then reports that Henry was father (by Elizabeth Curzon) of Richard Bradshaw of Alderwasley and then jumps from that Richard to his great-great-grandson, Henry of Holbrook (m. Ellen Hill, d 1649 (sb 1679)) for whom ## see here ##.
(3) BLG1886 identifies John's wife as Cicely, dau/heir of Thomas Folger or Fulsher, heiress of Champeyne Park, in Duffield, and lands in Windley. Ormerod & Visitation name her ...
  m. Cicely Foljambe (dau of Thomas Foljambe) identified by BLG1862 as 'of Wyndley'
a. William Bradshaw of Bradshaw Hall & Windley
  m. Elizabeth Kyrke (dau of Edward Kyrke of Whitehough)
  Ormerod & Visitation identify William as father, by his wife _ Kirke, of Henry (m. Elizabeth Eyre). Provisonally we follow BLG1886 which shows that William dsp and that Henry was son of his brother ...
  b. Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw & Windley (d 1548-9)
  m. Eleanor Curzon (dau of Richard Curzon of Keddlestone)
  (1) Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw & Windley (d 1520)
Ormerod, Visitation & BLG1862 all identify Henry's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Robert Eyre, but BLG1862 suggests that Robert Eyre was 'of Hassop'. We suspect, but have not proved, that Elizabeth was of a different family (as indicated).
  m. Elizabeth Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre) ## see here ##
  (A) John Bradshaw of Bradshaw & Windley (d 1558-9)
  Ormerod does not name John's wife. Visitation identifies her as Isabel, dau of John Kynardesley of Staffordshire. BLG1886 identifies her as ...
  m. Isabel Kynardsley (dau of Thomas Kynardsley of Loxley (in Staffordshire))
BLG1886 does not indicate that John & Isabel had any children, just reporting that John was succeeded by his brother William. Ormerod & Visitation report that he had a son Richard who dsp. It appears that 'The Reliquary' mentioned above, which we have not rediscovered, named their son as William who married Katherine, dau of Ellis Stalye, but dsp.
  (i) Anne Bradshaw possibly of this generation
  m. John Fowke of Gunston
  (B) William Bradshawe of Bradshaw Hall
  m. Margaret Clayton (dau of Christopher Clayton of Styrdes Hall)
  (i) Godfrey or Geoffrey Bradshawe of Bradshaw & Windley (d 1575-6)
  Named Godfrey by Ormerod & BLG1886 but Geoffrey by Visitation (Dugdale, Derbyshire, 1569+1611, 'Bradshaw of Windley').
  m. Emma Shalcross (dau of Anthony Shalcross of Shalcross)
  (ii) Henry Bradshaw of Marple Hall & Wyberslegh Hall (d 1611/19-20) - continued below
  m. Dorothy Bagshaw (dau of Christopher Bagshaw)
  (iii) Elizabeth Bradshawe
  m. John Bagshaw
  (iv)+ other issue - Francis, Anthony, John, Margaret
  (C) Elizabeth Bradshawe
  m. Christopher Bagshaw (Bruckshaw)
  (D Anne Bradshawe (dsp)



Henry Bradshaw of Marple Hall & Wyberslegh Hall (d 1611/19-20) - continued above
Ormerod identifies Henry's wife as Dorothy, dau/co-heir of George Bagshaw of Ridge, Derbyshire. BLG1952, which starts with this Henry (except to identify him as 2nd son of William of Bradshaw Hall by Margaret Clayton), identifies his wife as ...
m. Dorothy Bagshaw (heir of Christopher Bagshaw of Mollin Knowle, Derbyshire)
1. Henry Bradshaw of Marple Hall (bur 03.08.1654)
  m. (04.02.1593/4) Catherine Winnington (bur 24.01.1603/4, dau of Ralph Winnington of Offerton Hall)
  A. Henry Bradshaw of Marple & Wyberslegh (bpt 23.01.1600, d 1669/bur 15.03.1661, Colonel, 2nd son)
  m1. Mary Welles (dau of Bernard Welles of Stoke)
  i. Henry Bradshaw of Marple Hall & Wyberslegh, later of Bradshaw Hall (d 04.10.1698)
  Henry bought Bradshaw Hall from John Bradshaw of Bradshaw.
  m. Magdalene or Elizabeth Barcroft (dau of Thomas Barcroft of Barcroft Hall)
  a. Henry Bradshaw of Marple & Bradshaw Hall, Sheriff of Derbyshire (bpt 28.08.1666, dsp 18.01.1735/6)
  m. Elizabeth Legh (d 10.12.1724, dau of Richard Legh of East Hall in High Legh)
  b. Thomas Bradshaw of Marple & Bradshaw Hall (bpt 08.06.1672, d unm bur 26.01.1743/4)
c. Mary Bradshaw
  m1. John Pimlot (per BLG1952) or William Pimplott (per Ormerod)
  (1) John Pimlott of Bradshaw & Marple
  m. Alice (she m2. Rev. Thomas Plumbe of Haughton)
  (A) Elizabeth Pimlott (b 1759, dspm)
  m. Lindon Evelyn of Keynsham Court
  (2) Henry Pimlott (dsp)
  m2. Nathaniel Isherwood of Bury
  (3) Nathaniel Isherwood of Bradshaw & Marple (dsp bur 15.10.1765)
  m. (30.05.1765) Elizabeth Brabin (dau of John Brabin of Brabins Hall)
  (4) Thomas Isherwood, later Bradshaw-Isherwood of Bradshaw & Marple (b c1715, d 02.03.1788)
  m1. Elizabeth Attcroft (dau of Thomas Attcroft or Attercroft of Gillibrand House)
  (A)+ 1 son (d infant) + 6 daughters
  m2. (1766) Mary Orrel (d 1797, dau of Thomas Orrel of Mobberley)
  (H) Thomas Bradshaw-Isherwood of Bradshaw Hall & Marple Hall (bpt 13.12.1768, d unm 05.01.1791)
  (I) Henry Bradshaw-Isherwood of Bradshaw Hall & Marple Hall (b c1775, d unm 26.01.1801)
  (J) John Bradshaw-Isherwood of Bradshaw Hall & Marple Hall, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 10.06.1776, d 23.05.1839) had issue
  m. (19.10.1812) Elizabeth Bancroft (b c1789, d 01.04.1856, dau of Rev. Thomas Bancroft)
  (K) Magdalen Barcroft Bradshaw-Isherwood (b 1766)
  m. Henry Salvin of Thorpe Salvin
  (L) Miriam Bradshaw-Isherwood (b 1767)
  m. George Salvin
(M)+ other issue (d unm) - Hannah (b 1760, d 14.02.1798), Mary Anne (b 1771, d 01.08.1793), Margaret (b 1773, d 05.05.1793)
  d.+ other issue - John (bpt 19.09.1678, dsp bur 23.10.1741), Anne (d 1669-70)
  ii. Barbara Bradshaw (a 1660) probably the Barbara (d 1687) who married ...
  m. Cromwell Meverell of Tidswell (b c1627, a 1670)
  iii. Catherine Bradshaw (a 1660)
  m2. Anne Bowden (dau of George Bowden of Bowden (Bowdon of Bowdon))
  iv.+ other issue (a 1660) - John of Southwark (bpt 07.1647, a 1677), William (bpt 10.1648), Godfrey of Manchester (bpt 02.1649, a 1677), Francis (bpt 09.1651), Joseph (bpt 25.03.1655), Dorothy (bpt 10.1644), Rachel (bpt 22.03.1645), Anne (bpt 09.1652)
  B. John Bradshaw 'of Congleton' (bpt 10.12.1602, dsp(l) 1659, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, judge, presided over trial of King Charles I, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Marbury (dau of Thomas Marbury of Marbury)
  C. Dorothy Bradshaw (bpt 11.08.1598)
  m. (30.08.1618) George Newton of Newton in Longendale
  D. Anne Bradshaw (bpt 09.11.1599)
  m. John Fallowes of Fallowes Hall
  E.+ other issue - William (bpt 02.01.1596/7, bur 19.11.1597), Francis (bpt 13.01.1603, a 1639)
2. Elizabeth Bradshaw mentioned by Ormerod but connected by dotted line
  m. Thomas Hibbert of Marple

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Bradshawe and Isherwood of Marple and Wyberslegh', p408), BLG1886 ('Bowles of Abney and Bradshaw'), Visitation (Dugdale, Derbyshire, 1569+1611, 'Bradshaw of Windley') with some support/contradiction from BLG1862 ('Bradshaw of Barton')
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 ('Bradshaw-Isherwood of Marple'), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Bradshawe and Isherwood of Marple and Wyberslegh's, p408)
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