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Families covered: Cotton of Bold, Cotton of Crakemarsh, Coton (Cotton) of Panfield, Cotton of Poughill, Cotton of Tiscot

John Coton of Panfield, Essex
m. Alice Langham (dau/heir of Richard Langham of Langham, widow of Thomas St. John).
1. Sigismund Coton of Panfield
  m1/2. Brigita Sale (dau of Thomas Sale of Calais & London)
A. William Coton of Panfield (a 1540)
  m. Anna Vesey (dau of John Vesey of Cambridgeshire)
  i. George Coton of Panfield & Langham (a 1561, d 1592)
  m. Frances Felton (dau of Francis Felton of Playford, sister of Sir Anthony) ## see here ##
  a. Thomas Coton (Cotton) of Panfield & Hempsted
  m. Anna Warner (dau of Sir Henry Warner of Milden Hall)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Cotton').
  (1) Anthony Cotton of Ashill, Norfolk (a 1664)
  m. Martha Rowley (dau of John Rowley of Barkway)
  (A) John Cotton (b d1643, d 1690) had issue
  m. Ann Wright (dau of Jermyn Wright of Kilverstone)
  (B)+ other issue - Anne, Martha, Elizabeth
  (2) Thomas Cotton
  (3) Anna Cotton
  m. Thomas Oxborough
  b. Beatrix Coton
  m. Robert Berners (of Gray's Inn)
  c.+ other issue - George, Anthony, Robert (d infant)
  ii. Giles Coton of Trompington
  m1/2. Anna Baker of Essex
  a. Giles Coton of Trompington
  m2/1. _ Ashdon
  b. Anna Coton
m. _ Aunger of Cambridge
  iii. William Coton of Ipswich
  m. Lucia Rous (dau of Reginald Ross of Baddingham Hall)
  a. Edward Coton of Ipswirch
  b. Katherine Coton
  m. Sumerford Oldfeild of Sumerford
  iv. Catherine Coton
  m. Thomas Revet
  v. Anna Coton
  m. (William) Goldingham (bpt 1552, d 1588)
  vi. Dorothea Coton
  m. John Machell of Hackney
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, John, Robert (dsp)
  B. Barbara Coton
  m. _ Blomfield
  C. Anna Coton
m. _ Midleton
  D. Elizabeth Coton
  m. _ Plandon
  E. Brigitta Coton
  m. _ Shirland
  F. Anna Coton (2nd, sb Dorothy?)
  m. _ Rookwood ## see here ##
  G. Maria Coton
  m. _ Ashdon
  H.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Geoffrey, Henry, Giles
  m2/1. Jane (Margaret?) Garnish
  L.+ other issue (a 1536) - Giles (had issue), Geoffrey, Anne
2. Brigitta Coton
  m. _ Ford of Butley
3. Katherina Coton
  m. _ Wellis
4.+ other issue - Henry (in Spain), John (dsp)



Humphry Cotton of Bold, Staffordshire
m. Ann Kinardesley (dau of John Kinardesley of Loxley)
1. William Cotton of Boulde (Bold) and/or Crakemarsh, Staffordshire (d by 1609)
  Maclean identifies William's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Richard Malony, Lord Mayor of London. Visitation, which starts with this William, identifies her as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Rowland Mallory of London. We suspect that she was ...
  m1. Elizabeth Mallory (dau of Sir Richard Mallory, Lord Mayor of London)
  A. Walter Cotton of Crakemarsh (d 1613)
m. Elizabeth Yonge (dau of William Yonge of Kenton (Keynton), sister of Margaret)
  i. Walter Cotton of Crakemarsh (d 12.1641)
  m. Anne Colt (dau of Thomas Colt of Rotherham)
  a. Rowland Cotton of Crakemarsh (b c1624, a 1664)
  m1. Mary Cotton (dau of John Cotton of Earlesholme)
  m2. Faelicia Snede (dau of William Snede (Sneyd) of Keele)
  (1)+ issue (a 1664) - William (b c1663), Rowland, Elizabeth
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Walter, Margaret, Anne, Tomasyn, Isabell
  ii. Mary Cotton
  m. Michael Noble of Lichfield
  iii. Elizabeth Cotton
  m. Thomas Burg of the Wynyates
  iv. Anne Cotton
  m. John Cotton of Earlesholme
  B.+ other issue - Thomas of Brundwood, Philip, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth
  m2. Margaret Yonge (dau of William Yonge of Kenton, sister of Elizabeth)
2. Matilda Cotton
  m. John Padsey of Sutton



John Cotton (d c1629)
m. Johan Cary (Johanna Carey)
1. William Cotton 'of Hartland' (bur 30.11.1645, Rector of St. Breage)
  A. Mary Cotton
  m. (21.07.1636) Anthony Luttrell
  B. Winifred Cotton
  m. (05.10.1643) Peter Nicoll
2. Edward Cotton of Tiscot in Poughill, Cornwall (bur 24.08.1658)
  m. Thomasine Oliver (bur 1584, dau of Walter Oliver of Kilkhampton)
  A. Robert Cotton of Tiscot (bur 16.11.1694) 
  Vivian identifies Robert's wife as Margaret, dau of Walter Oliver of Kilkhampton. Provisionally, we follow Maclean in identifying her as ...
  m. Margaret Challwill (dau of Gregory Chalwilll of Keckmish in Morwenstow)
  i. Edward Cotton of Ivy Leaf in Poughill (b 1649-50, bur 02.07.178)
  m. Mary Ahston (dau of John Ashton of Ivy Leaf by _ Norden)
  a. Edward Cotton of Keckmish in Morwenstow (bpt 10.05.1693, a 1766, d unm?)
  b. John Cotton (bpt 22.11.1695) had issue
  m. Edith Bryant
  c. James Cotton of Launcells May (bpt 07.07.1699, a 1766, d by 06.1780)
  m. (05.06.1728) Mary Hayne (dau of Richard Hayne of Trevivian by Margaret, dau of Bernard Davy of Poughill)
  (1) Richard Cotton of Trenance (bpt 19.02.1742, 2nd son)
  m. Agnes Sampson (dau of _ Sampson (by Honour), sister of John of Trenance)
  (A) James Cotton
  m. Francis Rodd
  (B) James Sampson Cotton (b c1791, bur 15.02.1846) had issue
  m. Jane George (b 1784-5, bur 23.03.1865)
  (C) Agnes Cotton (dsp)
  m. Nicholas House of Crantock
  (D) Anne Cotton (b 11.09.1778, d 06.07.1863)
  m. (12.08.1802) James Courtenay (b 08.1788, d 27.08.1860)
  (E) Juliana Cotton
  m. Robert Acott
  (F) Mary Cotton
  m. Richard Stephens
  (G) Jane Cotton (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1766) - James (b 30.03.1729), Anne (bpt 12.09.1731, d unm)
  d. Margaret Cotton (a 1766)
  m. Thomas Ashton of Welcombe (a 1766)
  e. Mary Cotton (a 1766, d unm?)
  ii.+ other issue - John (dsp), Robert (dsp), Joan
  B.+ other issue - John (dsp), Richard (dsp), Juliana (bpt 01.12.1609)
3.+ other issue - Robert, Richard (had issue)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.11.20) : Visitation (Essex, 1558, 'Cotton') with input as reported above
(2) For middle section (uploaded 28.03.20, reviewed & expanded 09.11.21 with Visitation) : 'Deanery of Trigg Minor' (vol 1, 1873, Sir John Maclean, 'Pedigree of Cotton and Amy', p652), Visitation (H. Sydney Grazebrook (1885), Staffordshire,1614 & 1663-4, 'Cotton of Crakemarsh')
(3) For lower section (uploaded 28.03.20) : 'Deanery of Trigg Minor' (vol 1, 1873, Sir John Maclean, 'Pedigree of Cotton and Amy', p656+) with a little support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Cotton', p242))
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