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Families covered: Kynardesley of Kynardesley, Kynardesley (Kynnardsley) of Loxley

(1) The family name has been spelt in various ways, not least because it includes both the i or y option and the single or double n issue. Kynardesley (sometimes with a double n) is most used by BLG1952 for the early generations whereas Commoners uses Kynnardsley. We change to Kynnersley on the continuation page.
(2) Commoners reported that "The family of the Kynnersleys is very ancient, beiing seated long before the Conquest in co. Hereford, in a castle soe called at present."
Hugo de Kynardesley
1. William de Kynardesley
  A. John de Kynardesley
  i. John de Kynardesley (a 1272, 1327)
  m. Johanna de Ferrers (dau of Thomas de Ferrers or Ferares of Loxley, grandson of William, Earl of Derby, who m. Agnes de Meschines)
a. John de Kynnardesley of Loxley (Staffordshire) & Lee (Derbyshire) (d 1350-1)
  m. Joane Dethick (dau of Sir Robert Dethicke, sister/heir of Richard)
  (1) William de Kynardesley of Loxley (d 1410-1)
  m. Elizabeth Salway (sister/heir of Robert Salway of Cannock)
  (A) Robert Kynnardesley of Loxley (d 1458-9)
  m1. Elizabeth Giffard (dau of Sir John Giffard of Chillingham)
(i) John Kynardesley of Loxley (d 1479-80)
  m. Margaret Aston (dau of Sir Robert Aston of Tishall, m2. Raphe Wolseley of Wolseley)
  (a) Thomas Kynardesley of Loxley (d 1537-8)
  m1. Margery Agard (dau of John Agard of Forston or Foston, Derbyshire)
  ((1)) John Kynardesley (dvp 1514-5, younger son)
  m. Dorothy Pettitt (dau/heir of Henry Pettitt of Badger, m2. Thomas Nowell of Pelsall)
  ((A)) Thomas Kynardesley of Loxley (d 1591-2)
  m. Dorothy Draycott (dau of Sir Phillipp Draycott of Paynesley)
  ((i)) Anthony Kynardesley or Kynnersley of Loxley (d 1622)
  m. Isabell Walker (d 1626, dau/heir of Lewis Walker of Bramshall)
  ((ii)) Ralph Kynardesley of Bridgnorth, Salop
  m. Elena Heywood (dau of Edward (not Richard) Heywood of Bridgnorth)
((a)) Francis Kynardesley (dsp)
  ((iii)) Edward Kynardesley of Cleobury, Shropshire (a 1613)
  Shown by Commoners as youngest son but by Visitation as 2nd son.
  m. Jane Johnson (dau of Richard Johnson of Chester)
  ((a)) Hercules Kynardesley of North Clebury (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Smallman (dau of Edward Smallman of Newton)
  (((1)))+ issue - Edward, Anna
  ((b)) Anne Kynardesley
  m. William Harewell of Clebury
  ((c)) Dorothy Kynardesley
  m. Richard Hide of Wafres Hopton
  ((d))+ other issue - Thomas, John, Philip, Anthony, Jane
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Kynardesley mentioned by Commoners only
  m. John Comes of Stafford
  ((v)) Anne Kynardesley
  m. John Aron or Avon of Drayton, Salop
  ((a)) Margaret Aron
  m. George Vaughan of Shiffnall
((b))+ other issue - Ambrose, Anthony
  ((vi)) Mary Kynardesley mentioned by Visitation only
  m. Thomas Woodcock of Newport
  ((vii))+ other issue (dsp) - Philip (d 1555), Nicholas of Badger, Elizabeth (or Ellena), Helen (Margaret?)
  ((B)) Joane Kynardesley
  m. Edward Sprott of Ashmerbrook (Ashenbrooke)
  ((C)) Ann Kynardesley possibly of this generation
  m. Humphry Cotton of Bold
  ((2)) Dorothy Kynardesley
  m. Humphrey Minors of Uttoxeter
  ((3)) Eleanor Kynardesley
m. Robert Whitehall of Yardeley
  ((4)) Anne Kynardesley
  m. John Strelay of Strelay
  ((5)) Elizabeth Kynardesley
  m. _ Abelleyn
  ((6))+ other issue - Richard (dvpsp), Francis (parson of Leigh & Blithfield)
  m2. Elizabeth Wolrich (dau of Humphry Wolrich of Dudmaston, widow of Henry Pettitt of Badger)
  ((8)) Isabel Kynardesley possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw & Windley (d 1558-9)
  ((9))+ other issue
  m3. Elizabeth Hussey (dau of William Hussey of King's Bromley)
  (b) Margaret Kynardesley
  m. John FitzHerbert of Somersall
  (c) Joan Kynardesley
  m. Thomas Langham
  (d)+ other issue (dsp)
  m2. Jane (widow of Sir Thomas Tamworth)
  (ii) Henry Kynardesley of Brocton, Derbyshire
  m3. Isabel Hynckley (dau of John Hynckley of Aston)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Sneyd-Kynnersley of Loxley), Commoners (vol I, Sneyd-Kynnersley of Loxley Park) with a little support/input from Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Kynnersley of Loxley, Badger, and Cleobury North)
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